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  1. Please please can we have some kind of indicator for pairs of dragons that aren't very interested in each other? If it's already saved in the database surely there's got to be some way to just italicize the name of the dragon who isn't interested in the mate. I just lost more than half of my breeding chances to pairs that weren't very interested in one another, and keeping track on my end would be complex since they aren't 'exclusive' and the list continues to grow (I'm breeding for name codes).
  2. I don't think it's a stretch to call them an invasive species. They are a non-native species that is extremely detrimental to their non-native environment, persistent in the environment, and cause severe damage/interference to native species. Cats are hardwired to hunt, which is also how they play, and a source of enrichment for them. I specify this because they are wired to hunt and maim, even if they are not hungry - it is not a hunger-related behaviour, which some people seem to think it is ("my cat is well-fed at home, he doesn't kill birds/snakes/mammals/amphibians!) In that sense it is 'for fun'. You exercise that hunting instinct in captivity for the purpose of enrichment.
  3. I knew I recognized the large eggs! Beautiful adults. And omg I think these are my new favourite pygmies. They have such a huge amount of personality, I love the lizard-esque look to their heads
  4. The domestic housecat is an invasive species. It's honestly the worst invasive species worldwide - they're responsible for more extinctions (70+ and counting) than any other animal, bar none. In North America, they kill billions of birds every year (as well as billions of reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals). They kill 5 times more birds than window, car, and windmill collisions do each year. Imagine the bird population like a reservoir of water, and human-caused deaths of birds like holes in the bottom of the tank. Let's say you 100% patch up the 'hole' that is bird-object collisions. Then you look a little to the left, and see a hole 5 times the size of the one you just patched, just gushing water. Yet window collisions are totally fine to work on and get a lot of media attention and money, while cats are almost a taboo subject. I'm not implying that we should stop preventing bird collisions - it's just entirely hypocritical to say we need to prevent bird deaths via collisions while saying that bird death via cats are fine. No native cat species has a density where there will be 100,000+ roaming in a small city, which is the estimate for Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. They are artificially propped up in the environment by people who feed them, let them roam, breed them, and abandon them. They maim and kill for fun, because their brains are wired to reward when hunting. And it's a suffering, drawn-out death via infection, fracture, and puncture wounds that's entirely ecologically useless and unnecessary. http://www.hobbitstee.com/cats.php
  5. Same with Vampires! And we got a whole slew of new Undead Sprites for each body type and stage.
  6. It's like a cockatiel without a lid - I love himb. I was ready for it to go red but I like this surprise even more I think
  7. These are gorgeous I thought the fire wyverns would have different coloured flames, can't wait to see what they are! The blue is beautiful. Edit: The blacks are GORGEOUS! I love how the white versions are actually the alts, and how vicious the base species is - nice piece of lore. And the two colourations have different descriptions, I love it. I'm going to have fun trying to get the black variants Thank you everyone for these beauties!
  8. I really like the BSA Alts. It's more involved than just click, dump it in a hatchery, and done. We have tons of dragons that are click and done, you can always trade or just spend some time working on getting the BSA dragons. It's a mechanic that appeals to some people and not others, and that's fine. It's not game-breaking and there are many workarounds. We've always had alts that take up time and space on your scroll... even Black and Vine alts need to hatch before you know if you have one or not. It doesn't mean that I don't think some of the mechanics don't need tweaking (sucks that a dead egg means a killslot is taken up, I think it would be helpful to protect some of the eggs you don't want affected by EQ since EQ is already a gamble for the eggs you do want to be affected by it), but the amount of vitriol coming from some members is just plain toxic and harmful.
  9. Omg I can't believe I caught this egg... It just can't breed with my other dragon with a similar code 😭😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 When will this EVER happen again??? https://dragcave.net/lineage/THam3 https://dragcave.net/lineage/THAM3
  10. I'd love it if the egg, hatchling, and dragon descriptions were in the encyclopedia. I always expect to find them there and each time I'm disappointed lol. And it saves from going to check the wiki.
  11. It's gotta be something like "Omniscient Wyrm" or something! I'm so excited for both of them! The wyrm egg reminds me of Omen Wyrms, and the two-headed reminds me of a cross between Rift Wyrm and Jester eggs.
  12. Hello, Let's say I want to propose a holiday or event mechanic. Is this something members can propose, and who is it sent to if yes? Thanks!
  13. I didn't see the copper, but I did see the egg with the code hECkD, I want it so bad 😭
  14. Haha I love when this happens. I have some Pygmys whose codes spell out Cat Poo, and I like to think people see it and laugh Just picked this up - what an appropriate code for a Hellfire Wyvern! https://dragcave.net/lineage/iH3LL
  15. I love them!!! I'm so happy to get a drake release and can't wait to see more. Thanks to the spriters for the beautiful new additions, and thanks to the concept creators for adding in more drakes!
  16. Yaaaay, more drakes! I can't wait to see these lovelies.
  17. I had a code that was very similar to Pichu, and I just picked an egg up that's very similar to Raichu! Now I just need a Pikachu... https://dragcave.net/lineage/PcihU https://dragcave.net/lineage/RicuH My two favourite codes on my scroll are the below though. Mixup is a perfect name for a two-headed, and the Garland dragon - it's a perfect palindrome! https://dragcave.net/lineage/MiXuP https://dragcave.net/lineage/LjgjL
  18. You need to have a specific dragon to do a specific BSA. Once you have an adult dragon on your scroll, click on the dragon, go to the "Actions" page and you will see the BSA there. The Red Dragon gives you the BSA Incubate. The Green Dragon gives you the BSA Earthquake The White Dragon gives you the BSA Ward The Magi Dragon gives you the BSA Teleport. You need to have a Cantormaris egg that's been traded to you, and not use any other BSAs on it. The Aeon Wyvern gives you the BSA Precognition
  19. Yeah, I totally get that there is extra lore and flavour in the encyclopedia. This one just very specifically points out that the normal variant, which has two red flowers, should be male, and the alt variant, which has three yellow flowers, should be female. It's not dimorphic as the text suggests.
  20. I've never really cared too much about lineages. A lot of my long lineages are inbred because I find it too difficult to keep track of dragon codes and who needs to be bred to who, and who has what lineage. With all the different Cantormaris and the new Gemshards, I would really like to make some nice lineages with the different colours, but the thought of individually checking and rechecking each dragon to make sure I'm breeding right is overwhelming. So I was wondering, how do you keep track of lineages and plan them out? Wouldn't a spreadsheet just run out of room depending on how large the lineage gets? Any tips, tricks, and best practices you can share? Thanks!
  21. Hi! I was just double-checking to make sure my DG hatchling was an alt, and I saw this was written in the encyclopedia: This is bizarre because you can have male and female alts (3 yellow flowers) and male and female normal (2 red flowers). I'm assuming this is a mistake?
  22. I was breeding my sapphires to abandon for pink again, and noticed that one of the offspring I had the option of keeping had the code Knave! I'm so sad I didn't notice before abandoning her 😒Teaches me to pay more attention! https://dragcave.net/lineage/kNAVE
  23. Do we know if Pennybright Coppers can breed true, or do they need to be bred to an electric-aspect dragon?
  24. I think there's plenty you can do with Drakes. You can have vestigial limbs and stretch proportions if you really want to. And restrictions are what make them unique - unlike the broader dragon category that has no restrictions. Honestly I think one of the problems with Drakes could be partially addressed by reserving a certain proportion of DR for Drake concepts. You can also do a lot of unique lore for them because they're more on par with a trainable animal than a fully sentient species. Selective breeding leading to domestication? If allowed, then yes please. There's a lot that hasn't been explored yet!