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  1. Thanks. This felt worse than last time, but if you think I got her right... About ADD...She'll probably do a lot of potato-related threatening. I wouldn't know, as I'm not playing her. One more core! I'll get to that today.
  2. I wasn't sure if this one would break my last word count. 340. That's how many words I used. I'm trying to use more words with every backstory. I also don't think I managed to capture GlaDOS as well as last time, but I tried. And that's all that matters. Anyway. Without further ado, I present: Once again, critiques greatly appreciated!
  3. Thanks! Getting GlaDOS's attitude right involved a lot of listening to wavs of her voice. Praise about Portal-related original work from you is probably the best there can be. I'll work on more when I'm not on my phone…
  4. So, as of yesterday, I put my Portal 2 roleplay on pause for updates between myself and Dr. Paine. So, here's the place for me to write core backstories. I have 3 cores I didn't use, and trust me, you're going to meet all of them. First up is... So, just a 315-word quick little thing on the first time Panic was powered up. I wrote this when I was bored and half-asleep. I only just noticed how fail it is. Critiques greatly appreciated!! I'll do anything to be better...
  5. That'ssssSSSsss a nissssssce leaf and obssssssssSSSSSSidian creeper I built there...t'would be a SSSsssshame if SSsssSSSSomething were to happen to it...
  6. I can't get to any bones...No skeletons show up ALL NIGHT!! I'll stay up all night and there will be a creeper and a spider. One! UNO! And I'm on normal. -whimpers-
  7. I did. Multiple times. Is it the texture pack? I'll try pork, thanks! EDIT:Nope. I ate it, not the wolf. I found a small pack of wolves, though, so I'm building a house to stay the night.
  8. I play on Peaceful most of the time, so...Yes. No bones.
  9. I can't find it. I'll walk away and then I get lost. Plus, m compass points to my original spawn point, which is a bonus pain. Also:I'm on Normal, there's a wolf outside my house, it's night, there's no skeletons. And I really, really, REALLY want a pet wolf. Any thoughts? I can wait.
  10. My friend and I were discussing worst case scenarios for Minecraft and I think he won. "What if you used a mod to get all the diamond in the world...and then fell into lava and died?" Karma much? I keep losing my house, though. Any thoughts? (I find a lot of diamond at 11, just so you know.)
  11. I stayed in one room with Wheatley just to hear him talk...Then he said that I should go get a crap turret and I said(Out loud, I think they're real people for some reason), "Oh! Good idea!" I was trying to get the thing to scan ME.
  12. This. And ordering at restaurants. Today, my mom was trying to find out what my sister wanted at Jamba Juice over the phone and kept telling me to order, but I just...Couldn't. Eugh. It's horrible. I just can't get over it. But it has gotten better since I discovered this. (Go ahead and go to it, it'll make you laugh.)
  13. RP Advertisement Name of RP:.:Atty:. Link:RP and the OOC # of active RPers:8. I think. Plot Summary:In a town called Atty, werewolves, mermaids, angels, demons, and vampires try to stay hidden from humans. They're doing a terrible job of it, though. Other:We have cookies. And 10-inch long glowing white feathers. Derp.
  14. Tinycat: The cutest photo-shopped picture you'll ever see.
  15. Lawl, glitchy. Anywayyyy, Hm...Does it have to be a current egg? -peeks at scroll- Current:White(Whites are pretty) Ever:Pygmy, paper, dino, or chicken
  16. -chuckle- I couldn't knit if I tried. I'm interested, and I can FINGER knit, so I shall be stalking.
  17. You beat me to it! I saw this topic and entered JUST to post this!! I agree.
  18. Or better yet, get over the fact that YOU CANNOT CATCH FATAL DISEASES THROUGH BUTT SKIN!!! My mom does the same thing. I had to go into the men's restroom with my dad when I was four. 'Nuff said.
  19. Oh, wow, I was so scared that this would be a multi-day thing!!!! Thank goodness it was just a cable!!
  20. -Poooooooke- I don't know if this has been mentioned EXACTLY before, but... Coastal Waverunner- You attempt to approach the egg, but salt water waves begin to splash up against you. The closer you get to the egg, the harder the waves are. You decide it's best to leave the egg alone.
  21. I was just thinking, what if... When you pick up a new egg, it prompts you to pick a guardian (You can choose not to have one) and the dragon guards the egg or hatchling automatically in case it is gettig too many views. ...End of fantasy.
  22. I want to make a mint dragon hatchie..... Soon as I can get to Hobby Lobby, I'll get some fabrics...