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  1. I love the Khusas. Hoping they pair well with some of my other favorite dragons. Thank you Infinis, Playdoh and PieMaster for this release.
  2. New ACC dragon(s) It almost feels like an insult to the nice lineage to name it this way, but: VERY f4Stk incredible hihg speed WoeIf You were to Perish I'm a black XjC0P CANyaRAP bBig bBad bWUIf Is h3OuT -- get him out Death by SnuSn8Uv NYHas A Problem Ad LIilb h33SYfit
  3. My dodo eggs are hatching now so I have plenty of space now to breed more hybrids. I'm very grateful now that I used both Nebulas and Ridgewings in recent lineage projects, even if it means I mostly only have one pairing (purple Ridgewing and red Nebula) to choose from. This has been a really nice release so far.
  4. Was only able to access from mobile until now, but I really like the little changes to the forum appearance. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  5. I am a little skeptical of how useful an incognito skin would be for work while you have colorful pictures of dragons on the screen, but I don't have any actual reason to be against this. I don't think having a night mode for the simple skin would be necessary, though, since we already have a few dark skins and it seems best to limit the number of themes. There are some browser extensions that can invert text/background colors for that purpose.
  6. That works for male/female, but still no way to precog for ungendered NDs.
  7. Two big things you need to remember: The hybrids we get are based off of dragon concepts submitted by people here. If you're interested in a more complicated hybrid, you'd do well to create a topic about it. Unfortunately, the Dragon Requests subforum is currently closed, but you are welcome to work on dragon concepts in private. Users have to find out hybrid combinations on their own. When new hybrids are released, TJ doesn't tell us what the parents are. We have to guess and check. It's not reasonable to expect the userbase to be able to figure out day/night, moon phase, etc when we already have 100+ breeds to sort through to figure out what the right combination is. (Edit: After further thought I think it'd be okay to have something like this, and could be cool.) Additionally: Golds and Silvers are still incredibly rare, perhaps moreso now than they used to be. As with Holidays, many users don't have them. Also keep in mind that many users care a lot about lineages, and will be aiming to breed only CB dragons in order to get their first hybrids. Most people do not have CB Golds/Silvers and are missing a few CB holidays. Releasing a Gold/Silver or holiday hybrid would severely limit people's breeding and lineage possibilities.
  8. My first thought when I saw that Sinos were adults was that finishing goals would be easier, since there were no hatchlings to collect. It's important to keep player goals in mind, but they shouldn't be a reason to prevent new features and ideas from being used.
  9. An example would be useful, yeah. There are a few signature banners floating around with different pixel fonts.
  10. Yes, from Ridgewing x Nebula.
  11. They were in DR awhile ago, so yes!
  12. 4CutJ -- a potential mate for icuT0 drUpE CbHoG -- neither caveborn nor a hog
  13. Text on the view page would be sufficient. Ideally, I'd also like to see the sex of an egg from the Precog/Influence menus.
  14. A single color word sounds like a fine solution to me. Helps distinguish the eggs but still keeps it similar enough to punish impulse clicks.
  15. "Code" to "ID" will take some getting used to, but I actually think it makes more sense and would be cool to see become part of our regular terminology. I'm in favor of keeping it the same.
  16. I've had all 3 GoNs for awhile, and as such I often have trouble remembering just how frustrating it was, and how long it took, to get them all. I wouldn't be surprised if other long-time members had forgotten as well. Instead of a limit of 3 and a low chance of success, we are given no limits and guaranteed success. In exchange we also lose the ability to determine gender. So, personally, I see Sinomorphs as a way to bring back a GoN-like challenge for older members. Now, with that said -- It's absolutely already a challenge to gather Sinomorphs. Collecting 6 of an uncommon breed over and over again isn't much fun, especially if you aren't a fan of the breed in the first place. Being forced to collect 6 over and over again in order to meet your scroll goals is a bit ridiculous. There are people who've collected 8+ Sinomorphs of a single gender -- that's 42 Zyumorphs! For anyone willing to put that much time into collecting Sinos, that seems unreasonably punishing. It's impossible to maintain the GoN-like difficulty while taking away the ability to choose gender -- the lack of a choice is what gives it that difficulty in the first place. With GoNs, you are not technically forced to collect more than 3 Trios in order to summon all of your allotted GoNs. With Sinos, there is no telling how many Zyus you'll need before you can get a Sino of each gender. So I think some sort of compromise is needed, for sure. I'm not sure if a pop-up would be the best way to allow members to choose a Sino''s gender, but if that's the only available option, I'll take it.
  17. Sundew

    Breed of Dragons..

    Keep in mind that Celestials cannot breed as frequently as regular dragons because of the Corporealize action. (Normal dragons have a 7 day cooldown in between each breeding, but Corporealize has a month long cooldown.) But in exchange for the wait, you can get up to 4 eggs from one breeding.
  18. I know, but I think it would be useful to be able to see from the menu too.
  19. @11th That's true, but the menu doesn't show whether the egg has been Influenced to be male or female, which is the important part.
  20. Precog and Influence would definitely be useful. Stun, Ward, and Incubate don't seem too necessary to me, since you can see which eggs have already been affected by opening the menu for the BSA. Ward also has a string of text for the /view/ page, and Incubate and Stun visibly affect the timer.
  21. OH I REMEMBER THESE NOW -- the hybrids! Dang, can't say I ever actually expected to see them released! Of course, happy to see them! So cool how the Nebula patterns play across the Ridgewing wing shape in the s2 male.
  22. Sundew

    My Art

    These all look really nice! Hope we can see more from you. Your shading on Muiredach is really nicely done, and I love the sketchy line work on the web comic piece.
  23. Oh, that's true. I hadn't even considered that.
  24. I had originally thought of my scroll as a self-insert, with one human living in a small shack with a few friendly dragons, while the rest of the clan went about their own business on an island. Eventually I realized that one island could not possibly have enough space to encompass 1000+ dragons, many of them territorial, many of them enormous, and all of them living in different environments -- and I was getting a bit tired of finding ways for dragons to get along with my underdeveloped blank slate of a scrollkeeper. So that idea went out the window. I've played around with different ideas since then, but have failed to come up with any sort of cohesive lore to tie my dragons together. While it'd be nice to find something that worked as a story and also managed to implement my gameplay actions, I think that'd be far too limiting and probably just wouldn't make sense in the end. I figure less than half of the dragons I own would actually be canon in whatever story I could come up with nowadays.
  25. This is correct: if he has 4 eggs, we should only be seeing 2 different adult sprites.