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  1. ((Wait, was that me? I'm confused, and waiting for some action.))
  2. "I've never done it before, but I don't know if it's not natural." Crystal floated back down, but the bubble stayed around her. "I think it's a shield!"
  3. Crystal wasn't paying attention, however, she was staring as the Valesz's shadow broke and started to move-although Valesz was still. Somewhere deep inside Crystal, she felt something bubble, slowly at first, but faster and faster as time went on, and suddenly, Crystal was all the way back up the tree surrounded by a glimmering, snow-white bubble.
  4. Crystal smiled and said, "I'm Crystal Star, you can call me Crystal." Crystal was happy, but another feeling came into her as though she had drank a hot honey-like liquid. It took her a second to realize that something had branched off her spine, but didn't mention it. She wasn't ready to start spilling everything.
  5. ((Sorry, been gone all day.)) Crystal was grateful for being let down, but felt nervous replying. "I-I sleepwalk, I must have climbed up the tree in my sleep. And no, I haven't seen my family in a long time. I was abandoned because I'm taking a while to grow up." Crystal looked down sheepishly, as if this where something horrible.
  6. ((Sorry if I'm not permitted to start until I join, just want to keep things not boring for me.)) Name: Crystal Star Gender: F Type: White Power: Healing and Hurting if she gets too angry, has a little White dragon magic Job: n/a (yet) Personality: Shy at first, outgoing when you get to know her, extremely playful. Appearance: like most white hatchies, but with a long, thin, crescent-shaped scar through her eye Age: halfway through hatchie stage ______________________________________________________________________ Crystal was playing behind a rock with her imaginary
  7. Crystal did a "I'm a cute little hatchling come help me!" squeal, and hoped with every fiber of her being that whoever she had heard was really out there. ((Oh, sorry...Adding!)) Crystal tried to remember the last time she had seen her family to eat up time until she was rescued. It had been a long time ago...Crystal was an egg for a long time, and her eldest sister added it to her hoard. Crystal had hatched a month or so later, but was fragile and weak. Her sister was disgusted, and tossed her into a field to die. Crystal saw her first stars that night, and named herself after
  8. I was accepted!! Username: (Don't know if you mean actual dragcave or on here, so...both!) Rainb0wTr0ut, Alwaysgone Name:Crystal Star Gender:Female Species:White Clan:n/a Description:Crystal looks like normal White dragon hatchies, but she's a bit bigger than usual, due to her slow growth. Personality:Crystal is extremely smart, and very outgoing, once you get to know her, however, she takes it very personally that she is taking a long time to grow up. Brief History: Crystal was dumped off when she was an egg, but she took a long time to hatch, and she wandered around as a y