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  1. ((usually I post this after I update the base topic, but I'll have this out just for people to start thinking about it.)) >> MISSION 04: START<< Even indoors, Qaksh could feel the air was hot and dry. The group had appeared in a corner of the Gathering Hall, a large wooden hut bustling with activity going in all directions. Hunters in impressive hide armor prepared their equipment with their Feyline friends, waited in a less than orderly queue to check the available quests, or simply sat around with friends waiting for food, drink, or company. Flags of all colors hung from the rafters and a ship’s wheel was set right into the floorboards of the worn but sturdy redwood floor. The hall featured many nautical knickknacks decorating its walls and corners. Not surprising, considering Val Habar’s notoriety as a ‘port’ city for sandships. In one corner of the gathering hall were a few clerks working behind a desk, and behind them was displayed a giant globe of the world. A red carpet flowed down the steps leading up to the desk, and at the top of these stairs was a familiar — at least to Qaksh — girl with purple pigtails and a little red dress. The dragon wings on her back were no accessory, he knew. With the amount of gear she was carrying in her backpack, though, it would have been easy to mistake the folded limbs for a unique cloak or hunting trophy. Upon noticing the orange dragon, the girl gave a small wave. Despite her shy and closed demeanor, she had a beaming smile on her face when she wove through the gathered Hunters and approached the group in a quick shuffle. Qaksh calmed his frills. He didn’t realize how flustered he felt seeing her again. The group was probably waiting for him to introduce her, huh? The orange dragon turned his neck to survey the group. It seemed like he was the most senior agent here, and that thought was terrifying. Did he really have to lead this? Thankfully, the girl spoke up first. “Hello Qaksh! I have received Pascal’s transmission.” She curtsied in greeting toward the rest of the group. “I’m Myrrh. I am part of the XDRS division stationed on this world. You are all new to this group, correct? Here, we fulfill requests from the Hunter’s Guild for rewards and materials to be used on our home base, at the Gateway.” “Yes,” Qaksh added, his voice projecting telepathically to everyone. “On this world, the leading activity is monster hunting. Not only does slaying certain beasts offer money and prestige, but some monster parts are very valuable in this world or on others.” “The role of the Hunters is not simply to hunt monsters,” Myrrh clarified, “but also keep a tally of their numbers and assure the balance of the ecosystem. The Guild has just as many research and gathering quests as they do hunting quests, if not more.” The purple haired girl reached into her cloak and pulled out a deck of stamped index cards. “The XDRS is registered as an official hunting group and I have acquired Guild Cards for all of you. Normally, you would only be able to take on low-level quests, but under our jurisdiction, you should be able to accept higher ranking ones. See if any on the board interest you!” Oh… Qaksh backed away half a step at her explanation. His explanation was mostly wrong — he should have just let her continue! He honestly wished that Myrrh would go with them on the hunt instead of choosing to hang back like she usually did. She would be a great advantage with her dragonstone, but… It felt a little silly for him to ask her come along.
  2. >>WELCOME<< This is a companion thread to X-DREAMERS. In an effort not to flood the main topic with game posts (and to experiment with different RP forms, as per the spirit of Freeforms), this is a thread exclusively for off-world missions and other fast paced events such as battles that require a rapid exchange of posts. MISSION RULES: 1. Only characters submitted to missions in X-DREAMERS in the Discord server may participate. 2. Short posts are encouraged. 3. Your character may exit the area and return to base at any time, although they will have a few turns of cooldown and might not be able to resume in the same place they left off. 4. If you are inactive over several rounds, your character will be sent back to base. ((OOC: now that we're a couple missions in, I see that the slow activity of the forums is slowly making xdre flood the forum, and I apologize for that.))
  3. Adolin Kholin, son of Highprince Dalinar Kholin -- Gateway to the Starry Skies [9000 pounds of horse] - [excuse me hello] Adolin wasn't sure if the sound coming out of his mouth was a scream or a roar. He was falling -- he was on Sureblood -- Sureblood was falling. The rhyshadium was as stupid as he was sometimes, trampling over a literal army to get to him. While he appreciated the gesture, it didn't change the fact that they were surrounded, nor did it prevent the parshendi forces from pushing both horse and rider off the edge of the chasm. He didn't know how far the bottom was. Rather than worrying about his own fate in the Tranquiline Halls, he found himself preoccupied over his horse. A man in shardplate, even damaged, could survive a fall. A rhyshadium? Might break all its legs at once, if it tried to land on its feet. The chasm darkened around him, then suddenly settled into an ambient brightness reminiscent of dusk. Adolin didn't question the change too much at the time; he was still yelling and he was still falling and he was still on his horse and his horse just crunched something under his hooves, nearly jolting Adolin off his saddle from the strength of the impact. No more war cries, no more rhythmic chanting. Relative silence. It was serene, even though the people standing before him were settled into battle stances or bursting with power. He was still astonished that Sureblood simply walked off the abrupt landing, in the process having seemingly having killed what appeared to be a very large whitespine. The ground felt soft under the rhyshadium's stone hooves and the grass was ornamental and lethargic... what was Shin territory doing at the bottom of a chasm? Everything felt heavy, but it was probably because of his accumulated exhaustion and his damaged armor. The battle had shattered many parts of his plate and he was forced to abandon his helm. White stormlight evaporated from the cracks like smoke and suddenly reminded him that yes, he was part of a vicious battle to save his father about seven seconds ago. Adolin looked up, but he couldn't see his familiar sky. If he were at the bottom of the chasm, shouldn't it show as a rift far up above? He grimaced. Last he saw, the Kholin forces had secured an escape route. He could only hope that the Colbalt Guard had made it to Dalinar in time. Despite his efforts, Adolin had failed -- but at least he tried. Unlikely that he would make it back in time now, all he could do was have faith that the Blackthorn wouldn't fall that easily. "Hello, chasm community," he began, slicking his sweat drenched hair out of his face and trying to summon his best air of diplomacy. "None of you would happen to know how to get back to the surface, would you?"
  4. Stan - Infirmary [she's awake!] - [time to explain the usual] The girl had finally awoken. No signs of any problems -- just the usual disorientation from waking up in an unfamiliar place. “Welcome to the Gateway to the Starry Skies, honey. You’re even prettier when you’re awake.” Stan gave her a wink and a cheeky little smile, ignoring Raine’s incredulous stare. The half-elf had almost forgotten that Stan greeted every woman with a pick-up line — although this time, she thought she could feel a subtle strain behind his words. It appeared that she wasn’t the only one relieved at their success. “We’re in the infirmary, to be exact,” Stan continued. “Comparing your wounds to the story of what happened at the rocks, it’s likely that you sustained massive blast damage before getting teleported to our world.” The man glanced toward Hibiki. “Unless, there’s more to the story of what’s going on out there at the gate itself. Which, wouldn’t surprise me at all.” (Yeah, and if there was another Nata out there right now causing blast damage at the gateway, Nata 1.0 was on the way and could easily set them straight with a few explosive punches to the gut. Stan didn’t even want to waste a single brain cell worrying about it.) “Where’s the young man?” Raine interjected. “That beast from earlier, too.” “Good idea, Raine!” He grinned, and would have given her a friendly -- if not condescending -- pat on the back, if she weren’t on the other side of the room. “We should get that guy back here so we won’t have to explain the multi-worlds-in-peril thing twice.” From what he knew about his fellow agent, she was probably trying to wrangle them up so they wouldn’t cause havoc in the base, but also, Stan didn’t care. Let them do what they wanted. Raine shook her head. Taking a deep breath to steady herself, the healer rose from her chair and leaned on her staff for support. Once she shook the fatigue out of her limbs, she made her way to the door at a more normal pace. Stan would do a half-hearted job of looking, which meant that if she wanted it done right, she would have to do it personally. "Well, in the meantime, how are you feeling?" Stan asked the white-haired girl, pulling his attention away from the silver-haired woman. ` Mikleo - Dining Hall [Tea and Biscuits] - [Ghost Prank] The water seraph knew that their combined efforts would be more than enough to unsettle the girl, though maybe Edna overdid it a little. He didn't expect the human to grab one of the frozen cups of tea and throw it at the window, where it bounced off the glass and dropped to the floor. While he was having second thoughts, Edna herself seemed to be enjoying the trouble immensely, grinning at Evonna's overreaction and the puzzled and worried expressions of the other two girls. Lailah just put her hands together in disapproval, her lips drawing into a straight, concerned line. Sorey winced from the scream fired at point-blank range, shattering his focus and shared resonance. He snapped his eyes open just as Evonna lunged for him and buried her face into his cloak. Unsure over what to do now, the shepherd awkwardly wrapped his arms around her and pat her on the back to try and calm her fearful mutterings. "Come on guys, quit causing trouble for her," Sorey sighed, speaking through a cloud of caramel colored hair. "Sorry... It's alright, Evonna. They're not going to hurt you. They're nice people, really." Mikleo gave a shrug, trying to chase away his guilt. Darn that earth seraph's bad influence, causing him to play along. During the prank however, he noticed that the humans here -- other than Tien -- didn't respond to the seraphim, but they did turn their heads when it was Fractal's turn. The snowflake-like spirit mimicked Edna perfectly, as if she were using an arte to echo the sound. They could all see and hear her, then... "So, Fractal can repeat what we're saying to the others," Mikleo thought out loud. "It's not that different compared to having you or Sorey relay our words, but it does let people hear our original voices. Interesting."
