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  1. I analyzed my story, one chapter at a time (only three chapters typed up though). Apparently I write like H. G. Wells . . . Who the heck is that? Also Margaret Atwood (still don't know who that is) and Margaret Atwood (got her twice). For a poem of mine, I write like David Foster Wallace.
  2. Sundew

    Kävik the Wolf Dog

    Oh gawd, you have to read this. I don't even like dogs, and I loved it. Kävik is a story about a wolf-dog mix who wins the North American sled race, then gets sold to George Hunter. The plane crashes and Kävik is wounded. Andy finds him and takes him to a doctor, but his chances are less than fifty-fifty. It appears that Kävik makes a full recovery . . . until you look closer. x3 This is the best book I've read for any dog-lover. What are some other good dog books, and which ones have you read? I've read: Marley and Me Kävik the Wolf Dog The Art of Racing in the Rain Shiloh Saving Shiloh
  3. I liked the Eragon series and Dragon Rider - reread them multiple times.
  4. If You're Reading This it's Too Late - there's a sound prism, and only Cass can use it, apparently. Then two other people hear it. >.< Also, in a novel called Nurk. . . . A shrew can fit inside a snail shell. But then, Nurk is pretty wild, so I take it seriously. There are others I've read, but that's all I can think of at the moment.
  5. Sundew

    The saddest books

    I cried when I read Marley and Me . . . cried three times. But the saddest I've read is probably The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. It's a story about a suicidal dog. And guess what? He dies. <.<
  6. 6 chapters into writing my own story . . . 22 handwritten pages. When I get to a mini-climax, POOF, there's five pages, but otherwise, progress is usually slow.
  7. Ooh! This looks like tedious fun! Cream cheese enchilada, I wanna join the watchers!
  8. Collector, I want one of each gender and three frozen hatchlings - un-gendered, male and female. I do breed occasionally but only so I can improve my collection. To be honest, I don't care if they're inbred or cave-born or Dorkface or whatever.
  9. WEBBED! The feathered are okay, but from my view, a dragon just isn't a dragon without webbed wings. X3
  10. I can't breed Stripes or Blacks either, but the rest of mine are doing okay. . . .
  11. I don't think I can take this pledge, but I think it's a great idea, so I'll support it. <.<
  12. When you abandon one or release it or whatever, doesn't it say something like "You cross off the dragon's information from your scroll and leave it to survive on its own." Soo, why doesn't my scroll have like 20 crossed-off dragons? Also, you're drawing all the dragons, right? At least, the writing your descriptions and all that leads you to believe so. But then, why is EVERY OTHER DRAGON OF THE SAME SPECIES the same exact sprite? And, if you're written them, then wow. . . . I have amazing handwriting. o.o And the views/clicks. How do you 'click' an egg? And, do hundreds or even thousands of random people line up at the entrance of your cave/scroll/whatever and look at them, then walk away?
  13. :3 I don't have many that are funny, but some I thought were cool(ish): •Cabs - Balloon •0YFu - Deep sea •8F1N (you know, like FIN) - Gray •Ikii - Magi •RuNu - Neotropical •bbMd (I don't know why I like that one <.<) - Skywing
  14. I only use Daily Dragon Fix. I can only use the computer every other day, though, so it's a pain to have to keep adding them and they hatch slowly. When my hatchlings are nearly matured I remove them from DDF and put them up on like ten other hatcheries.
  15. The third is good, but I like the first best. It has a nice ending, but I wasn't quite satisfied. It's worth your time reading it, though.
  16. Why do you read? Enjoyment, escape, ideas, improving something in yourself, nothing better to do? I read for the love of it. Sometimes I have nothing else to do, but reading has really improved my grades and writing skills. I write better than my uncle now. I can't believe I used to hate reading when I was little. Do the non-content things matter to you? Cover, title, blurbs, summary, outside information, formatting, author's outside affiliations/statements (ex, the author is a homophobe or a rabid [insert political group] or likes trashing other people.. do you care)? I ignore the cover art, but to me, the title means a lot. Good title=Good author. The summary is important too. I don't really pay attention to the author's activities, though. Not unless I really love the book. Do you judge books as a whole, or can one very great aspect (ex, characterization, style, plot, ending, idea) outweigh s[...] in all the other areas? I judge books in pieces. For example, in The Hollow Bettle, #1 in The Poisons of Caux, is overly description and, at times, downright boring, but the plot is intense, original, and amazing. Do you like/hate certain kinds of characters, personalities, plots, adventures, writing styles, or settings? (Elaborate, please? @_@) I hate the perfect character. Good looks, perfect actions, etc. Everyone makes mistakes! Some authors don't realize that. How quickly within a book do you make a decision? Can you dislike a novel that you have never read, but have seen synopses/reviews of? I usually read reviews. If there's just one review of a book, I read the summary. Summary as in facts. What happened in the book, not someone's opinion. Some plots are better than others, and I judge the plot often from the summary or review. Is there anything in a review/synopsis that automatically makes you want to try/never want to try a novel? I hate fairy tales and books about completely unrealistic stuff. I don't usually judge the book by a review; after all, it's just one person's opinion. I have a mind that I can use myself. Do you have a favorite fiction genre? If so, why is it your favorite? Do you read widely outside it? I LOVE science-fiction. At least, the good books. I read all genres, from fantasy to reality, and I love most of it. But science-fiction is one of my favorites because there are so many amazing ideas, and I love knowing that what's fantasy in the book might someday become reality. Do you recommend any book you love to anyone, or do you try to recommend books you think the other person is more suited to? I recommend any book I love. I'm not going to go digging among thousands of novels to find one that suits my friend. If they don't like my recommendation, they don't have to read it.
  17. TOTALLY Scourge. I read the Manga about him (the Rise of Scourge) and I totally fell in love. Mostly because he's evil, but also because he was given a chance. He could've grown into a good cat, but he didn't. Which is why I like him. I don't like Brokenstar because when he was described as a fighter as a kit, it was obvious he was going to be evil. He had no chance. Scourge actually had a chance.
  18. Sundew


    I read the first one. It is SO good, but when I got the second, I was bored. I quit reading them. I'll probably try them again in a few months, a year at the most. . . .
  19. I've tried to write like 10 novels, mostly about my dreams. But, you know dreams, their plots are too crazy and you forget them almost instantly. I'm currently trying to write one about some rats, but I probably won't finished even the fifth chapter.
  20. I quit reading them a while ago. Too be honest I'm sick of Erin Hunter. 1. Firestar. I agree with Dracoers that he's too perfect. And I hate how the books focus on him one series, then almost ignore him the next. I suppose it's the authors' fault, but I still hate Firestar. Also, he's only a warrior for like two chapters. So UNrealistic. 2. Brokenstar. I love/hate him. It was so obvious he was going to be evil from the start. Erin Hunter have him absolutely NO chance. Of course, I love evil things, so I suppose he doesn't deserve to be #2 on my list. Oh well. 3. Squirrelflight. No one as annoying as her turns into a lovable mother the second she becomes an adult. 4. That kittypet, Princess. She's involved in like, nothing. She hardly affects the storyline. She is pointless. And she's nearly as perfect as Firestar, totally lovable and nice enough to give away her firstborn kit. Ha! That's not nice. That's savage. No reasonable person (or cat) would give away their kid (kit) so suddenly. 5. Bluestar. And probably about all the other ThunderClan leaders. They are SO perfect, while ShadowClan and RiverClan are almost evil. Making you ThunderClan doesn't make you good; Tigerstar's enough of an example of that.
  21. I love the books. I got so into it I made a whole poster about Morse Code.
  22. I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend.