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  1. The weirdest thing keeps happening... My house is really well-lit(I have torches nearly every five blocks) and whenever I go to sleep, I JUST manage to get to sleep when I am awoken by either a skeleton or a zombie. I now sleep with a sword. It makes no sense to me, because I know the spawning rules and I really want these wolves that are outside. Help?
  2. My plan for the thirty minutes of computer time I get on the laptop before FAILBATTERY decides to power down eight hours early: Build a house that ISN'T a cave. Pics when I have them. Also, I found a cool mod I might get on Painterly Pack. It's BEES! I don't know. Mod to add to the fun of the game vs. mod to make the game easier?
  3. Lava. Lava like there's no tomorrow.
  4. I shouldn't laugh at that, but I did. I started a new game I'm playing on Easy because of my fear of CREEPER.
  5. Yes, you will. The only differences between Peaceful and the other modes are that Peaceful has no unfriendly mobs(except wolves) and you heal without food.
  6. Switch to peaceful and continue the search. If you're desperate you can make charcoal.
  7. That is so my new avatar.
  8. Answering your question...I'm assuming a wolf. -Is also probably going to be shot- But...Anyway. Here's the story. I connected to citi-build.com on the 6th. Everything was fine. Built a house, got some diamond, ect. ect. Then there was the bucket. Buckets are a banned item in citi-build, as they can be used to destroy houses. I made one to get started on an important project(Which isn't important enough to get in here), filled it, and asked if I could use a bucket for a project. The answer was no, obviously. So, I decided to get rid of the bucket. I went out into the ocean,
  9. Granted but it runs out of power and the charger has become a venomous snake. I wish for the Companion Cube.
  10. Yeah, that would be fine. I would like to get the Roleplay up before I go to camp and am cut off from society for a week.
  11. You have to tell three people to come read these. I'll get started!
  12. -Cookies for the awesome-
  13. That's actually pretty good! I'd like to see you in the Roleplay when Dr. Paine and I finish it up. Any requests for cores?
  14. That made my day. Seriously.
  15. Of course! Do you have a core in mind? Also, I drew the music core! Music Core
  16. Here it is. 375 words. I could have written more, but I thought it would start out simple. Here it is:
  17. I'll try. That could be fun. Also: Panic has a happy place now!
  18. Yeah, nothing happened. Edit: Never mind. My texture pack didn't have a picture for shears.
  19. Okay, my brain officially sucks. I went to look at various cores on YouTube and forgot what personality my third core was going to be. AND IT'S BEEN DAYYYYYYYYYS!!! -rolls around on the floor muttering incoherently- Anyway, requests for a personality are now being accepted. And then I'll do a whole bunch of cores. And... Stuff.
  20. Um...If you have time...Could you do a quail? I've missed the little guys ever since I moved... You can do male or female, I don't have a preference. And if you can't, I don't mind.
  21. -hugs you for saving Wheatley- …Now give him back. So this isn't spam: I had a dream involving the TV show H2O. It's about three girls that turn into mermaids when the touch water and have magical mermaid powers. ANYWAY. I was the fourth mermaid. As if it wasn't stupid enough that everybody loved me, they had to mention how perfect I was and how cool it was that I had all three mermaid powers. And then I just wasn't a mermaid anymore. Fail. And then there was the Minecraft dream where I try to save a massive crowd of people from creepers, but they think they're p
  22. I can't make shears and I have the update. Any thoughts?
  23. Sure, I can resist breeding blacks for a month or two.
  24. The only thing that comes to mind at the moment(I've probably done a lot) is forgetting I was scroll-locked and thinking, "I'll breed one more time", and I managed to make a TWO-FINNED-BLUNA but then auto-abandoned it. My face went from ecstatic to horrified in a matter of seconds.