  5. ` Mikleo - Dining Hall [Tea and Biscuits] - [Sorey is doing The Thing] "Like me," Mikleo echoed. He put to fingers to his lips and looked down at the table, absently focusing on the wood grain. The Cryptics were scholars, too, but from how Tien phrased it, it sounded like they were like that by nature. He himself was curious, but sometimes he wondered if it was nature, or if it was thanks to Sorey that they both had such a passion for history? And about sentient spren and non-sentient spren... Seraphim were, for the most part, sentient -- but if the definition were expanded to other spiritual creatures, then the concept of a world invisible to humans did seem quite common. Why was that? "I think seraphim too are content to live in their own realm, now... Although they tend to be solitary, with my village being an exception..." His voice trailed into a mutter, but before he could hear Tien reply, a shout came from across the table. Mikleo jolted and his attention snapped to the source of the outburst, where Sorey held hands with the caramel haired girl. The seraph relaxed his shoulders when he noticed there was no need for alarm. He glanced at Tien, who was jumpy enough to nearly leave his seat at the event. How come he was so easily spooked? "Oh. He's just doing the thing where he lets people hear seraphs." Mikleo shook his head and ran a few exasperated fingers through his hair, brushing at the circlet hidden within his bangs. With overzealous Lailah and troublesome Edna, this was bound to be a total disaster. While reaching for a cookie, his eyes drifted to the mugs of steaming hot tea. Well, if Sorey wanted their presence known... ~~ Sorey - Dining Hall [sorry, sorry!] - [tea with ev, tien, towa, chikako, lailah, mikleo, edna] Sorey didn't quite expect Evonna's reaction to be quite so loud. Eyes still shut, he winced at the curse and his focus wavered. His brow scrunched and his lips pulled back into an nervous grin -- maybe this wasn't the best way to introduce his friends after all? It was easy for Alisha to believe him because she wholeheartedly believed in Seraphim in the first place, despite her nonexistent resonance. "It's alright, Evonna! I take that as I sign that you can hear us. Wonderful!" Having gotten up and moved to stand behind the two, Lailah nodded to herself in satisfaction. Sorey's abilities were developing quite well. He barely needed to hold his breath anymore, but just a little more and perhaps Evonna could see them, too. Excited, she clasped both her hands around Sorey and Evonna's to let the girl know where she was. "Cause we are ghosts," Edna added with a smirk in reply to Scarlet, even though the only humans who could really hear her were Sorey, Tien, and Evonna. "We're here for revenge..." Placing the heel of her boot on the edge of the table, she leaned back in her chair and balanced it precariously on two legs. "OoooooOOOoooOOoooo... " She and Mikleo made eye contact and the younger seraph held back a laugh that sounded like a snort. Taking the cue, he reached across the table. He touched the porcelain of one of the mugs of tea and in the span of an instant the liquid went from piping hot to frozen slush. Cracks of frost formed over the surface of the table and the icy aura even froze the other cups, dropping the air's temperature a couple degrees. Sorey wanted to say cut it out, guys, but resigned to continue his job as a spirit medium.
  6. Mikleo - Dining Hall [taking a seat] - [speaking with Tien and Fractal] - [spren?] "That's... Too bad." These spren left, taking with them the powers they shared with the humans, not unlike many of the seraphim. Mikleo wanted to press for more information to satiate his own curiosity, but the taller boy didn't seem like he wanted to talk about it at all. Thankfully, the girl -- Evonna -- called them to assemble, just in time to break the awkward pause. Mikleo assumed he'd stay standing, as usual, but Tien's stare beckoned him to take a few steps toward the table and take one of the further seats. "So spren are related to forces and ideas, interesting..." Mikleo put a hand to his chin, deep in thought. In this sense, spren were different to seraphim, as they were born and tied to concepts. Well, he himself didn't know how seraphim were born, exactly, so maybe they did suddenly spring up from natural concepts. "Does each object have a spren, then? Or are there spren governing groups and categories of things? Say, a spren for each blade of grass, or one spren governing all grasses on this part of the land?" ~~~ Sorey - Dining Hall [hold my hand] - [tea with ev, tien, towa, chikako, lailah and mikleo] - [edna on the side] "Oh, how exciting!" said Lailah. The woman manifested beside Sorey, clapped her hands together, and grinned. "A tea party with baked treats! It would be a pleasure to have some tea with these cookies." "Lailah wants tea," Sorey repeated to Evonna. "I'll have a cup too but -- don't worry, I can pour it myself!" Before anyone could object, Sorey reached across the table to pour two cups of green tea, then passed one mug to Lailah. For politeness' sake, he filled a few more cups for the others present in the room (visible and invisible) in case they wanted any, before he set down the teapot. After putting the mug to his lips and flinching back from the heat, Sorey put the cup down on the table to wait for it to cool. The two girls seemed to whisper to each other a lot, didn't they? Guess they were pretty good buddies. Further down the table, Mikleo seemed to have hit it off with the tall boy who could see him, somehow, and that sight made Sorey smile. "Evonna," he addressed the girl sitting beside him to get her attention. "If you want to properly meet my friends, I think there's a way we can show you. Right?" The Shepherd looked to the fire seraphim, and got a nod in return. Gently, he reached over and grabbed her hand. The bare fingers of his left hand brushed her palm and she felt cold to his touch -- although Sorey was certain that he was the one who usually ran warmer. He lingered there for a moment, squeezing her hand in place, and he closed his eyes, breathed in, holding it. The sounds of the dining room -- mostly Mikleo's conversation -- faded into the distance as he deliberately tried to ignore the sounds that threatened to shatter his focus. Lailah projected her voice through the bond. "Hello? Evonna, can you hear me?"
  7. Mikleo - Dining Hall [speaking with Tien and Fractal] - [you can see me?] Edna was probably trying to get him blamed for the disappearing cookies. He shot the blond girl a glare then took a nibble from the one Sorey gave him. He liked sweets, but it was such a childish thing to admit. The tall boy, much like him, was standing aside and keeping his distance from the group. He had slipped up to Mikleo, and Mikleo took a matching step back as to avoid colliding with him -- though the seraphim could see that his movements were too deliberate for it to be coincidental. It still jolted him when Tien addressed him directly. Surprising -- unlike anyone else they met so far with the exception of the angel, this young man could see him. The rules of the multiverse were strange, but it was likely that this meant that Tien possessed high resonance, thanks to the bond that the... pattern on his cloak spoke of? He gestured to it as if it were a friend, and Mikleo nodded. They were sort of like a seraph-like creature? There were many things that humans couldn't see, and he wondered if that was the case for Fractal, as well. Maybe he'll ask Sorey to ask a human to check if they could see those shifting lines. "Nice to meet you too," Mikleo replied. It was only polite. "Sorey already introduced me. I'm Mikleo, a water seraphim." There wasn't much to say, though Mikleo had many things he was curious about. But the tall boy was shy -- shyer even that he used to be, as a kid -- and so Mikleo figured that it would make him more comfortable if he shared something first before asking what a Nahel Bond was. He tilted his head up and his violet eyes met Tien's for a moment before he looked away slightly. "Seraphs are kind of like the spirits and guardians of the world we're from. Humans used to worship us a long time ago, but because they no longer do it's hard for us to protect them from malevolence." He gestured towards Sorey and a fond smile appeared on his lips. "It's his dream to see the two races co-exist again, even though most of the time, he's the only one who can see us." Twilight Sparkle -- Gateway [run, you idiots] - [stressed] - [misfiring magic...?] Darn... Despite her warning, everyone there chose to fight instead of run, and to make matters worse, the two big robots -- Fiddlesticks and Typheus -- were attracted by the ruckus and decided to join the fray. At least they were metal and armed, so more durable than most? The tentacles though... from the sound of the impacts, they seemed as strong as steel. At this rate, someone was going to get really hurt, but no one wanted to stop and listen. Why did it always end up like this? Twilight dispelled the barrier and prepared to weave another spell as quickly as she could. Those tendrils allowed the humanoid to attack in all directions and that's what made him so dangerous. What would be the easiest spell to disable him? Teleportation would just put the problem elsewhere, and it was hard to stop the motion of all of those limbs at once... But at least, if Twilight could somehow draw his attention elsewhere or disarm him through infatuation, it might provide an opening for someone's attack to go through. It was hard to do magic while under a threat. She envied those battlemages who could keep their calm while they were under fire. The pony's wings propelled her into the air when one tentacle smashed into the ground where she was half a second ago, and her spell released in a flash, the pink blast phasing through the kagune and enveloping Dimitri before the glow faded away. Twilight set up another barrier around herself to prepare for the onslaught that came with drawing an attacker's attention, but the dirty blond man didn't behave any different. Was he immune? She found herself unable to look away from him, and it dawned on her that perhaps, something might have gone wrong and the spell had inverted her intentions once again. She smacked a hoof to her face, and began to work on a counter-spell to disable her mistake.
  8. Sorey - Dining Hall [cookies!] - [with ev, tien, towa, chikako, and mikleo] - [edna on the side] The older boy, introduced indirectly as Tien, shrunk away without a word once he and Towa arrived. The most talkative of the three was definitely that active girl with the purple ribbon and the fishnet stockings -- but all in all, everyone seemed to be very nice. Sorey added his own name to the introductions. "My name's Sorey!" He glanced aside at Mikleo. Could the humans here see him? The shepherd wasn't sure if he should introduce his best friend, who was staring silently and wistfully into the distance. The water seraph, feeling his eyes, shifted his attention away and examined the room's decor, noting the scarred table and the snacks sitting on top of it. Sorey felt bad for him... Even though Mikleo was someone who normally spoke very little, it probably felt very lonely being a ghost in the human world. The seraph would never admit it, of course -- but Sorey knew him well enough to read the disappointment in his posture. There was no reason to keep the seraphim secret here, was there? Strange things kept happening, so some invisible people might be one of the least surprising things to ever happen. Sorey gestured vaguely in Mikleo's direction. "You probably can't see him, but the white haired kid over there is my best friend, Mikleo!" He reached over to grab a cookie, then continued while talking a bite of the chocolatey goodness. "Hesh a sheraph, so hesh invisible to most humans." "I wonder if it's wise to show all your cards like that right away?" Edna commented, eyes narrowed and lips pursed in disapproval. When did she appear? She had rounded the table and seated herself, parasol held daintily in one hand and cookies -- held out like a fan of cards -- in the other. Sorey heard her words but showed no visible reaction. He was certain that, unlike Mikleo, Edna wanted nothing to do with humans other than harass them from time to time. And knowing her, the cookies in her hand would already have turned invisible, causing the ones on the table to appear to disappear at an alarming rate. "These are real good," Sorey said to Evonna, He couldn't decide whether to keep the earth seraphim in his sights or out of sight, so all he could do was act normal... Relatively. "Hey Mikleo, you should try one!" "No, I'm fine--" The seraph didn't get to finish, because Sorey already tossed him one and, out of reflex, he caught it between his two hands, then slightly grimaced at the chocolate sticking to his pale hands. "--Ah, thanks..."
