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  1. Still looking for a blood swap
  2. Have 3rd gen Mutamore x Gold lineage I would like Blood swap please PM me as I might have to 'hide' it
  3. Haha, thank you. Can't believe I was so stupid!!!!!!!
  4. Can anyone help me. My Floral Crowned just failed to produce any eggs with my Gold . Ive never seen this before You attempt to breed the two dragons, but no egg is produced. I can breed /trade most of my scroll.
  5. Thanks TJ, happy Christmas to every one
  6. Thank you, I took 2. I will post 2 within the hour.
  7. Xanthy replied but dose not need a mentor Frostiikin can now be graduated
  8. Have 3rd gen Magi even checker with Golds https://dragcave.net/lineage/iA4nB Want 2nd gen Magi x Gold or offers Make an offer on my egg
  9. Have 3rd gen Wrapping Wing egg. Even gen from Golds https://dragcave.net/lineage/PE6fk . (not inbred) Want offers Make an offer on my egg