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  1. I FIXED IT! -does a little dance- -ahem- Right, so, the mob spawning problem is fixed! I did a little reading on the wiki, and discovered that the bed thing was right. So, I fixed my bed, and tried again. The usual spawning and FFUUUUUUU- followed. So I read the wiki again. It suggested making sure all doors had left hinge orientation from where I placed them, or mobs would walk through it like it wasn't there. "Huh." I moved on, and a death or two later, I remembered the door hinge trick. (Does this sound like a story or what?) I checked all of my doors in the house. Shrin
  2. Um. Hi? Username:AlwaysGone What image do you want on your sig?: PotaDOS, as she's known by the fans. Source image link:Linked for enormous potato-ey-ness Any text?:Burning people! He says what we're all thinking! Anything else?: Could you make the background look like flames? Please?
  3. So...Is there any way to fix it?
  4. Yeah, I guess. It doesn't bother me much anymore.
  5. Deja vu. Sleep with a sword. /personal experience
  6. I'm not trying to be biased here, but I think mine works a little bit better, because it can't be patched and the only things it affects are your coordinates and your inventory. Just my opinion.
  7. It's hard to explain... Basically, you have to pick out the items you want(and have only those in your inventory) to duplicate. Then you duplicate your save file. go back into the original game and put the items in a chest. Save, quit, go back into the files and...Say your game was named "World1". You would go into "World1-Copy" and copy the level.dat and level.dat_old files. Then go back into "World1" and replace "World1"'s level.dat and level.dat_old files with the ones you copied out of "World1-Copy". Go back into your world and your items should be both in your inventory and the chest
  8. I'd try that if I wasn't a coward! /failure at life I duplicated a bunch of TNT blocks so I could go strip mining for the first time ever. Natural caves anyone?
  9. Well, I finished the video...Even with my screen recorder not working and children screaming in the house. I'll walk it through with better quality later, because my phone is good but doesn't like me. I suggest you turn your volume down. Those two diamond pickaxes I duplicate? One of them already is a duplicate.
  10. I can: -Move the first and third toes on my right foot without moving the second. So it's like I'm flipping you off with my foot. -Cross my eyes and then rotate my right completely around without moving the left. -Twitch the cartilage in my bottom eyelids so that it looks like something's trying to poke its way out. -Meow realistically(I'm talking "Is there a cat in the house?" realistically) -I used to be able to purr(Not just the tongue kind kids do) but I forgot how.
  11. Oh, the tower! That marks where I found my first diamond. I didn't have my iron pickaxe and was scared of losing it. There's a cool lavafall in the lowest cavern there if you want to see it.
  12. Okay, I'll see about the torches-and the video- when I get home. Thanks! Also, I have a question. What did you think of the obsidian generator that I had outside? You know, the one I never ended up needing.
  13. I forgot to mention this-I can turn one diamond into five hundred without cheats or going out to get more. I think I'll try to make a video.
  14. I'd like to point out that the game file might be INSIDE the .zip file, so you should check that out too. I was trying to compress it and I think it screwed up. I'd tear up the house myself, but I don't really want to destroy my house. The cobble on the ground and ceiling lead to 'alternate' mob spawn points I tried to make, so don't worry too bad about those.
  15. I'll upload mine(First rule: You're not allowed to laugh) if someone could look at my bedroom and try to figure out why mobs spawn there as I sleep. The seed is 'Challenge Accepted', just like the name of the world.
  16. No wood or chests. -watches house video- -diamond chest is opened- -mouth falls open- You know what's weird? You sound like my band friend. But how unlikely is that?
  17. Okay. -jumps in- AUUGH! IT BURNS!!!
  18. -stares at diamond pickaxe in inventory- Um. Should I still?
  19. I'm lost in the Nether for the first time on this world. -headdesk- Any ideas?
  20. The single-thick wall leads to the front of my house, which has a door in front. There's absolutely NO WAY they could get in. And yet they do. -random spasm, probably along with Portal-related comments- ... -runs off to Portal Wheatley emoticon rehab-
  21. Update 1: Littered my house with torches, sealed up holes, and tried to sleep. Woke up to mob noises, darkness, and my health dropping like I was squished. Died. Respawned at my spawn point and got the 'home bed missing or obstructed' message. Switched to Peaceful. Now I have to get back to my few hundred torches I dropped, losing all my coal. FFFFUUU-
  22. I'll try the torches, and give you guys updates. -off to sleep with a sword-
  23. This is what my bedroom looks like. The two doors weren't there before, but they led to well-lit rooms. I can't figure out why mobs are spawning as I sleep.
  24. Dr. Paine and I are putting another one together. Don't panic(Going to type it: LOL, my core, I'm such a kipping hypocrite), it will live on.