  9. Sorey - 3rd Floor Library > Dining Hall [talking with Towa] - [seraphs withdrawn] - [the fresh smell of baking, ft. ev/tien] Arch the angel seemed to spend a good deal of time fascinated with the glowing box and its information. He had managed to search many terms relevant to his quest but unfamiliar to Sorey, and, standing awkwardly in the corner, Sorey concluded that it was a useful tool, though he liked the physical presence of books better. And besides, the man beside the friendly angel made him feel a little bit unwelcome, so he put a hand on the princess' shoulder to get her attention. The library wasn't going to go anywhere, and there was a whole other castle out there to explore! "Towa, have you managed to take a look around yet?" he asked while Arch and Theo were focused on the computer. "I've yet to get a tour, so you're free to come along with me to check out the building." Towa jolted a little when she felt Sorey’s hand touch her shoulder, but she relaxed afterwards. “I actually haven’t looked around much yet… the only places I know of are the dining hall and the hallways I passed through coming up here. I don’t see why we can’t.” She smiled at Sorey - she had a feeling she’d already made a new friend. "Perfect," Sorey replied. "The stairs are right here, so we can go back to the first floor and work our way back up." He added, softer, to himself, "Unless there's a basement...?" ~~~ On the way, Sorey figured it would be a good time to get to know his new friend. "So, you're a princess, right? Do you have a castle like this? Or any castle at all, really..." That dredged up bad memories really fast. “...I had one. I lost it when Dyspear took over my kingdom, the Hope Kingdom. Most of what I remember of it is from my childhood.” The boy's smile flattened out at her sudden sadness. Maybe that was the wrong thing to ask. "...I'm sorry." He shook his head from side to side. "You don't need to elaborate if you don't want to -- I can't imagine how it feels like to lose your home like that." “It’s not a good feeling, I can assure you of that.” Towa paused. She didn’t quite want to reveal all of her past just yet. “In spite of all that’s happened to me, though, I still have hope that I can take back the Hope Kingdom and put an end to Dyspear. It’s my dream to see the Hope Kingdom restored.” Sorey nodded. There wasn't much more to be added at this point, but he did sympathize with her plight. At the second set of stairs, he paused and tilted his chin up to get a better sniff. There was a sweet scent in the air, of sugar and butter; a foreign recipe, but a familiar combination that recalled the gifts of the fire seraphim. "Do you smell that?" he turned to Princess Scarlet. "Seems like someone's been baking something pretty good." “I do smell it. It smells heavenly…” Towa smiled - it reminded her of those tea parties she’d have before her kingdom fell. Whatever it was, the two followed the aroma down to the first floor and turned the corner to reach the dining hall, where two other people -- agents? or newcomers like them? -- were chatting, with a third person running in from the kitchen. There were more people living here than Sorey initially thought, based on his initial experiences and sparse the castle's decor was... but he figured that he hadn't met many people because he spent most of his day holed up in the multiversal library. He gave a small wave to the two curly-haired teens. "Hey, did you make these cookies?"
  10. Raine + Stan -- Front Hall > Infirmary [backup's here] - [natsuki, oh, natsuki] At the new, familiar voice, Raine looked up and locked eyes with Natsuki, then shook her head from side to side. "Not good," she replied, trying to keep cool. Natsuki was here -- good -- and it was always nice to have an extra pair of steady hands. "She's still breathing, but all I can do is keep her stable at the moment. I'll need you to prepare an antiseptic in the infirmary, as well as tools to for cutting and draining the excess oil, if possible." Half machine people... they were incredibly troublesome to heal, and with this girl's insides damaged so dramatically... Her magic could take away the pain, at least... but it had been a long, long time since she had felt so incapable. "Don't try to lift her," she warned. "Even with your strength, she is impossibly heavy." Shortly after she and Natsuki finished speaking, two more people arrived on the scene. Hibiki was back with Stan and his tools, as instructed. Good. "What's all the fuss about? Hibiki didn't explain too much--" Stan paused. From the pawprints leading away from the front hall, Stan expected that Raine needed some help wrangling a robot dog or something. The smell of blood mixed with the pungent scent of fuel, though, was enough to silence him and flatten his usual smile. With his bag slung over his shoulder, he too approached the girl. He gave Natsuki a respectful glance on the way, and crouched beside Raine to take a look himself. He was no stranger to fresh wounds or various flesh wounds, although he hadn't personally been this close to something this dire in a while. For some people, the sight of blood made their skin crawl, but Stan had banished that fear long ago. Bodies were exactly like complex machines, after all, and a person's natural fear of bones and innards was an instinctive alert that there was something, very, very wrong with a situation. Stan noted the all too familiar burn and impact patterns of an explosion marking the victim's left side-- Stan paused during his examination to look behind him, towards the young man who was simply just standing around. He was keeping his distance, but didn't seem like he was going to leave any time soon. "That your girlfriend or something?" he jokingly asked him. Hopefully he'd lighten the mood. He dragged his eyes back to his work, fishing out a small flashlight from one of his pockets to give him a little extra light. Even through Raine's healing, he could see the metal within, and he understood why the healer needed him so urgently. This woman -- her mechanical parts were integrated in her body as if they had grown with her flesh. They were much more robust than the delicate circuitry he was used to seeing in cyborgs and she almost reminded him of a motorcycle, albeit one that was shaped like a person who had a hole in her side. "Yeah, I think I can do something about it." He clicked his light off. "Might need to torch some things together, but it looks a lot worse than it actually is." Raine gave him a nod. She still looked tense despite the good news. "Natsuki and I will offer you support. I know we shouldn't move her too much, but it would be much more convenient to do this in the infirmary. Hibiki, would you oblige?" ~~~ Raine - Infirmary [modern medicine] - [with stan and nat] Unlike the fridge, the medicine cabinets at the base were well stocked. Raine had learned a lot about what Natsuki called 'modern medicine' during her time with the organization, and in moments like these that knowledge really showed its usefulness. Some of it she knew already, such as keeping proper hygiene and the meaning of changes in vital signs, but much of the theory and practice was new and fascinating, having been developed to respond to a world without magical healing. She liked to think that knowing anatomy made her a more effective healer (though in the end, it probably didn't make a difference). Once the wires, pipes, and structure were repaired, it was a simple matter of calling upon mana to accelerate natural processes and stitch everything up. Right now, though, she sat within arm's reach, eyes half closed and a faint glow emanating from her while she held two fingers on the girl's neck to monitor her breath and pulse. It was mostly up to Stan and Natsuki to do the technical part. It was already an incredible feat for Raine to hold back her healing while still sustaining her vitals, so as to give them the ability to work on the innards. The words the other two exchanged sounded distant. She assumed they were giving each other instructions. After what seemed like ages, Stan tore off his rubber gloves with his teeth (the two other agents insisted that he put them on and disinfect all his gear; he grudgingly obliged) to signal he was done. He put his welding pen aside, then blinked his eyes a few times to refocus them to a normal zoom level. When he got up to stretch, Raine snapped back to attention, the glow of mana responding to her now alert state and spreading across the girl's form, repairing her flesh in a matter of minutes. The girl was now sleeping peacefully, but the three agents were too exhausted to exchange any further words. Stan dropped himself onto a chair, taking in a deep breath and let out an equally big sigh.
  11. Twilight Sparkle -- Gateway [fight fight fight!] - [gotta protect everyone!] Twilight nodded, preparing to answer both the General's and Utakata's question, but her attention was drawn away by a painful yowl ringing through the field. Her ears perked up immediately, on high alert. She froze to listen. One of the humans, white-maned, was standing in the air, supported by a few small machines and looking down at a blond haired one, who she guessed was the one who screamed. Neither of them appeared too hurt however -- even if the latter looked quite dirty -- and they stared at each other for a tense and hostile moment. A third human was close to the first, also bristling at the blond one. Oh no, not again. More frenzied newcomers? A set was rare, but it did seem like they knew each other... At least she knew this time for certain that Xander and Nata were on their way to subdue the more violent of newcomers. The alicorn stepped forward. Her attention was trained on the white-haired one all through their hostile banter, ready to intervene. Twilight's first priority was to make sure that no one injured themselves, and that included the two young men who looked like they were about to fight through intimidating each other with their respective displays of power. But -- despite facing the white-haired man and his machines, the blond man smashed his tentacles into the ground and sent them rolling behind him towards the assembled group. As always, Lara was the quickest to the draw and a gunshot rang through the air, but the rest of the newcomers drew their weapons (or in the slime's case, too a new form?) and stayed on guard. Twilight's magic blazed to life around her horn. An arcane pink glow swirled around it and shot forwards before spreading, forming a tinted barrier before the claw-like tendrils could sink into any of the gathered humans. The pony flinched and dug her hooves into the dirt -- those tentacles were a lot more solid and durable than their ephemeral appearance suggested. "Run!" Twilight shouted. "We'll take care of this!"
