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  1. With help from a very lovely person I was able to get the mate to my Hellfire Thuwed. They get the first baby but after that I can breed for whoever would like one. (also have CB female Magma if asker would prefer the start of a stairstep)
  2. Was very confused yesterday, as to why the caves were empty until it refilled at a 5-min mark. Thank you for these new dragons! Can't wait to see what the adults look like.
  3. It has been snowing for about a week now, with most melting during the days. Soon enough the snowfall will outweigh any melting and it will be a proper winter. I live in central Minnesota.
  4. I have a 2G Hellfire Thuwed from a while back that I've recently been trying to breed a female Magma mate for. Once that's done I'd be more than happy to breed a 3G Hellfire x Magma Thuwed for anyone who is interested. I can also breed siblings to this gal that are not only Thuweds several times over, but also Dorkfaces and several other notable lines.
  5. Recently came back after around two years of not actually playing DC and I've already managed to catch a CB Thunder and a CB Ice. Here's to hoping catching up to what I missed will be as nice as this.
  6. A beautiful new gaming keyboard & mouse, a 27" flatscreen monitor to replace my old clunky desktop, a copy of the Mass Effect trilogy, some books on snakes and microorganisms, a shirt with a steampunk dragon design on it, a Celtic Love Knot amulet, some money to spend, and some handknitted coasters from my grandmother.
  7. I like the smell of burning wood, gasoline, and motor oil. I clearly spend far too much time in woodshops and vehicle repair shops.
  8. The only thing I remember from my dream a couple of days ago is my dream self thinking "Why are there turtles in the fridge?!" ...I don't know.
  9. I bought the game last weekend, and I am definitely hooked. c: If anyone's interested, my user is Aodhan.9071. Homeworld is Borlis Pass.
  10. When people take things of mine out of my hands (or taking things of mine in general) without asking. Especially when they act like I'm at fault, because I politely remind them on how extremely freaking rude that is.
  11. What is this sudden breeding magic? o_o
  12. Here, have some Minnesotan snow that seems intent on barricading us into our houses every year for weeks at a time.
  13. My favorite is the Tri-colored because it looks like there are Christmas lights on its wings, but I got Full Gold, which is just as beautiful.
  14. I caught one earlier today while waiting for the cooking ingredients to show up. Complete accident, but I'm not complaining. C:
  15. I am forever "blessed" with a nightmarish mix of Philly and Minnesotan accents. I can't even begin to try to explain what it sounds like.
  16. As I live in Minnesota, is absolutely hilarious.
  17. This, without the gameinformer logo on it. It looks so awesome on my Windows 7 desktop.
  18. 2 zombies, 3 deaths. First year trying. C: The zombies' breeds were an adult Ochredrake and a frozen Hellfire Wyvern hatchling.
  19. Favorite character: For now it's a tie between Chris Redfield and Albert Wesker because I'm going through a playthrough of most Resident Evil games in celebration of RE 6 coming out while waiting for them to come out with a PC version. (Please tell me that's not just a rumor and that it's true D:) I also have a fondness for Lamarr the pet headcrab (and headcrabs in general, I find them adorable for some reason) from the Half-Life series. C: Ships: I don't just have ships, I have a freaking armada. That is all.
  20. When someone tries to say that you said something, putting words in your mouth for you and then having the gall to act pissed, as if it's your fault when you tell them something along the lines of, "No, you heard me say that, from my standing I said something and you heard differently. We were both somehow wrong in this, stop acting like you have to always be right."
  21. About 30 rolls of Duct tape + a class of Highschool students + a very epic teacher + the ceiling. Enough said. Best Homecoming week ever.
  22. I'm registered on Howrse, recently restarted after about 230 days of playing before screwing up majorly. My username is now Wesker. My old ID was Rangifer (not that I was well-known,but if by the off-chance you've seen me, that's me.)
  23. adfjkaldafdjnaljheg After about a year, I've finally got mah first GoN and now he's all grown up :DD This is totally not bragging about the epic name I snatched for him Also bred some pretties today, I'm shocked.
  24. I can't stand people in general I cannot stand the utter stupidity of some people. Adding to that, I abhor people who think that insulting their elders is fun, people who act like they're the reason the earth is turning, and people who use terms such as "gay" for anything that they find distasteful or stupid (Seriously, that's not what it means. Why are you using it like that?) or people who've decided that actually trying to better themselves is less productive than their little clique that only gossips and texts in class. It annoys me when my dad leaves the toilet seat up when he is