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  1. electro-beetle bee fly i mm so glad they rre perfect this is so good c'':
  2. i love angry mongoose;s ridiculous giant teeth also they make me laugh itss precious c':
  3. aaaaaaaaaa itss perfect imm happy c'':
  4. i really like the skeletal bits on the moon legendary thhey really sell it for me (plus it's got a cute face) not really as interested in the lion but it's passable and i like how the top part of its face kind a looks like a screen c':
  5. ohhh my GOD i was afraid the starters were going to be disappointing being that they're two mammals and a bird but the designs all have so much character they're all so cute i love all of them c'':
  6. i ca n feel every sound vibratign against my brain and it hurts
  7. i' m ace, and i thought i might be panromantic for awhile but after thinking about it for awhile (and starting to notice that i experience occasional romance repulsion) i think i'm actually grey-aromantic i can't deal with it at all when people outside my singular exception try to express romantic affection for me or something it's so uncomfortable and i just kind of want them to go away and never talk to me again tbh even if they just slightly hint at it i'm disturbed c'':
  8. the point of cake is to eat it though like what are you supposed to do with it if not eat it just leave it there rotting for all eternity like Miss Havisham i'm no Miss Havisham like if it was meant to make sense why did they not choose an object that has a function beyond eating
  9. why not if i have the cake and it is my cake why can i not eat it is that not the entire point of cake i don't understand this phrase :V anyhow i'm not actually engaging with y'all this thread was stressful enough last time and i'm especially not dealing with "i am superior intelligent you SPIRITUAL PEOPLE are silly know-nothing i better than all of you" types r/n c':
  10. whhy hurt amethyst in this way im going to cry
  11. gyiyg


    every one who uses the splat roller is dead to me, every single squid kid c'': (using the .52 Gal Deco myself r/n)
  12. *slams fists against table* yes bring back centipeetle immediately even if she isn't Sardonyx i need purified centipeetle asap |D
  13. When a protagonist have to mention every five seconds that they're the best at x thing or going to be the best at x thing it's really annoying and makes me irrationally angry and COMPLETELY ruins a protagonist for me like yes we get it you think you're better than everyone else at this thing it would be impossible not to get it because you won't stop mentioning it go away c':
  14. Nooope, nope nope i am not getting sick right now every time she gets sick she gives it to me i'm not having that i feel bad enough on a regular basis and it's almost my birthday and i'm not dealin with that r/n switching rooms i'll come back when you don't have a fever or nothin not your fault you got sick or nothin though schools are a cess pool get better soon
  15. I haven't successfully gotten through many Nuzlocke runs before (mostly because I end up getting bored with all the grinding and then get distracted with something else and forget about it and never finish like halfway through a lot of the time (and once because i ran into a shiny and was like " this" but) |D) but I did a Wonderlocke run when I played through X it was super fun, I only lost one mon the whole way through c': no wait, it was two forgot i lost another one near the beginning also |D
  16. Eh, some kid in kindergarten I'd imagine my first real kiss will be whenever i finally get to see my SO in person though c:
  17. I have six younger siblings, five brothers and a stepsister, with the oldest being five years younger than me Three of my brothers are my mom's kids and my stepsister is my stepdad's kid so they live over there, and the other two brothers are my dad's and so they live there so I don't see all of them at once really but it's still a lot c':
  18. ^You're probably a sexually repulsed asexual, like what I am, I feel the same way |D
  19. gyiyg


    Me and my brothers and my SO are all really excited for it, it looks like it's gonna be really really fun c:
  20. Tiny Amethyst is precious o: Marty is totally Sour Cream's dad or somethin, calling it |D
  21. It's generally considered fine to refer to people as "they" if you don't know their pronouns some people really don't like being referred to that way if they have pronouns listed and they're not they pronouns though so it's generally better to check if they do first
  22. yeeeah I've been misdiagnosed by "professionals" before and I think I know myself better than people who are paid to think they know me better than I do and I'm not goin into this with you (honestly i don't outwardly present how i feel right and i get really stressed out when they try to test me for things and end up answering more how i think they'd expect me to than how i actually feel (ESPECIALLY since my mom is almost always in the room) and they tried to diagnose me with like three different things that they ended up taking back before finally diagnosing me with autism and anxiety and i'm not going through that again (actually i think DD-NOS is STILL on my most recent diagnosis whatever and it's like,,, no? that ain't it and it took them FOREVER to strike ADHD off there like come on what are you doing i dunno it kinda felt like they were graspin at straws with me))
  23. friend try having bpd or somethin similar and see if you'd still say somethin like this
  24. I lost it |D Uncle Grandpa dressed up as Rose at the beginning was nnnot great I'm a sucker for meta humor and deliberately bad fanfiction and so the rest pretty much destroyed me though c'':