  12. Raine -- Front Hall [who's this?] - [sorry, i'm a little busy] “Need some help?” Raine lifted her eyes at the voice, startled for a brief second, then shifted her attention back to the injured girl. Right -- it took a while to get used to the multiverse again. She could no longer read others' presences based solely on mana signature; too many beings didn't emit mana at all. "Nothing you can assist me with at the moment, no," Raine replied without looking up. The person who claimed he was lost appeared to be a fit human male with no distinguishing features or visible weapons, arriving from a direction inside the castle. Evidently, no one had intercepted him yet or explained the situation to him, so asking him to do anything would be a waste of time. ~~~ Twilight Sparkle -- Gateway [giving the Talk] - [taking questions] "Hibiki told me this already, but I just want to be certain of it... You're the leader here, right?" "Will there be accommodations made for new recruits? I have certain... Requirements, if you'd be willing to accept my service." “Hello! Was I summoned here by you? Are you demon lords?” "Yes," Twilight confirmed. "I am the founder of the eXtra-Dimensional Restoration Squad, and I lead the organization with the help of King Xander. Our job is to resolve anomalies happening in the multiverse." Glad that people were beginning to open up with questions instead of immediately jumping at each other's throats again, the pony continued, addressing everyone with her answers. "Recruits?" she replied to the cyborg creature, then spoke to the rest of the group. "You don't have to stay and work with us if you don't want to. You haven't been summoned by us. The Gateway is designed to pull existing anomalies towards it, so we probably prevented you from getting dropped elsewhere in the multiverse and landing somewhere dangerous. That is, it is very fortunate that you survived the jump! Everyone, if we find your way home, you're free to return to your world." "But, if you want to help our cause, you're welcome to do that too. When worlds begin to mix like this, the results are often wild an unpredictable, leading some worlds to twist, change, or vanish completely. This behavior causes worlds to scatter its people and places into other worlds, creating a chain reaction that destabilizes them in turn. We, the XRDS, are actively trying to stop this by putting everything back in its place." "Whether or not you chose to stay and help us, there will be rooms provided during your time here. We'll see what we can do about your requirements," Twiliight concluded, nodding to Grievous. "What would they be?"
  13. Stan -- Observatory [dazed] - [has cube] - [damn, that hurt!] After Nata's untimely appearance (the man swore, every time he saw that boy in the corner of his eye, he broke something of his) Stan thought it would be best to stay on the ground and evaluate his life choices and the very specific set of moments that led him to this point in time. At first he was a little dazed from getting hit in the head then having his head hit the floor, but at this point he was sure he was alright. He just had no rush to be anywhere now that Xander was off to help the situation -- and he was especially not in a rush to meet an angry Lara on the scene. He heard the door open again after a good while, though, and opened a cautious eye. If he pretended he was totally out, maybe the Lumas would leave him alone? The person entering was no luma, however, and wore bright orange armor-like boots. He didn't remember any agents wearing those, so it had to be a newcomer. Shifting his arm aside and gripping his phone in one hand, he pushed himself up and to his feet. "You know, typically newbies aren't allowed up here." The girl at the entrance, with the orange boots, had a vaguely familiar face and the same hairclips, but totally different clothing. Stan glanced down at Natsuki, who had their head down on the table. Seemed like they and Stan had the same idea of playing dead until they were fetched.
  14. Twilight Sparkle -- Gateway [everything is alright] - [taking questions] "That's alright, we can deal with that later," Twilight responded to the woman's whisper. From the urgency in Cistina's voice and the blood on her glove, Twilight had a feeling that it wasn't particularly good news that she was meaning to discuss. It would work out well to have her back for the rest of Raine's meeting... whenever that would be back in session. Sensing the mounting tension, Twilight cut in before Lara could have another word. From both women's responses, the pony managed to piece together what had transpired right before her arrival. "Since I'm here and there aren't particularly a lot of newcomers who have just arrived, I can take any questions directly. Whatever danger here seems to have passed and there are other agents on the way, so I won't mind explaining things here." Twilight stepped closer to Cistina, gently wrapping a wing around the woman in yellow to hopefully calm her and help her regain control of her magic. The firm pressure and the tactile sensations of the feathers were real, unlike the terrors that she knew the woman sometimes experienced. Twilight needed to make sure that she was at least grounded on some level before she departed. "Cistina, you're safe now. Get some rest back at the castle. We're at the Gateway and everything is fine -- I can take care of the newcomers for you. And Raine has returned! You if you see her on your way back to the castle, she can tend to your wound."
  15. Raine -- Front Hall [I can't...?] - [I can't do this alone] - [time is of the essence] Raine put a hand on the white-haired girl's neck. She was breathing, however faintly, but her condition was precarious. With the unfortunate loss of the unicorn horn at the marketplace, the healer was no longer confident in her ability to cast resurrection spells, and that meant that there would be no second chance if she were not careful. She bit her lip -- there was little she could do at the moment for the girl unfortunately, without the right tools or the right people. The former could be found in the infirmary; the latter... Well, she was certain of the location of one of the mechanics on base. Raine huffed in frustration -- no one could have really predicted this specific circumstance, but she was careless in underestimating Stan's potential contributions. "You there," she addressed Hibiki, waving her over. Forcibly pulling her gaze away from the injured girl on the floor, Raine used her staff to push herself to her feet. Seeing that the armored girl was having a little trouble with the animal -- who, upon closer examination, not only had cuts but also seemed to have patches of skin and fur burned away -- the healer muttered another spell to quell the creature's pain and knit its wounds. It was odd that it seemed like its backside was perfectly unaffected, fur almost untouched, though she simply assumed it was the directionality of the attack that would have caused such a strange pattern. "Could you do me a favor?" Raine asked. She pointed to the ceiling. "Directly above us, two floors up, should be the observatory. It's the biggest room on the third floor. There should be a man in green there named Stan; please wake him up, tell him to get his toolbox, and bring him to me as soon as possible. If Natsuki is still there as well, please also tell them to meet me at the infirmary." "Meanwhile, I will bring the girl there myself." Raine crouched down to pick her up but-- the person was deceptively heavy, as if made from solid steel. How did the armored girl--?! "Oh, nevermind." She slumped her shoulders. "I will wait here for you to return."
  16. Raine -- Front Hall [what's happening] - [injured people?] - [oh no not again] The group had barely made it to the front entrance before the doors exploded inwards, revealing a partially-armored girl with a rabid animal under one arm and a bleeding, leaking? woman under the other. That girl -- the white-haired one, with the stained white and black uniform -- seemed to be the one which Nata mentioned was leaking oil, but in this case it appeared to be mixed with blood. Raine broke off into a run to meet the trio, quickly proclaiming "I'm a healer!" before the armored girl could make another move or run off. Even without the unicorn horn amplifying her power, Raine was certain that she would at least be able to stabilize the white-haired one, who seemed to have the worse wounds (at least the furred creature was still conscious). Still, the half-elf pursed her lips into a straight line. The presence of oil... She wasn't entirely sure if her healing would fix any of what was inside her. "Put the white haired girl down," she instructed, before kneeling by her. When she whispered an incantation, Raine's staff glowed and Enterprise's wounds began to heal and close from within, but she hesitated in sealing them completely in case they needed to tear anything open again to fix the metallic parts she saw within. They appeared to be too regular to be shrapnel stuck within her, at least, and with the presence of the oil, it was a fair assumption to make. Some worlds had mixed organic and inorganic beings, or even entirely inorganic beings, and unfortunately most forms of healing magic were ineffective on machines. "You can all go ahead to the Gateway," Raine said, eyes focused on her work. "I'll stay here and catch up later. If these injuries are from an altercation at the gate, then it would be in your best interest to deescalate it." ~~~ Twilight Sparkle -- Gateway [in flight] - [worried for everyone] - [although there's nothing to worry about...?] Twilight knew that, with her flight and her teleportation, she would get to the Gateway the quickest. As the others left the room by the door, Twilight pushed open the observatory window and jumped off the sill, spreading her alicorn wings to catch the air and glide. Below, she saw Hibiki-chan dash across the landscape. She hoped that the girl would be able to meet Raine on her way to the castle because it looked like she was carrying some limp forms and was hurrying with as much urgency as Twilight herself, albeit in the other direction. But, to the pony's surprise, when she saw the Gateway's stones there was a lot less disaster than Nata had implied when he relayed the information secondhand. Other than the evidence of scorching on the grass, everything seemed to have calmed down now. Cistina and her distinctive yellow dress had returned, Lara was on the scene, and the handful of newcomers -- both human and not -- didn't seem to be acting too hostile to each other. Twilight circled the air, spiraling downward in a wide radius before lightly touching down near the outer ring of stones so as not to startle anyone with her sudden appearance. She folded her wings and trot over. "Hello, it's me, Twilight Sparkle! We got your message, Lara, through Nata. I apologize for not getting here sooner, but it seems like you've gotten the situation under control? Good job, and what a relief!"
