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  1. Either they're dimorphic, or they are not dimorphic but have alts. The Nebula color alts don't appear until s2 hatchies, so that's a possibility -- but I am hoping that it's just dimorphism. Alts can be such a pain, especially when you need to wait so long to find out what you got.
  2. The downy hatchlings look like little dodos to me. Super cute, very excited to see how they turn out. Have people started guessing at names yet? The hybrids are between Canopies and Carmines, while the Alpine/Desert eggs fall between Imperial Fleshcrownes and Kingcrownes.
  3. I have been watching a lot of Georg Rockall-Schmidt lately. He has some really great points about television and media in general. I especially like the videos he's done about The Human Centipede.
  4. Oh no, on a Monday ): Thank you though
  5. How would that work with someone who summons while they own more than 6 viable Sinos?
  6. I think it's likely that summoning adults was a compromise to balance GoN egg summoning: instead of having a very low chance to get an egg, you have a guaranteed chance of getting an adult and just have to hope the gender is right. That would be my guess as to "why". I'm personally indifferent on the mechanic itself.
  7. https://forums.dragcave.net/staff has a list of all of the mods and their sections, though it doesn't get into specific subforums.
  8. I believe this was, in part, the reasoning behind posting in the Unreasonable Demands thread instead of making a complaint on the thread itself -- because they were aware that the demand was unreasonable, and did not actually expect anyone to comply with it.
  9. It'd be nice to have a more distinct way to visually separate DC drakes, but I think a smaller sprite size would be too limiting. While you could introduce different size limitations as a new standard and have everything that came before it remain an outlier, in my opinion there are too many small non-drake sprites for it to work very well at differentiating the subtypes at a glance.
  10. @Ruby Eyes I don't think there's a particularly strong reason for Halloweens having different limits than the other holidays, and the lack of Halloween limits presents an obstacle for any chance of rereleasing holidays fairly. I think it would be more reasonable to add limits to Halloweens instead of removing limits from Xmas/Valentine's (though I'd definitely be in favor of having higher limits than just 2). But I understand that it's not reasonable to add limits at this point due to the current IOU economy and it otherwise just being unfair to introduce them so late.
  11. Limits on CB Halloween dragons.
  12. Thank you Yhme for this baby! Code pairs are always lovely. Another code pair find from Yhme -- thank you! And a third -- not a code pair, but nice Grave x Spessartine checker -- thank you again.
  13. Sundew

    2017-08-20 - Site Update

    Thanks for the update, all good tweaks.
  14. Mostly neutral, least in favor of pygmies unless they followed the Pumpkin example of having full sized sprites. I would be a little worried about the pygmy size limiting the amount of detail, which is okay for normal releases but might be disappointing for these special events. That said it's also totally possible that the artists could find their way around it and have a normal pygmy holiday sprite. I'd personally prefer to have a larger breeding pool of normal 2-headeds/pygmies/drakes before we see holidays introduced. Edit: If the art and concept are on par with other holidays, then the dragon being non-standard should not be the only reason they are not released, IMO.
  15. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. I've finished collecting achievements for DR1 and 2, so this is the only one left. It's also my least favorite, but I'm still enjoying the replay more than I expected. Really looking forward to V3 coming out next month.
  16. Go to Account Settings --> Signature. Forum links that were added to your signature before the update will not work anymore, and will need to be updated.
  17. Adding onto what fuzz said, you can see a list of the current staff here: https://forums.dragcave.net/staff That list also specifies which moderators are in charge of which sections, so you should be able to find more specific help that way.
  18. LF anyone who is willing to redraw this image: in their own style, on a square canvas for avatar use. Can be colored (colored sprite for reference) or left black and white. For payment I can breed/catch and hatch up to 10 commons or uncommons. PM if interested, please!
  19. New ACC dragon(s) T0m0D or not t0 m0D
  20. Thanks very much to Terces for this 4g silver x tri-horn checker!
  21. You may have better luck asking in one of these threads about questionable rejects: From what I know, description mods usually keep an eye on those threads, but may not see your post here.
  22. And it will remain so until there are fewer than 100 open topics. The announcement about this can be found here:
  23. BrutalMoose is easily my favorite game reviewer.
  24. Just got "Ultimate Baseball Star" for IeONn! Most of the Ultimate titles I've tried have been taken, so this was a nice surprise. ❤︎ (Thank you very much to Shadowdrake for giving away the egg!)
  25. Think it'd make sense for Warded eggs to carry over if the egg hatched while sick, but otherwise Warding hatchlings doesn't sound too useful -- they are much harder to kill, generally.