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    I'm accepting breeding requests. Please note:
    * dragons with a 'K' in their name have a messy lineage
    * I will breed anything with everything but refusuals between dragons may occure!
    * if you do not like inbreeding be carefull when requesting a sunsong, many of them are inbred
    * I'm fine with freezing, but do not kill the eggs
    * If you like to give somtething in return I will be happy to accept it, but a return gift is not necessary!

    - in serach of a 4th even gen female silver shimmer (or silver tinsel)
    - metals (gold, silver, tinsel) with nice and/or short lineages are always welcome
    - shimmerkins that are descendands from Seaglory of christmas :) I just like the idea ;)
    - I really like the sprites of: blusang, tsunami, blunas, embers, moonstones, nebulas, roayl blues, swallowtails and tri-horns (nice lineages)
    - searching for 2nd gen silvers with valentine parent (and higher gens as checker with valentines)
    - I like halloween dragons :) (all of them) and common mates with halloween dragons as parents (want to make a checker)
    - BSA hatchies
    - Dinos, cheese dragons, paper dragons and chickens