  17. XDRS Base - 3rd Floor Observatory [ SECRET MEETING IN SESSION ] [ FINANCES? ] [ SORT OF ] Twilight had chosen the observatory at the top of the castle as their private meeting room. Much smaller than the dining hall, it only felt natural to use it for leadership meetings now that the organization appeared to expand at such a surprising rate. This meeting room with its six chairs around a round table used to be their debriefing room, the pony reminisced, and was the locale where Pascal performed some of her teleportation experiments before moving to the Gateway. The room had fallen out of use and smelled of aged books and old carpet, but still, Twilight enjoyed its atmosphere. The decorative velvet curtains were drawn back to let the dawn light filter in and everything was blue enough to seemingly fade into the sky shown through the windows. in. Some books lined the shelves and a decorative star chart of this galaxy was hung on one wall. A telescope, visibly gathering dust, was pointed skywards. The observatory looked and felt ancient... though it probably hadn't been too long since the castle was built. When everyone had arrived, Raine approached the heavy wooden door and pushed it shut. The door locked with an audible click, thus assuring that they wouldn't be interrupted or eavesdropped on. "Thank you all for attending," the half-elf began, moving across the room to take a seat at the table and get to the point. She made eye contact with Natsuki before continuing. "I would like to discuss the state of the treasury, as brought to my attention by Natsuki. However, first I do have further things to report from the Marketplace. I didn't think they would have been appropriate things to bring up in a public meeting." Raine slid a folded page across the table to Twilight, who magically lifted it up to read. "It is true that I was looking for the XDRS, but I was also on the lookout for other groups with either similar or conflicting goals to us. That's a list of names and information I could gather." She continued, "Whether we are conscious of it or not, the XDRS is gaining notoriety amongst world-hoppers and similarly dimensionally aware people and the reception isn't always positive." She furrowed her brows, squinting. "What have you all been doing in the past few months? ...On the other hand, I don't think I want to know." "Most notably on the sheet are two and a half organizations I would like to bring your attention to. The first is WOKE--" --Raine found herself interrupted by a snicker from Stan, and gave him a glare before continuing on, "-- and WOKE calls themselves the Worlds' Organizers of Key Elements. Their goal in the multiverse appears to be very similar to ours, in the sense that they seek and return anchors to restore stability. Second, there is a faction who calls themselves the MMRS, or Merged Multiverse Rejuvenation Squad, who believe that the worlds were meant to be crossed. Given the increasing instabilities, I can see why this would be a viable belief to hold. Third, they're not particularly an organization, but the Dark King Ganondorf is plundering whatever powerful artefacts he or his army can find. It's not uncommon for villains to seek power through the universe, but it's likely starting to become a problem if it has been reported on multiple occasions. "And that is my report." Raine crossed her fingers on the table in front of her, signalling that she had finished. "Well," Stan was the first to speak. He blinked a couple times. "I'm not surprised that the multiverse thinks we're a joke. But to be such a joke as to be on the radar... I'm kind of proud." "Granted, the feedback I've gotten isn't that severe," Raine replied. "For the vast majority, it's along the lines of, quote, 'what are those guys even trying to accomplish here'." Xander raised an eyebrow when Raine mentioned the treasury, but he kept quiet. He allowed himself to digest everything Raine had to say before clearing his throat. “I would have hoped XDRS would have been more respected than it is, but I can’t say I’m entirely too surprised by how people view it,” Xander sighed. He had to resist pinching the bridge of his nose, opting instead to slowly folding his hands together neatly on top of the table. “We do not have complete control of who the gateway brings to our front door, but I will not be so bold as to claim this the only reason management across the organization hasn’t been up to par. We are inexperienced with rules and functions of the multiverse and that inexperience has shown, but—” Xander turned his gaze towards Raine. “I can assure you that we learn from our mistakes. We do not take our job lightly.” “With that said, I do have a question for you,” Xander said, frowning. “I would like to discuss these other organizations more, but I’m interested in what you meant by our financial situation. I checked the treasury myself before we left for the market. We’re not rich, but I would be hard pressed to say we’re low on funds.” Remembering that Raine claimed Natsuki knew more about the money problem, Xander glanced over at them. “Did something happen to our money while we were on the mission?” Natsuki sat up straighter. “Yes. As you said, our funds were healthy before we went to the marketplace. However, when I attempted to purchase groceries my card was declined. Later investigation revealed that our treasury had been almost completely drained in a single purchase while we were at the marketplace. There’s a possibility that we were hacked, considering the number of technopaths in the multiverse, but if I may make a suggestion? It would be most efficient to question everyone that had access to our funds before investigating that avenue.” "Barring the possibility that one of our chips was stolen and used," Raine added, understanding that Xander's priorities were more about the present situation than the hypothetical future of the organization, "Yes, it would be best to start with those who went to the marketplace. It was Pascal's idea to go and provide funds to the newcomers, and she herself tends to be a big spender. She was never really good with money, if I can be honest." "Why didn't you mention this at the meeting?" Twilight asked. She tilted her head curiously. "You had everyone in one place at the time so it would have been easy to ask around, as opposed to chasing everyone down now." Raine shook her head. "We didn't want to make more of a scene at the time. If we can discreetly find out who took the money and for what purpose, we can quietly lay this situation down to rest." "So that's why you didn't invite Duke or Pascal..." Stan scratched his chin, expression amused. "Blabbermouths." Relaxed and relieved that it had nothing to do with him, he leaned backwards in his chair, lifting his feet and balancing it on two legs. "Well, I wasn't there at the market, so this part ain't my problem." Xander squeezed his clasped hands together, his expression darkening as he lowered his head closer towards his hands. Back home, Xander was well acquainted with the importance of money. Nohr was a land devoid of many natural resources the kingdom needed to thrive, food and clean water included. Spending frivolously could have dire consequences; every cent had to be put to proper use. To say hearing about XDRS’s current financial problem was infuriating was an understatement. “I was not aware we were incompetent enough to let our entire treasury to slip right under our noses, within a few hours” Xander snapped. He abruptly stood up, rattling the chair underneath him as he pressed his hands flat against the table. “Perhaps I should place blame on myself for not being aware that Pascal was allotting how much money every agent could spend. If Pascal’s profligate spending was common knowledge then why did no one speak up when she was placed in charge with handing out funds? Even if it turns out that the issue was cybersecurity, we need to be more protective how we spend our money. We can’t let anyone, not even one of us, spend our entire treasury without consulting others and even then I would be hard pressed to see a single scenario when we need to shill out every coin under our name.” Xander straightened his back, exhaling aloud. He raised a hand to massage his temples. It would not do him good to let his emotions control him. “In the event that this was a cybersecurity problem, we should have been ready for it,” Xander continued, his voice softer. “I understand that anything is possible in the multiverse and maybe my limited knowledge of advanced technology is clouding my judgement, but I find it rather pathetic that we seem to have minimal, if any, safeguards when it comes to cybersecurity. We cannot continue to be unarmed electronically.” Xander lowered his hand, sighing as he did so. He took a moment to compose himself before turning his head towards Natsuki and Raine. “I agree that we should check up with everyone at the marketplace individually to see how much we actually spent. I believe we’ll need to have a word with the all the agents regarding how much money can be appropriately spent. I think it would be most beneficial to put a cap on how much any agent can spend, but it doesn’t hurt to educate everyone on proper spending.” Turning his head back around to address the entire table, Xander continued. “If it turns out our money was stolen and we didn’t overspend, we should try to see if we can somehow get our funds back. Whether or not we can reacquire our funds, we should learn how to properly protect ourselves to this problem won’t happen in the future. Now, is there anything else we need to—” The main door to the observatory slammed open, the wood splintering on impact with the wall. A white blur flew through the air. Xander could barely register what he was seeing until the blur collided straight into Stan’s head with a resounding thud! With a cry the man toppled backwards from the force, flipping his already precarious chair and sending him toppling to the ground. "How can I help you, Stan?" said the cube. The AI was very much unaware that it potentially knocked out a man. “What’s up, losers?” Xander glared at the door to see Nata leaning casually against the door frame. “I heard you were having a secret meeting up here.” Nata twirled the strap of his kukri around his wrist. “Actually that’s a lie. I threatened a luma until it told me where you were. They’re not very good at keeping their mouths shut.” “Nata,” Xander began slowly. “You can’t just barge into the meeting room and assault another agent.” Nata quit twirling his kukri in favor of pointing accsuingly it at Xander. “Listen, ramenhead,” Nata said. “I didn’t come here to listen to your boring meeting about stocks or real estate or whatever it is you folk talk about. I came here because I was getting food for my fiance when I heard the little, square chatterbox going off in Stan’s room. Some woman was talking about a bunch of stuff going on at the gateway.” Nata shook his kukri vaguely in the air. “Something about needing backup or whatnot.” Xander, suddenly realizing what Nata threw at Stan, did a double take before glaring at the younger agent. “You—” “She said something about a girl bleeding oil,” Nata continued, ignoring Xander completely. “A newcomer just set the grass on fire, and ooh! The yellow chick is back. I didn’t realize she left in the first place, but what do I know?” Nata shrugged. “I just sit here, look pretty, and stab things. Anyway,” Nata ceased waving his knife. “I just thought you’d want to know since it seemed pretty important. Did you want to, oh I don’t know, go electrocute a few people down there or are we done here?” Xander stared at Nata, unsure of how to react. In lieu of giving Nata an answer, he glanced over at Stan who surely wasn’t doing well after being hit square in the face with a cube. “Stan? Are you doing alright? Do you need a healer?” "He'll live," Raine answered in his stead. Already half standing up before Nata even began explaining, she gave Natsuki a look and was preparing to leave. "There might potentially be other issues that require my more urgent attention." Xander gave Stan another momentary glance before turning his attention back to the table. “Considering the circumstances, I believe this meeting should be adjourned for the time being.” With a last respectful nod to the other agents, Xander motioned for Nata to follow him as he followed Raine out of the room. nat slumped over and died because xander was upset
