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  1. I love them!! Those have to be my most favorite pygmies yet and the sprite work on the Tercorn is gorgeous 😍😍
  2. I searched initially but couldn't find out how to limit it to a forum. Found it called "Levitate" BSA. I guess this topic can be locked. Would it be worth it to have a masterlist of BSA suggestions?
  3. I was thinking - I like the concept of earthquake, but if you have a single egg you want to keep, it's not useable. I think it would be nice if the Balloon dragons could have a BSA "Float", where the dragon would take one egg and float with it, making it immune to EQ for 1 hour. Suggested restrictions: You wouldn't be able to use other BSAs on the egg while it is up in the air (such as incubate, influence, etc). Ward would remain in effect if the egg was warded before the float. You can't abandon, trade, or kill the egg while under the effect of float. You could probably fog the egg as that's human ranged magic. This couldn't be used on low-time eggs (below something 2-3 days). BSA has a cooldown of two weeks
  4. I love them all! Can't wait for grow-up time. I'm so happy we're getting more and more pygmies, and this one looks to have a more sharp/dinosaur-ish head, which I'm in love with. Time please pass faster!
  5. I don't support showing the eggs. I like a little bit of randomness added to the game, and I find it exciting when I pick up a red CB frill, or a tan ridgewing. It would also mean pygmies and drake eggs would be much harder to pick up. And to be honest, it would get confusing - a lot of the eggs already look like eachother. I don't want similar descriptions and similar eggs at the same time.
  6. I love the glowback pygmies <3 Just wish the female sprite also showed off more of their back too, it's very pretty. I love the wyverns as well. Wyverns are my favourite so it looks like I have a new one to collect Although I'm a bit confused about their eyes - is it that pure black on their face, or is the glowing bit a part of it? Thanks for your work, TJ and spriters! Lovely release!
  7. Cute! Thanks for the release, excited to see what the little guys grow up into <3
  8. Yeah I guess my only critique is that the female's head region is really bunched up and busy, and it's hard to understand what's going on. Would be a lot better if the second/upper part of the neck twist wasn't there and instead it went straight to the first portal. The male looks so flowy!
  9. The pygmys are adorable. The colours on them are gorgeous too. Great new addition! The wyrms are awesome. I like that they have a more blockish style to them, and they also look crocodilian which I love! The description is also great, not too flowery and gives them good personality. Fantastic release everyone, thanks for your hard work
  10. Got my eggs! Four otherworldly, only three of the pygmys because I have an ice egg I caught before the release. Once these guys hatch I'll mosey on over to the gifting tree and try to help those who can't seem to catch them.
  11. Honestly with what I've seen up to today, this won't be a purchase high on my priority list. GameFreak has had too many gaffs that really aren't acceptable from the most profitable franchise on the planet. Since we went into 3D, I've been waiting and hoping they would fix/update the attack animations for the pokemon. So far, it's still only been limited to bouncing the entire model up and down. The battles are still laggy and that's just with 4-6 active models on-screen at most (2-4 pokemon, 2 trainers). The textures in the most recent addition look like they're from the N64 era. And they already future-proofed the models, but now they're saying it's too much work to bring all the pokemon over. Not to mention, they had ALL the following pokemon models for running and walking for more than a few games now, but they refuse to use them. Then we look at SM/USUM, with the areas that were clearly supposed to be accessible (golf course, the brooklet hill cave), and a lack of dungeons. The series also hasn't ever done DLC and instead push what should be DLC into full-priced new games. I'm so unhappy and sad.
  12. They said they have no plans to do so at the moment. I'm pretty disappointed. Their reasoning is bull too - something about the 'higher-quality animations'. The animations are lazy, not even taking into consideration they're the most profitable franchise in all of history. If they had the return of Stadium-quality animations, I'd be much more happy and ready to tolerate this change. Right now, all they do for attacking animations is move the model up and down slightly. Within the interview with Masuda and Ohmori, it was confirmed that there is currently no decision to bring the existing Pokémon that can't be in Sword & Shield back into the game using patches, but those that don't will still have an active role in Pokémon HOME
  13. 1/5, and had about 3-4 avoids (not horrible). Got a two-headed eastern! I really have to start planning out hatchling deaths beforehand though. https://dragcave.net/lineage/Kdu45
  14. I got a two-headed eastern zombie! I've linked to my zombie group - he's at the bottom. https://dragcave.net/group/32669
  15. I'm personally a little bit disappointed about the Galvanic Wyverns because the hatchling looked more like an alien/more fae-like, and I was really looking forward to that. I think the hatchlings for Galvanic Wyverns are my favourite hatchlings in the game! Beautiful release, thank you everyone!
  16. Gonna be a long wait until they grow up... I want them now! The purple one in particular looks very fairy-esque and I can't wait to see them. Reminds me a bit of the Faerie dragons from Flight Rising, my favourite!
  17. Oh man. I'm IN LOVE with those blue and purple hatchlings. I was lucky that those were the two I got two of!!
  18. Happy birthday! Thanks for being there all these years, and to many more
  19. These are stupendous 😍My favourites are the Coast and Desert!!
  20. On a Saturday instead of Sunday? So glad I decided to stay up working
  21. I'm not against a 2CB per prize dragon limit. That means you can only get 2CB silver tinsel, 2CB gold tinsel, etc. On the other hand, I think increasing the amount of prizes given out would work better.
  22. Blancblacks have unique sprites now too? No way! I'm both happy and sad 😢 Today I had three life revivals (why lol) but I also successfully got a Pygmy Wyrm Zombie! https://dragcave.net/lineage/nYdTO
  23. Oh, thanks for spotting that. Didn't know it cut off lineages.
  24. I picked a dragon where the lineage indicator would have been helpful for me. Its lineage starts at 2. But both of its parents start at 1. So the parents would be gen 11, and their kid is gen 13. I don't understand why we'd want to rush a broken feature out, instead of opting to fix it first. I'm not saying never have it, I'm saying make sure it works as intended, which I think is a reasonable request.
  25. The game is all about lineages and collection - even the site description says it's about lineages. Finding a CB Dragon vs non CB for lineages is helpful. They're "special" in the sense that they're frequently used for starting or continuing lineages and they can't be substituted with a bred dragon. Alternatively, if you're searching for a particular bred dragon, you can safely ignore the CB ones in your search. In terms of brokenness, there's one example fuzzbucket gave that shows the counter starting at -2. That means a 5th generation Dragon would display a 2nd generation marker. There's a dragon on my page where the counter starts at 2, which means if it were a 10th generation Dragon in reality, it would say it's an 11th gen dragon. Hopefully you can see how using a gen marker without fixing the gen counter would be giving out blatantly false information. The opposite of helpful/useful. I also personally think naming or grouping particular lineage projects is much more manageable than naming everything CB, which is why I feel it isn't totally needed. Also you would only ever want to know the lineage of stairsteps or other very nice lineages. A dragon isn't guaranteed to have a nice lineage and most of them don't. It would give out a lot of redundant/unusable info if it were specifically noted for every Dragon imo. I'm not totally against it being implemented, but I think it should be implemented separate to the CB dot, and should definitely only be implemented once the gen counter is correct.