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  1. Ok so it is totally worth continueing to watch? Lol I know I loved the pokemon the abridged series. Maybe this one will becaome "podcast" worthy to me too! ((I got jumped))
  2. I just started episode one out of curiousity. Do they get better? I mean, it's good but I'm not altogether impressed but it's only episode one. So, does it progressivley get funnier? -Please don't jump me!!- lol
  3. Anatomy...in my opinion his head is too small. There is no muscles definition, the shoulderblades are too exxagerated and his hips are misaligned. That's just what I see...I'm in a rush so sorry if it is a bit blunt. His neck as well. The way you have it seems like it's on profile veiw but where the neck meets the chest is at a 1/3 veiw.
  4. Ahh man ...Sonic!!! I played that newer one for the PS3. Not the one were he becomes a werehog but the other and ...>.< AHHHH!!! Ugh...it was awful!!
  5. ...hmm...Well From a hardcore gamer point of veiw, the Godzilla video games were pretty bad. I did like them as a novelty, though.
  6. I don't have a working scanner so I've been using sketch icons I find on google images...so the size is pre chosen...but I don't know whether you mean it is too small or too big cuz any smaller and steggys head might dissapear. The shading really did turn out bad...orgiginally it wasn't bad bu I went and put a way lighter tone in for hightligting...it was a failed expiriment. If you would,sexton, since you are nice enough to critique my work can you either look back at some of my others and tell me how I did or visit my DA and critique them? Here's my DA: http://parakeetpunk.deviantart.com/profile/
  7. Critique me please? I already know i forgot his head jewel...my computer is wacked so if the first went through ill check again and delete it. edit; ummm dratini belongs to the pokemon company and nintendo...and this is my own design... edit: I did anpother using a sketch i found on the web. Here's the sketch. http://talonr.tripod.com/torana/art18.jpg I used it as a launching pad to do this:
  8. I have a featherchild(because pet is an inderstatment and derogatory term IMO). He is a cockatiel named honey and I have done MASSIVE amount of research on exotic birds. There are lots of misconceptions about birds as well. Many people think they will be awsome" pets" but the fact that they are as smart as a human child eludes them. They are often rehomed or abandoned because people fail to relize the work that they require and the attention and that if they are not handled correctly can develop behavioral problems. As for your rat friend, I have to admit it is not my ideal choice of pet, primarily because of an irrational fear of rodents. Don't feel to bad though because I cower in front of bunnies...so it I indeed an IRRATIONAL fear and not because I think they're gross. Acually I here rats are extrememly intelligent and can even be trained to come when they are called. Edit: I also have 1 dog 2 cats a leopard guecko a plec-something catfish thing...and our tarantula just passed away...