  18. Cistina - Floaroma Town [...?] [distortions] - [where in the worlds is Cistina?] As they set off, Garchomp attempted to nudge Cistina. The pokemon held a small, white cube between its teeth as gently as it could manage, dropping it into her hands when prompted. WIth the object returned, the pokemon fell back into step at the front of the group, crouching low and taking its place as a force that threatened away any wild pokemon. Cistina was startled as the creature nudged her, but it--her cube?! Cistina blinked and looked down to check her belt before remembering she had it in her hand when she had gotten caught in the warp. I must have dropped it when I fell. And the reptile…. Cistina held out a hand and as she received the cube and it moved to cover their backs, felt her unease at it settle a little. The trees and tall grass thinned as the two women made their way down the path. A large wooden arch in the distance marked the entrance to Floaroma Town, and through that lay a collection of modest wooden houses clustered to one side. Beyond them, the ground was filled with flowers cultivated in patches of all colors, growing so densely that it was difficult to see the ground beneath them. The pleasant aroma of flowers -- for which the town was named -- became thicker as they approached. Cistina took a deep breath of the scent, evidently enjoying it after the haze-filled skies of the other world. Cynthia led her guest past the town gate and to a building with a red roof and a pokeball insignia on its front. The league-sponsored pokemon center, as standard in every settlement. Inside, she waved to the nurse at the counter but did not end up using their healing services. Instead, she headed toward the tables and chairs set out for trainers who wanted to wait or simply hang around. The pokemon center itself wasn't too busy, she noted. While this place was a tourist destination and a node between two official routes, most trainers only stopped here briefly. Cistina followed, looking at the nurse working behind the counter momentarily before taking a seat across from the black-clad Cynthia. Now how to broach her topic…? "The people who live in this town either make their living in cultivation or through work at the nearby ironworks," Cynthia said as she sat down. She broke the silence first. "It is said that this hill used to be entirely barren. Nothing could grow in the polluted earth, but despite that, the townspeople attempted to grow flowers to brighten up the town. They showed gratitude in what little nature they could bring to their lives and, legends say, a mythical pokemon sensed their desires and good hearts. With its power, the pokemon blessed the land and the town erupted in flowers instantly -- as a result, the ground here is one of the most fertile spots in the region. In honor of that pokemon, people here still gift each other bouquets of Gracidea flowers to express gratitude." Cistina nodded as Cynthia finished her story. Pokemon here are no mere companions to be kept, it appears. There are those who are like the divine. Cistina filed the information in her mind, seeing that the other woman had moved her satchel. Curious. She reached into her satchel and slipped out a folder that was half an inch thick. Messy papers were barely contained within it. Notes and photographs peeked out of the edges. "Sorry, that was a little tangent of mine," Cynthia added with a smile. "I study myths. There always seems to be more than a grain of truth behind them... But enough about me. What brings you here?" It was an opening… But as far as Cistina could tell, this woman was openminded enough to at least accept her announcement as a possibility. “I will to admit my coming here as an accident,” Cistina answered. “The very reason why I am sitting here also had, unfortunately, made me prone to getting swept up in waves of instability in the fabric of the worlds.” She tried to bring to mind the theorizing by other agents on the matter, but she could only remember piecemeal conversations. It was not a subject she had actively pursuited. Abandoning the line of thought, Cistina looked down to the thick folder, then back up. “For now, you had mentioned a conundrum that I may be of assistance with?” And in addition, if she helped, perhaps she could better drum up the trust needed to believe a wild tale of “The existence of your entire world is tied to some artifacts that, as soon as they are removed, puts the integrity of it into jeopardy.” Cistina could mentally see telling that to her father and sisters, would fare poor if she wished to be believed, much less the Cardinal. She looked down at the folder again, frowning as she let herself be lost in her thoughts momentarily. How were they doing…? Would they be safe? How was the status of her world since she had been brought against her will to the Gateway a year ago? Cynthia, admittedly, was a little disappointed that this woman didn't seem to have come here with a specific purpose. In the end, that was probably a good thing... Otherwise Cistina would quickly have Garchomp's blades at her neck. "There are others like you -- from other worlds -- here in this region, but I am led to believe that not all of them are here by mistake like you are. Which leads to this." At the woman’s words, Cistina blinked herself back to the present, eyes narrowing. Other travelers? What could they want here? She held the folder between her fingers and fanned through them, picking out a sheet. On the page were photocopied sketches of almost robotic looking creatures, artist's interpretations and Cynthia's own notes about possible reconstructions. There were three main shapes and they appeared to be monsters -- pokemon -- with sharp edges and claws, one built like a long necked deer, the second a dragon with pauldrons and fans for wings, and the third a serpentine form with many legs. "These are the gods of creation of this region and presumably everything else. Myths are born from truths, so I do believe that these beings exist somewhere, in this world, and together hold the incredible over the fabric of reality. "Initially I had assumed that these dimensional anomalies originated from these three pokemon, but from my research it appears that it was the inverse all along. Time and space aren't breaking and summoning strangers because these legendary pokemon are causing trouble; time and space were shattered already, allowing strangers in who are hunting for them." Cistina’s eyes widened. She had figured that out without personally seeing other worlds? Incredible! Her second thought was the abrupt realization that strangers who are already able to teleport here by design were likely not the people that they wanted to have divine controllers of any reality on their side. The pokemon trainer put two fingers to her cheek and gave a small smile. "I don't know if you would have any information about any of this or who might be hunting them. But I am convinced that whoever is doing so is just as new to this world as you are." Cynthia narrowed her eyes, crossing her fingers in front of her lips. "And so -- me and Garchomp are working to put and end to whoever is disturbing the pokemon, before it's too late." “There are many people who’ve been traveling across worlds, but I do not believe we know any other organizations,” Cistina answered slowly. But organization or not, these people who are mettling obviously have a plan in mind. Nobody simply visits a world repeatedly for no reason, especially not one possessing god-beasts who have dominion over reality. “Nevertheless, I shall assist you to the best of my ability,” Cistina paused. “If you have need of me or the people I am affiliated with, of course.” She studied the images more closely, musing to herself that they appeared like no god she had ever heard of before. In fact, they were closer to the magewyrms of yore…. Actually, she heard stories of the gods before in their war--Cistina stiffened at a sudden thought; She had felt a divine force in the back of her mind since she had arrived. What if that is because whoever these interlopers are, they are already close to their goal? “Have the movements of these people been tracked?” Cistina asked cautiously. She subconsciously played with the cube in her hands. If so, she might have to return as quickly as possible--No, but she had sworn to help Cynthia first… Which would be easier had you made mention of your attunement to the divine earlier, you airhead. “You know I am not of your world...” she began, trailing off slightly as she thought of what to say. “Many things are surprisingly compatible between the worlds of the multiverse, such as technology. Powers that some may describe as “magic” would also be such, and from mine own, I possess the ability to commune with things of a divine nature. And since the moment I had arrived, I had sensed a manner of disquiet to the East. Supposing these people are after the powers of your gods, could it be that they had already sped away on the Chariot--pardon. That they had already discovered methods that will enable them to do what you are attempting to prevent them from doing?” Impossible! They would have already left?! If the revelation weren't so dire, Cynthia might have found this woman's use of archaic sayings quite amusing. Her expression darkened. "I fear that it could be too late then, like you say, but I can only hope that those pokemon have simply fled or are currently lying dormant to avoid detection. If technology is compatible, they wouldn't even need pokeballs, or even the red chains..." "I haven't been able to catch up to who has been personally responsible, though I have been chasing sightings of otherworldly people for the past six weeks. One such man is blond, in blue, and has control over ice -- but I am inclined to believe that he is not personally responsible for the disappearance of the legends. His movements were too unfocused, as if he were searching for something as well. Initially I wanted to question him to see what he knew, but if you are correct..." Cynthia closed her eyes. "The next step for me, therefore, is to track them down, if they have already escaped this world, even if it means that I will have to leave this world myself." Cistina nodded, expression serious. “May the Chariot be--” her blessing was cut off as she spun around, sensing a sudden pressure that built up in a place that was simultaneously next to them and nowhere--at least, nowhere in this world. A distortion?! No, this is no mere distortion! Cistina tensed up and jumped from her chair, but not soon enough. An awful tearing sound split the air. Garchomp immediately jumped to its feet, scales raised and teeth bared. Half the pokemon center was suddenly simply gone -- its space entirely scraped away as if it were wet sand scooped out from a sandcastle. Air rushed in to fill in the vacuum, scattering the pages within Cynthia's file. A rift in the earth replaced what was formerly part of the building, splitting their table cleanly in half. Cynthia herself was nowhere to be seen in the void. Beyond, outside, a tall pearlescent dragon breathed out, claws and eyes still glowing pink with power. Cistina didn’t stop to stare at the beast when her feet finally hit the ground. Cynthia was gone--she could only pray that the other woman was unscathed--but the draconic companion she had was still here, looking around wildly. Her heart racing, Cistina grabbed the documents that remained and tucked it under the arm she was holding the cube in, flinching as the dragon--the god--screeched in anger. There was a blurred movement to her side, and she turned in time to see Garchomp fly at the divine wyrm, a glowing force of raw, immense power surrounding it. Cistina eyed the other pages and kicked off, forcing the winds around her to calm as she flew towards Cynthia’s companion. Some sense in her seemed to pull at the winds to swirl around her, letting her catch a couple more pages--KRRRSHHH! Garchomp smashed into the divine wyrm with so much force, Cistina felt a shockwave ripple past her. For a moment, Cistina felt a stab of shock as the divine wyrm recoiled back, but it righted itself soon enough, looking none the worst for the strike, and with another eerie roar, the pearlescent rises on its shoulders started rippling and glowing with power that coursed through its arm. Garchomp moved, likely realizing the imminent attack, but the divine wyrm’s slash seemed to cut the very distance between them, and Garchomp was flung back by the… Blow? How could she even describe what she just saw? Cistina changed course towards Garchomp soon after, but it didn’t take an expert to read the draconic creature’s posture as it righted itself. “No!” she exclaimed. Garchomp looked at her, anger in its eyes. “Cynthia could still be safe!” She risked a glance at the divine wyrm and saw ginormous pearls(?!) surrounding it, spinning with an ominous violet energy. “Come with me!” She was almost at the dragon, and she reached her free hand out, pressing her thumb tightly to the surface of the cube. “We may be able to find her!” Garchomp looked over at the divine wyrm and seemed to make a decision. For her part, Cistina felt the sheer power gathered in those pearls intensifying when the divine wyrm gave another ringing roar and the sensation they were giving off grew even more severe. Garchomp reached a claw out and Cistina grabbed it, nevermind how it broke her skin, and released her hold on the button. There was a blink and they disappeared, mere moments before the meteoric pearls bombarded their location.
