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  1. New Egg Form Dragon Breeder: orderedchaos Team of Breeder: Flame Generation of Egg: 9th Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/gnI8V Transferring or Keeping: keeping
  2. Transfer Form Sender: ytak Team of Sender: DarkViolet Receiver: orderedchaos Team of Receiver: Flame Generation of Egg: 8th Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Ym4F1 *squee* Yay for finally moving forward with this project.
  3. New Egg Form Dragon Breeder: orderedchaos Team of Breeder: Flame Generation of Egg: 8th Lineage URL of Egg: http://dragcave.net/lineage/WJ9qs Transferring or Keeping: transferring to ytak (sent them a teleport link)
  4. You know, if you have a problem with certain flowers you can always block that image with an adblocker. I just tested it and it works. So if you don't like, say blue flowers, you can go through the flowers and block each blue one. That way you never see them in your vase. I figure this can help out those who don't like certain flowers until some official thing is implemented.
  5. Sent a PM/link to Ritsuka_Minase and am waiting for a response.
  6. *waves* Team Flame here. I'm still interested in this project and check in to the forum almost daily.
  7. Gift Report: orderedchaos -> Karameluthien: silver Metallic: http://dragcave.net/lineage/LC8S5 Went glomping this morning. I think I could hear the squee of joy over the internet. *silly silver lists being all empty*
  8. Gift Report: Lyricmaniac -> orderedchaos: Breed egg Metallic received: http://dragcave.net/lineage/vicTO
  9. It appears that one of my eggs is being stupidly sensitive and got sick. I've pmed a mod about the fogged egg but figured I'd post here as well for good measure. You can remove me from the list if you want. I'll reapply when the egg stops being sick.
  10. Forum ID: orderedchaos Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/orderedchaos PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=61353 Proof that I read the rules: shiny happy people
  11. *squee*!!! That is just too cute for words. Oh, natural world, you continue to surprise and delight.
  12. I've played D&D a few times, mostly 2nd edition and 3.5. Never tried 4th edition. 2nd edition has some of the most fleshed out worlds/settings out of any RPG system that I've played. *<3 Planescape and Forgotten Realms* I have a weak spot for multiclass fighter mages. I've also played a wide variety of other systems as well (Call of Cthulhu, Deadlands, Savage Worlds, ect). There are a number of awesome systems out there and not all of them in the fantasy realm.
  13. That is fantastic. I love things like that. Reminds me of when I was in Physics club and the physics open houses we would have, except we had more freezing things in liquid Nitrogen as opposed to melting things in water. *passes it along to my old physics professor* edit: silly typos
  14. Haha, even though you can hit "escape" and totally skip those cut-scenes and that they are no worse (actually a whole lot less worse) than most "romantic comedy" movies you could go and see. I've never really thought about what I can't have. Not because of money but because I'm entertained and quite happy with simple/inexpensive things. If I have to pick something then it would probably be a good job. One that I could easily get to and do without feeling like I'm wasting my life doing it.
  15. Currently playing a mix of Dragon Age (again, I got the ultimate edition for myself for xmas) and Zen Bound 2. You gotta love finding new games through Steam sales. <3
  16. I had a couple of "good" fails recently. Both of these are from Diablo 2. Fail the first: Killed Baal in normal difficulty, then spent a bunch of time leveling up so I could move my character to Nightmare difficulty. I get up to about level 37 and switch to Nightmare. I wander around the Blood Plains (first area of the game) and get killed by a unique Quill Rat. At least I didn't get killed by a Fallen. >.< Fail the second: Was doing Cow runs (in single player), this was to level my character for the above Nightmare difficulty. The red portal spits me out right next to the
  17. Blah, half the month gone and I haven't felt any inspiration or urge to write. All my ideas flew out the window too. This doesn't bode well for me actually finishing this year. :-/
  18. Trine Just beat the Tower of Serak level, now I just need to beat the DLC level. I'm really not good at the "you have to keep moving or get nommed by lava" types of levels, so this might take a while.
  19. Supernovas do not create new matter, they create and disperse the heavier elements by fusing lighter elements together. (H into He, He into C, C into O, ect. ect.) New matter is not being created, its more like old protons and neutrons are being rearranged. @Rhea Age of celestial objects is determined by how many light years it took to get to us. The larger the time in light years, in the case of the article over 13 billion, the sooner after the Big Bang it formed. Also, things that formed that long ago were primarily made out of Hydrogen and Helium. The heavier elements hadn't be
  20. orderedchaos


    I'm also a fan of Lovecraft. Been working my way through my copy of the Necronomicon (big compilation of his stories) lately. Even though they were written so many years ago, his stories can still send a chill down my spine and keep me up at night. There is also an awesome board game that is based on the mythos, Arkham Horror. I'd recommend it to any Lovecraft fan.
  21. <3 That is one of the reasons why I love astrophysics. As for aliens. Considering the size of the known universe there is probably life out there. Possibly intelligent life. However, considering the size of the universe and physics as we understand it, I do not think that reports of flying saucers and such is credible. Any intelligent life would have to travel faster than the speed of light in order to reach us. And as we understand things, this is an impossibility. Perhaps more advanced alien life has found a way around that limitation, but I highly doubt it.
  22. Ooh, Rebels. I was more thinking outlining in October. Otherwise November will get here and I'll be stuck with massive writers block.
  23. I've always wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo but never got around to it, usually cause I was too busy with school. But this year with no school to worry about I've gone and signed up. http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/668223 I may start on my novel before November gets here, just cause I have a vague idea floating about in my head and don't want to loose it.