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  1. oops, srysry xP uhm, originally, more dragon-like.. although i've just been making fun of it by calling it a deer-imposter... especially the fact that it DID turn out to look kinda dear-esque..
  2. hehee ^^ yayayyyy! and lols..starting to realize that the name i gave him is quite a mouthful to say x) i somehow just had to add in PLUSH.. just cuz my obsessions leaddds to making plushies :3 but anywayss, thankyouu!~ <3
  3. O: could you pleaseeee draw my OC: Strawberry Plush Dewdrop? it has caracal-esque ears, green eyes, a little heart imprint just below it's eye, and has some wierd...design? on it's legs. Ref 1 Ref 2 (Playdoh drew this onee >w<) anddd, i have no preference of what its doing/pose is, but maybe its happy or proud looking? :3 Please and Thankyou ^^
  4. domg O: -waits for slot opening-
  5. u should stream altho i wont be on. ;-; pfft.....TT^TT i need my shleeepppppppp. oh andandand, would u be willing to draw something for me from ms? <3 i could only pay in eggs tho. ;-; not money. ;-;............................................................................
  6. wow, wow andd wow! it looks awesomee 8D both ur pixel art AND that drawing !!~
  7. O: glad ur feeling better!!!! (while my stomach decides to hurt this morning. ;-
  8. cuutee and lools, i thought it was markers too cant believe its a program! uhmm would u mind drawing my silly OC dragon? S: (i know it only says animals and dragon cave but i just thought.. since its a dragon.. lols.. yea)Ref 1 Ref 2 (playdoh drew this one. <3 and is probably abit more realistic/detailed so its easier to follow this one?)
  9. O: ur on ur on uronnnnn ur streaminggg O: but my mind's already dead set "sleep.sleep.sleep.NOW" but just wanna say hiii. <3
  10. hey! sry for the -very- late reply xP and hmm, i think you have! btw, if you have a blur tool, it'd be a really good effect for the shading or else it'll look somewhat flat.
  11. wows :3 and lols, petpets x) it looks good! also, correct me if i'm wrong, but your asking for help in deciding the pose and animal? ^ if thats it, thenn i think you should use the smilodon as i think it appeals more to children and even teenagers since its well, part of the cat family and the fact that it's a strong creature. I think in terms of the pose (and thats quite a few you have there!) you should probably make it look proud and mighty, so the head could be up, while it stands proudly (like, to show off). And also, i think you might wanna work on the eyes of some of them (unless in
  12. Krystallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, uki's looking for uuu in the chatttttt
  13. if u have ursa major and ursa minor, would you mind if u did it accurately? like i mean, the other stars that are supposed to be near them x3
  14. haha ^^ sure, and lols, i had that problem before. ;-; especially with the full moon bg with the vamps... i kept on trying to make crators, which just looked like big brown dots... so then i started blurring it and making swirly lines and then i shaded the side.. so that it actually blended >~< stupid moon.
  15. hmm sure? x) could you draw a cresent moon with some stars in the background? :3 andd a hill on the right side like this! :3 andd would you mind if i were to edit it after? (gonna be adding stuff to it not gonna change the bg tho). trying to draw with a trackpad is harddddd ;-;
  16. hmm, well, you can always try looking at through some art, and try drawing parts of them? to get an idea on what your own style is as imitating some art can help you find your own style that you find comfortable with. Also, try playing with the blur tool, so that the colors blend when you shade unless your doing cell shading (like what you're doing right now). Andd, when you shade, you wanna think of where the light source is! Also, for the clouds, you could try shading the sides? likee this or this! to give an idea
  17. mm, like by chibi, i meant like, human chibis? likee: thiss oh btw! its actually 4 eggs and 8 HATCHIES for the limit when you have no trophy
  18. hmm yea, you just wanna try playing around with shading ^^ just make a new layer and try coloring bits and sides with a slightly darker color of what your shading :3 like, for example: this! i was actually testing some colors and playing around with the gradiant tool and was trying to give some shading to the hill..? and this was for my friend cuz he was giving this to someone one. i was still trying to adjust to photoshop elements.. cuz i normally use cs5 ;-;
  19. oooo cannnn i have a black cat? <3 I wantt!: This one to be precisee <3 and could it's pose be flying? (i'm not sure if the ref is enough for you as to info of it) Contact: you can always just pm me here ^^ or just leave msgs on here... i'm really active so.. yep :3 -stalks- Offering: http://dragcave.net/lineage/AiSnP <-- a 2nd gen PB moonstone anddd i can breed anything else you'd like on my scroll! (just..my metallics are fussy so i wont be able to breed them. nor can i breed the trios ;-; they dun like me often) and honestly, i really think ppl should carry a monk
  20. ohh icic i couldn't get over the idea of the 4 layers... haha.. but interestingg owo i found taht the brushes were pretty cool, and the texture seemed nice :3 its just that i heard they didnt have as many brushes. hmmm, could i see it? C:
  21. saphhhhh ur sprite's are epic :3
  22. haha, yeah glad it helped tho lols! and that'd be greatt :3 i'm pretty curious of your art stylee, so expect me to be firstt C:
  23. hmm, i wish i could help, but i dont have an ipad. TT^TT oh cruelty LOL (well, not TOO interested in getting one soon <: top priority is my pen and a good scanner. *^*). but well, from what i understand, the program's kind of like Paint.net except for apple products and that it, ironically enough, does not have as many options for brushes despite its name. (i dug up some research 8D) so, if this helps: "Pros: Brushes has a good user interface, though it’s not as intuitive, in my view, as ArtStudio’s. Its gallery view is simply beautiful, and the playback feature is quite unique. C
  24. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i LOVE it <3 it turned out awesomely andand, just wondering, but what would you like me to breed ? i still need to pay ;3