  19. here he is the man who will save us from this literal fire ~~~ Name: Adolin Kholin Origin: The Stormlight Archives (Way of Kings) Info: A young man described as good looking, fashionable, and incredibly good at fighting with giant swords. Being the son of of Highprince Dalinar and cousin to the current king of Alethkar, Adolin’s life has been steeped in conquest and blood since the very beginning, yet he is surprisingly kind for someone of his pedigree. Abilities: Adolin's Shardblade - Shardblades are highly coveted swords with entirely mystical qualities. They are as tall as a person yet as light as a staff, and can slice through stone and pass through flesh alike with little resistance. Dead or inorganic objects get physically cut, while on living things the shardblade severs soul connections, turning dead and limp anything it slices. However, items of high magical power can repel shardblades, and shardblade wounds can be healed magically but not naturally. A shardblade takes ten heartbeats to summon and automatically gets dismissed when knocked out of its owners hand, unless given explicit instructions to stay manifested. Every shardblade is unique. Adolin’s is white with a wavy cutting edge and ridges of crystal on its back. Shardplate - Shardplate is the defensive counterpart to the shardblade. It comes in the form of a suit of full armor that adapts to the body of its owner and grants them incredible strength and physical protection. While it protects against the dangerous properties of shardblades, shardplate is prone to shattering if struck hard enough. It is powered by gemstones charged with Stormlight and can regenerate given enough time and mana. Adolin has painted his armor a nice shade of blue. Dueling - Like all high ranked lighteyes, Adolin is trained in wielding the sidesword and is particularly talented in its use. Link to wiki: https://coppermind.net/wiki/Adolin_Kholin Extra: - Adolin is hopeless when it comes to keeping the girls he romances, as inevitably he finds his priorities going elsewhere. - He appeared while riding his Ryshadium, named Sureblood — the white horse appears to have adapted quite well to the new surroundings. While it is impractical to bring his horse everywhere, Adolin nevertheless loves him very much. Ryshadiums are larger and sturdier than average horses, have stone hooves, and are incredibly intelligent creatures. - Adolin makes it no secret that he is interested in fashion; he is always aware of what he’s wearing and his unruly mop of hair is styled to look perfectly disheveled in a cool way.
  20. Twilight Sparkle - Dining Hall [ MISSION 2 RECAP ] - [time|skip] Qaksh and Light were the first to come to see her, depositing a perfectly round crystal on the table for her to examine. Even as they were approaching the table, the pony sensed the faint amount of magic emanating from it. The two agents were certain that it was an object that had a fair bit of importance, if not anchor-worthy. It was entirely hard to say, but despite her skepticism the pony agreed to hold onto it for now. The magi dragon wouldn't stop stuttering about it and couldn't seem to get his thoughts out in a coherent way, and Twilight told Qaksh to calm down and get his bearings and save his explanation for the wrap-up meeting. Since it was a mock mission, it only felt right to also do a mock debriefing involving everyone so they could get the full XDRS experience. Twilight sent a Luma to gather the involved parties. Just as the star left through the doors, Natsuki entered, followed by another figure in orange. Twilight couldn't believe it at first, but she quickly jumped down from her seat to greet Raine, the returning agent, whose expression softened upon seeing Twilight again. The half-elf knelt down to let the pony affectionately nuzzle against her cheek. "Could I have a moment with you?" Raine asked while she had her close. "In private, preferably." "We could do that after the debriefing, since I did call a meeting just now," Twilight answered. "Everyone should be arriving quite soon." Satisfied, Raine nodded and rose from her hug. "It's... a pleasure to see you again." ~~~ <Mission 02 RECAP START> Participants: Twilight, Pascal, Evonna, Chikako, Qaksh, Light, Xander, Natsuki, Illidan, Raine, Anders, Keaton, Ray, Bowser Judging by the condition of everyone around the long table, Twilight had the feeling that it was no ordinary grocery run. As usual, she had set tea out for the visitors, the drinks paired with the sweet scent of filling the air. That knife that Kelsier stabbed into the table was still there. Twilight hadn't removed it yet. It was quite the fixture. "So... how was it?" The pony was almost afraid to ask the question, given how worn out all the agents, new and old, looked. Especially Xander -- he had looked like he had been dragged through a forest and a half. "Did everyone have... fun? Last I went to the market, it was really beautiful!" Ray looks to both sides of her from her seat. Now that it was mentioned, most of the people present were a mess! What the heck had they gotten into? “The mission was… productive.” Xander bit his lip, tapping his fingers along the table. Truth be told he did believe the fight with the ice dragon to be useful to an extent. He knew who was trying to hurt Reshiram and their face had been seared into his brain. They wouldn’t so much as breathe the same air of Reshiram if Xander had a say in it, but unfortunately he had no idea if or when the ice dragon would show up next. Xander’s fingers ceased tapping, now laying flat on the table. He straightened his back, making himself more presentable before speaking. “I cannot speak for everyone here, but the agents I was with were involved in several skirmishes. Someone was targeting Reshiram and managed to kidnap them for a period of time before we managed to rescue them. The marketplace police got involved, but they gave us no trouble.” Xander folded his hands together on the table. “I can see if the police publish any public records of the incident to give us more insight on what happened, and I can divulge everything I know into a written report if needed.” Xander paused. Twilight seemed nervous to speak of the mission and, knowing the pony, she probably didn’t want Xander’s report to end on a down note. “On the bright side, nothing else seemed to be amiss.” Xander added after a few moments of deliberation. “You’d be happy to know Shephard is doing quite well for himself. I personally wasn’t able to get the supplies needed due to some… complications, but I believe some other agents managed to do that in my stead.” Xander glanced over at Natsuki and Raine briefly before turning his attention back to Twilight. Pascal sheepishly scratched the side of her head with a curled hand, guilty as charged. Even her grin was nervous, and the cat ears she wore drooped backwards. "Haha....! Glad Sheppy's doing alright!" Pascal laughed quietly to herself, before admitting her guilt. "So I didn't end up getting any food, meow, but I did end up passing by Cid's to get new parts for communicators and stuff. On the way back, I met up with Evonna here and her friend Chikako, who wanted to see this place! We were on our way to help out Xander... though when we got there he already had the situation all purrfectly under control." Evonna grinned for a moment, thankful for the acknowledgement. She smelled something in the kitchen and felt her phone vibrate, and she quietly swore under her breath and quietly slipped into the kitchen to check on the cookies. Chikako held back the urge to let out a giggle. Still, she was interested in the craziness the blonde king’s group had gone through. She was also amused at Pascal’s eccentric nature. Chika had to admit to herself, she quite liked this group already. Raine just shook her head. She was puzzled over what kind of strange experiment Pascal was up to this time, but decided not to pursue it right now. "Natsuki and I did manage to get some edible staples after the police altercation, most of which should hopefully last us a good while. After returning, we led Reshiram back to their room to rest. They should be safe with us for now." "Edible staples...?!" Qaksh interjected. Knowing Raine, she would be the type to make them all eat actual nails. "I'm a dragon, but I don't think I could digest metal... and oh yes! Light and I got some big fruit and a... and an orb." He let his tongue hang partially out of his mouth. "It felt real important, Twi-Twilight, and has some sort of healing energy to it." Natsuki blinked, taking a moment to understand why Qaksh was suddenly talking about metal. “Staple foods, not the fastening device. Potatoes, milk, eggs, lemons, and the like.” Couldn’t leave out the lemons. An extended silence swept over the table at the mention of the citrus fruit. Evonna slipped back into the room, two plates of cookies in her hands. She placed them on the table and hurried back to her seat next to Chikako, who gave her a warm smile. Evonna gave her a nod and offered her a cookie. Chikako accepted, taking a bite of cookie and closing her eyes in delight. Evonna smiled, at least someone approved. Twilight cleared her throat to break the tension. "So much for a quiet visit to the marketplace," she mused to herself. Then, to the rest of the gathered agents, "I'd like to know more details about the kidnapping and the rescue. I think it would be important to know what we're dealing with when it comes to both enemies and allies." "While you were away, Stan and Duke and their teams successfully returned with the two time-related anchors from the ashen world, one of which is that dagger you witness there." With her snout, she motioned towards the knife embedded into the wood of the table. "They've also brought back some people from that world who seem eager to return. Pascal, if you would try and help them with the gate, that'd be a great help." Seeing the woman nod vigorously in response, Twilight continued on. "Is there anything else that we missed in the main debriefing?" “We got into a fight!” Keaton stood up from his seat. He held Anders from under his armpits, causing the cat the dangle in the air swaying every so slightly. “Well,” Keaton licked his lips as he squinted, deep in thought. “Ray, Anders—” Keaton wiggled Anders in the air. “—and I got into a fight. There was some weird inky creatures that attacked us. They didn’t taste very good. Kinda like the ink I tried licking from the tip of Lady Corrin’s fancy pen. It wasn’t very tasty, I wouldn’t recommend eating ink.” There was a pause. Keaton stared at everyone at the table blankly, as though he was finished speaking. “Oh, we found a box too!” Keaton exclaimed suddenly. “It turns people into cats or cat-like people.” Keaton lifted Anders up and waved him in Pascal’s general direction. “We got it from a cat man named Ranulf! The magic wears off after awhile and I’m not sure how useful it is, but we can turn anyone into a cat at any time!” Keaton paused once more, staring at everyone silently before sitting back down with Anders curled up in his lap. “That’s all I got.” Keaton said. Anders let out a soft mrrph of complaint, irritated that he’d been awoken from his nap again. He shifted, adjusting himself back into loaf format, making sure to knead Keaton’s legs a few times for good measure. Keaton stared down at Anders, his gaze intense. His ears pushed backwards as he lifted a hand and slowly inched it towards Anders’s face. Ever