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  1. Well, when considering which eggs to keep, I had no choice! https://dragcave.net/lineage/IKEep
  2. The reason why people mass-breed is to change ratios, to give their lineage a greater chance of success at producing the breed they want. The mechanics are the issue and have been for a long time. I don't get why ratios don't just go away and leave it 50/50 for each species when bred.
  3. This is hilarious. I love these dragons!
  4. Ooh, I love the male. The flame patterns are awesome. The female's head is too small relative to the body and the pose is so static (this tends to happen a lot ), so not my fave. Lovely release overall! Thanks to everyone who made Halloween special!
  5. Yeah I've been noticing some other lag. When I click on an egg I see it as owned by me and the action tab etc. I go to lineage, and then I go back, I now have to sometimes refresh in order to see it be owned by me and the actions tab again. Guess it sounds like it's a bigger issue. Still a bummer, hope they're able to work it out without much trouble.
  6. Yeah exactly. There are a bunch of ways to do this without freezing the dragon inside, if that's still the main concern. Although a hatchling also doesn't get to live if I smash its egg or kill it using EQ, or kill it to turn into a zombie, or dies in the process of trying to get a Neglected. So either way there is a useable method that avoids issues and/or is already consistent with the rest of the game. Magic, eggshell collecting, BSA, straight up freezing eggs... It's not up to us to choose which method is used and honestly I don't really care which method is used, I just want to be able to collect all these gorgeous stones Also gives a brand new task for newer and older members alike. Over 200 eggs to collect, not even counting each stage of hatching if those happen to be available too! And if they were available, it'd be kinda fun to try and freeze the egg at the right moment. It seems like a natural next step for the game.
  7. Hi! I grabbed a Kohraki hatchling form the AP. I got to the successful grab page (pictured). When I clicked on the hatchling it was a wild adult dragon instead. Shouldn't it be owned by me?
  8. I think I remember there being some discussion on morality, but honestly we can kill hatchlings and full-grown dragons, smash eggs, neglect eggs, try to force them from their egg prematurely, have them be bit by vampires... and get rewarded for doing so. Egg freezing is nothing.
  9. Does TJ actually shoot the idea down, or do the threads just die out with no response? I'm fine with any way to implement frozen eggs. We aren't the ones who have to decide the final mechanics for implementing the frozen eggs, that's up to TJ and other admins. I just want some way to collect eggs, even if it's just uncracked ones. I wish the idea would either be confirmed or put to rest already!
  10. I'd like this. I ran into this problem when I incubated my eggs before influencing them, only to find out I couldn't influence them because they were too low on time after the incubate! Oops. For gameplay purposes I don't see why 3 days is the limit for pinks, I support just removing the limit all together.
  11. Oh, the hatchlings in TJ's post are orange, but on dragcave they're blue! Wonder if it's an old sprite? Excited to see what these hatchies turn into!
  12. Oh, I love how we can collect Treats from previous years. I missed out on a lot of them because I couldn't check that frequently - now with COVID, I can Loved the game. Found some parts confusing (I had to look up the "doors" method because Avery made me think there was a puzzle to be solved, which was a bit annoying). The tile one, I just looked up because I didn't want to spend the time lol. But honestly this site is one of the most festive parts of my life and I love it! Thanks for all of your hard work and care, it makes my life a bit brighter
  13. Oh, both of these are GORGEOUS 😍Can't wait to start collecting them!!!! Thank you to everyone for the amazing lovely release!
  14. Yeah exactly. If it is meant to go down the back, then we should see it joining from the other side too. As is, it just looks like a very bizarre mistake.
  15. I noticed the same thing. It should go down the side, under the smaller wings. I like the species but it definitely looks weird! Wonder why it didn't get caught pre-release?
  16. Gorgeous! Have 3 of each, just need one more of each then bed... Very excited!
  17. No, I didn't know that. It would be nice if keywords were posted somewhere, this is the first time I've heard of it. Honestly I don't really know why we don't have the search filter on the breeding page yet. We already have it on the BSA pages.
  18. I love both of these so much 😍I remember the discussions about the drake's mouth colouring in DR! Love love love. And the Elux is just stunning. Two new ones to hoard! Thank you to everyone!!
  19. Is there a guide for maximizing revive chances for the 31st? I'm assuming killing the max amount of adult dragons 14 days before the 31st, so you can try to revive that batch and then kill five more on the 31st, but how do the eggs and hatchling death timings work out?
  20. How do we get the brown Xol egg unlocked? I bred a Xol, incubated it without visiting the egg's page, and then clicked on the now-brown egg, but it's still a shadow for me.
  21. Got my two Staterae from the market! Caught my other 2nd egg of each. Thank god for the Market! And thanks for the release, everyone. I love Xenowyrms, they're probably my favourite bunch on dragcave and you did such an amazing job with the new ones as well. Can't wait to breed!
  22. I've been hunting pretty intensely over the past few days, seen a ton of Mana eggs at most 5 minute drops, but since they've been mixed in I haven't been able to catch a single one! So so so frustrating! Arg!