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  1. Hello, Let's say I want to propose a holiday or event mechanic. Is this something members can propose, and who is it sent to if yes? Thanks!
  2. I didn't see the copper, but I did see the egg with the code hECkD, I want it so bad 😭
  3. Haha I love when this happens. I have some Pygmys whose codes spell out Cat Poo, and I like to think people see it and laugh Just picked this up - what an appropriate code for a Hellfire Wyvern! https://dragcave.net/lineage/iH3LL
  4. I love them!!! I'm so happy to get a drake release and can't wait to see more. Thanks to the spriters for the beautiful new additions, and thanks to the concept creators for adding in more drakes!
  5. Yaaaay, more drakes! I can't wait to see these lovelies.
  6. I had a code that was very similar to Pichu, and I just picked an egg up that's very similar to Raichu! Now I just need a Pikachu... https://dragcave.net/lineage/PcihU https://dragcave.net/lineage/RicuH My two favourite codes on my scroll are the below though. Mixup is a perfect name for a two-headed, and the Garland dragon - it's a perfect palindrome! https://dragcave.net/lineage/MiXuP https://dragcave.net/lineage/LjgjL
  7. You need to have a specific dragon to do a specific BSA. Once you have an adult dragon on your scroll, click on the dragon, go to the "Actions" page and you will see the BSA there. The Red Dragon gives you the BSA Incubate. The Green Dragon gives you the BSA Earthquake The White Dragon gives you the BSA Ward The Magi Dragon gives you the BSA Teleport. You need to have a Cantormaris egg that's been traded to you, and not use any other BSAs on it. The Aeon Wyvern gives you the BSA Precognition
  8. Yeah, I totally get that there is extra lore and flavour in the encyclopedia. This one just very specifically points out that the normal variant, which has two red flowers, should be male, and the alt variant, which has three yellow flowers, should be female. It's not dimorphic as the text suggests.
  9. I've never really cared too much about lineages. A lot of my long lineages are inbred because I find it too difficult to keep track of dragon codes and who needs to be bred to who, and who has what lineage. With all the different Cantormaris and the new Gemshards, I would really like to make some nice lineages with the different colours, but the thought of individually checking and rechecking each dragon to make sure I'm breeding right is overwhelming. So I was wondering, how do you keep track of lineages and plan them out? Wouldn't a spreadsheet just run out of room d
  10. Hi! I was just double-checking to make sure my DG hatchling was an alt, and I saw this was written in the encyclopedia: This is bizarre because you can have male and female alts (3 yellow flowers) and male and female normal (2 red flowers). I'm assuming this is a mistake?
  11. I was breeding my sapphires to abandon for pink again, and noticed that one of the offspring I had the option of keeping had the code Knave! I'm so sad I didn't notice before abandoning her 😢Teaches me to pay more attention! https://dragcave.net/lineage/kNAVE
  12. Do we know if Pennybright Coppers can breed true, or do they need to be bred to an electric-aspect dragon?
  13. I think there's plenty you can do with Drakes. You can have vestigial limbs and stretch proportions if you really want to. And restrictions are what make them unique - unlike the broader dragon category that has no restrictions. Honestly I think one of the problems with Drakes could be partially addressed by reserving a certain proportion of DR for Drake concepts. You can also do a lot of unique lore for them because they're more on par with a trainable animal than a fully sentient species. Selective breeding leading to domestication? If allowed, then yes please. There's a lot that hasn't been
  14. Undead Two-Headed Amphithere adult (from Magnesium dragon): https://dragcave.net/lineage/4PBax All my zombies: https://dragcave.net/group/32669
  15. Here's my bday group: https://dragcave.net/group/163180
  16. I used this autorefresher http://dc-auto-refresher.herokuapp.com/ I used this autorefresher http://dc-auto-refresher.herokuapp.com/
  17. Initially I thought it would be an egg hatching at a low time with low views (to counter the 'lots of views/attention'), so I fogged the second Sapphire I got when the release first started. At the end of the day, this is one sprite. It isn't a gamebreaker and I enjoy having a challenge. It would be a bonus to have a 'solo' way of obtaining the Pink Sapphires though, even if difficult. Are we gonna get some lore as to how/why they change colour? That's what I'm most excited about!
  18. The easy way to get 4000 OVs is to use a dragcave auto-refresher. Super fast, easy to control, and guaranteed. Just be careful about sickness.
  19. How do you get so many OVs in this amount of time, with so few UVs? I have an egg that's sitting at 1.7k OV and 600 UV, almost at the hatching point. Tell me your secrets!
  20. Honestly I think this was always warranted, because there's no other BSA that can affect all of your eggs at once. Being able to save/shield certain eggs has always been needed to make EQ more useable. Now we're just in the situation where there's an in-game reason to risk it as-is.
  21. Exactly - pink sapphire availability is 100% dependent on how many people take the time to breed and abandon their sapphires. If everyone put out a little bit of effort, we'd have a ton of pink sapphires in the AP! I've bred about half of mine so far. I don't want to see people complaining about how hard they are to get when they haven't taken the time to breed their own sapphires (and encourage others to breed)!
  22. Gotta say, I haven't had this much fun hunting the AP in a looong time! I'd be happy to try and catch some Pink Sapphs for anyone who has slower internet.
  23. I love the name Pennybrights! I think an update to Rainbow eggs might be helpful. I see the adults as quite distinct from one another, although it may take some learning to distinguish them when they aren't side-by-side. I think it's a really cool mechanic and I actually really love the Pennybright adults.
  24. Wowowow, every single one of these are gorgeous The white Cantor is an instant hoard - I love the pastel rainbow colours. And those chubby Florets - the male sprite is simply stunning. The hybrids are lovely too. The posing and the colours are ❤️ The female Royal hybrid is my favourite - the wings are massive! And the silver on the face is beautiful. After seeing the inspiration behind the Gemshard changes, I can appreciate the changes a bit more. The new colours are beautiful and I can't wait to see what lineages come out of it. I do like the new copper ad