so dramatically, he gently pressed the tip of his finger into Anders’s nose before raising his ears, smiling, and turning his attention back to the meeting. Anders jerked his head back and his eyes shot open at the unexpected pressure on his nose. Blinking, he saw that the object invading his space was Keaton’s finger. Huh. He shoved his face forward aggressively, rubbing the finger against the side of his face. If Keaton was going to touch him he could at least pet him properly. “You’re being a big baby,” Keaton whispered to Anders. He didn’t mention that he would have probably done the same thing if someone pet him, nor was he going to bring up that his tail was wagging. Because it wasn’t. Idly, Keaton rubbed Anders face with the finger he assaulted. Ray looked at Pascal and had to assume that she came into contact with that box, remembering her own cat ears and tail. “Yeah, Keaton kind of summed up what happened to the three of us nicely. Though I, uh, can’t exactly fight on my own.” “Then how did you survive? You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have some trick up your sleeve,” Illidan rudely snapped. “...with these.” Ray got up out of her chair, releasing her three Pokemon behind her. “They’re my Pokemon… or, at least, three of them. All the rest are back in Alola.” She motioned to each one in turn as she introduced them. “This is Malamar, this is my Incineroar, Akatsuki, and this is my Lunala, Tsuki.” Tsuki was… pretty tall, even when compared to Illidan. The half-demon turns his attention back to the dagger stuck in the table to try to take his mind off of the gigantic bat. “...I bet I could get that out.” And before anyone could stop him, he gripped the dagger’s hilt and pulled, hard. It didn’t take much before the dagger was no longer stuck, and he sits it back down on the table, laying flat on the table’s surface, before sitting back down with the biggest grin on his face. Ray couldn’t help the scoff. “Showoff.” Chikako giggled at the banter, impressed by Illidan’s strength and gleeful at the suddenly cheerful atmosphere. She whispered to Evonna, “I think I’m gonna like it here”. To that Evonna smiled, carefully taking a cookie and taking a bite. It was a good batch, she had to admit. Perhaps she had gotten some good ingredients, considering she almost got ripped off. “Agreed,” she whispered back. Then, in response to Twilight’s question and following the little bit of banter that ensued, she spoke up. “I did pick up a few things before meeting Chikako and finding Pascal. I grabbed ingredients for cookies,” she nudged the plate towards the center of the table, “which I baked before the meeting. Feel free to take. And, uh…” Evonna placed the case with the pistols on the table. “I also got these.” Carefully, she opened the case. “As- er, a gift. For one of the senior agents. Um…. There was a scuffle with the lady who ripped me off when I bought the ingredients and someone I met, but it seems she disappeared afterwards, so.” Evonna shrugged. “It’s alright I suppose, I’m sure she found someone to cling onto for a while….. Yeah she was a bit clingy. O-oh! I’m Evonna, by the way.” Surprised at her own chatter, she quieted down. Chikako took the hint and spoke up. “Right. I’m Chikako. I assume not much else happened, but Ev came across me. We talked a bit, she asked me if I had interest in this organization, of course aware she would need to ask a senior agent, and then we went to a booth and came across Pascal.” The girls smiled at each other, pleased with their account. "Thank you for your reports, Keaton, Evonna. And again, I'm very glad to hear that you all ended up returning safely even if you encountered your own problems. Usually, the market isn't that dangerous of a place, but there's always people looking for trouble wherever you happen to go in the multiverse..." Twilight shook her head, changing the topic. "You're a pokemon trainer, Ray?" she addressed the girl. "I've met trainers before, and they're all very knowledgeable, kind, and amazing people. Nice to meet you all, Tsuki, Akatsuki, and Malamar!" Pascal leaned over the table to grab a few cookies, all while flicking her ears, curious, at the appearance of Ray's pokemon. "And, Illidan! Thank you for drawing the dagger out of the table," the pony went on, impressed by his display of strength. "We were having some trouble with that earlier, but now we can store it away properly so we can return it when we get the chance. It is a powerful artefact, after all." Turning to Xander, she addressed the king. "Xander, I'll be waiting for that written report. If there's really someone hunting Reshiram, we'll have to be prepared for the possibility that something like this might happen again." "I think we've talked about everyone now. Congratulations on your first mission and report!" Twilight struck the surface of the table with her hoof like a gavel, announcing the end of the gathering. "Meeting adjourned. Feel free to relax." ~~~ Raine - Dining Hall [on to the next business item] - [somewhat anxious] - [but it's nice to see old friends] Raine raised her hand and gave a slight wave to get her teammates' attention once the meeting ended. "Xander, Natsuki, Twilight, could I have a word with you all upstairs when everyone is done here? The meeting room is still free, isn't it? It would be nice to see what everyone has been up to, lately." She held her gaze with each agent for just a moment too long, implying that she had a lot more on her mind than simple catch-up and reminiscence. The healer stood up from her seat and turned to leave. "Call Stan as well."
  21. Pascal -- 3rd Floor Workshop [cat box?] - [meow!] "What do you mean the box turns people into cats?" Pascal removed the box from her head, and sure enough, her ears had moved to the top of her head and curved into a feline shape. They were covered with soft, white fur and twitched without her even realizing it. At some point before this, too, a slender tail grew from her backside. It too was covered with white fur, save for the very tip which was colored red like her hair. Unlike Keaton's thumping tail, Pascal's swayed inquisitively from side to side while she observing the sleepy purring lump that the wolfskin carried. The orange cat was adorable...! Did it come with the box? "Well, it won't turn cats who are already cats into cats, so should we keep this one safe by putting it into the box while we look around, meow?" The woman held the box out. "I'm glad you find this room interesting! There's many places to hide... And I get a lot of work done here!" To prove her point, Pascal quickly scrambled up one of the junk piles, box containing the cat held underhand. She perched lazily at the top of the mountain, surveying her kingdom.
  22. Pascal -- 3rd Floor Workshop [Keaton!] - [Keaton!!!!!] Pascal's workshop came about as result of an... incident in her bedroom, and Twilight thought it best that she get her own space atop the castle near the observatory. It was decided that she needed the space to store her things and conduct dangerous experiments. She would use this place to sleep too, and over time, she just ended up moving everything she owned to the workshop anyway. At the moment, junk found itself arranged into neat piles, freeing the center of the room enough to walk through. It was a grand mess in which Pascal had implemented a certain sorting system unique to herself, and at which many other agents shook their head at and tried to forget. Pascal jumped when something -- heavy sounding -- thumped against her door. She was going to ignore it, but... the most pitiful whine came through, followed by the sound of scratching. Sighing, she put down the screwdriver she was holding, reluctantly abandoning her project. Wiring communicators and building her secret project were both things that were exciting and engrossing. Normally no one could shake her from her work, but she reasoned that she could take a moment to-- The second she unlatched the door, Keaton came barreling in as if he was expecting the door to open. Pascal yelled as he threw her off balance and into the air with his vigor, but she managed to soften her landing with a roll. She collapsed flat on her back, leaving her in the hallway with nothing but an empty box. "Keaton, wait!" she shouted. But it was too late -- the wolfskin was already in the room, tail thrashing. Pascal scrambled to her feet, grabbing the box on the way up (there was no point in leaving behind a perfectly good cardboard box, after all) and flipping it onto her head to free her hands. With the box covering her head like a helmet, she charged back into the room. "Keaton!"
  23. Kelsier - Outside the Castle [out of steel] - [wet and shirtless] - [at least the picture is safe] Dynarst tried to peek over his shoulder at the paper. Kelsier didn't move to block him, but he was too timid to really approach to get a closer look. From what the skaa could see, though, the object drawn on the wet page looked very similar to the strange bundles of colored leaves found on this very planet. It was probably no coincidence and his mind jumped to a first conclusion -- was the Survivor actually from another world? Was that how he survived the Pits of Hathsin? It wasn't far fetched at all, considering the feats of everyone else in this group... "The metals all have to have specific purities to be useful," Kelsier replied to Typheus not before too long, despite his ordeal with the paper. He glanced at his companion, Fiddlesticks, his eyes sizing up the bot who seemed so keen on challenging him. "For allomantic steel, it's about .8 percent carbon with the rest of it being iron. If it's impure, it's less efficient, and if it's too far off, it can make an Allomancer sick if they try to burn it. There are people in my world who specialize in preparing these things, so once I return, I could easily get my hands on a lot." It was another reason for him to return to Luthadel, post-haste. Not only was his crew awaiting his return and the Skaa rebellion being set in motion, but he was useless without his world's specific fuel (Kelsier doubted that they had the tools to smelt ore, here). Still... It was a shame that he was out of reserves, right now. Maybe the sparring match against Duke's barriers wasn't the best idea. Kelsier suddenly snapped his fingers. "Hm? Maybe you could find that coinshot boy from earlier -- it could be that he would have some on hand, since he runs on steel." Coinshot, coinshot.... Dynarst had to recall what he meant by that. The word felt like it would have been self explanatory, but with all these new magics introduced to him at once... he found it a little hard to keep them all straight. "Oh, the skaa kid at the meeting! Yes! We can see if we can find him around here."
  24. Pascal -- Gateway to the Starry Skies [gots work to do] - [we're back!] "Aaaaand we're back!" Pascal announced. She's sure that everyone who went to the market had made it back through the teleportation (or at least, she was certain that everyone she recognized got back in one piece). She'd leave the actual tally to someone who was able to count, like Xander, or Natsuki, because Pascal right now was a very busy woman who had many things to do. "Well, see you later!" said the amarcian, before dashing away. "I honestly don't know where she keeps all her energy," Raine repeated. "I'd assume Twilight kept my room vacant? It would be good to have some time to catch up with her, as well."