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  1. I won't be able to get this year's. I'm leaving in a few minutes for the rest of the day. >.>
  2. My friends never believe me when I say I'm not ticklish. They, on the other hand, are usually all 10s across the board. 1) Belly. 0 2) Ribs. 1 3) Underarms. 0 4) Neck.0 5) Back. 0 6) Feet. -1 7) Sides 0
  3. Today, while eating ice cream, I laughed and ice cream came out my nose.
  4. Your dragon are so cute! I wish I made dragons like that; I only make them from hot glue.
  5. Normal, unmechanical pencil or, if I'm desperate, a ballpoint pen. I hate typing >.<
  6. I'm thinking about sculpting, something along the lines of biology or biotechnology, or writing. Right now, cuz I'm a freshman in highschool, i randomly sell hot glue creatures. The big ones usually go for about $8. Not exactly sure what I'll do when I get older, though.
  7. Like sfate, US, the roasting Arizona
  8. My username: My nickname Shelly in real life, combined with and jellyfish, which I love. My real name is Shelby, which is apparently an Engand-originating name for a sheltered town. Nothing real special
  9. Gah! Got all blues. On another note: Yay! new eggs!
  10. Eww Stories... I have a few. A few weeks ago, after i woke up, i went in the kitchen to get some breakfast. I was still waking up, so i wasn't really looking where i was going. I stepped on something cold and squishy. It turns out my sister's goldfish tried to commit suicide by jumping out of it's bowl. It was still alive after i stepped on it. He died a few hours later. More recently i forgot about a cup of milk for a few days. My mom found it and pretended to throw the stuff at me. The cup tilted a little too much and got on the ground, my shorts, and my hot glue creatures. Lucki
  11. Being drowned. I'm not afraid of drowning except if someone was drowning me. Being stuck in a small place and not being able to get out. Big waves, like tsunamis. I'm always afraid that they'll suck me under. Even though I love the ocean. Needles. I can't really think of anything else at the moment.
  12. I'd have to go with Eragon. Because I liked that book and I don't usually criticize the books that I read for fun. Usually. I made an exception for twilight. Seriously, I don't usually hate any books, but really? A (love story?) with sparkly vampires? Really?
  13. I've heard of it but I don't have it. Now I kinda wish I did. I don't really mind saying my name so oh well. What colors are Marison, Shelby, and Sonora please? I think it's cool that you can see colors for names.
  14. THE DUMBO SQUID! It my favorite animal . Its not creepy but oh well. And my favorite plant is the ping pong tree sponge