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  1. I really liked the Caligene and Desipis hatchlings, but the sprites were a little too complex for me, and I thought a simpler one might look better for fancy dress-up. Had trouble choosing between the Cavern Lurker and Pumpkin after that, but went with the Pumpkin.
  2. !!! Wow what a great Halloween! I'm now very grateful that I don't have any lineages to focus on so that I can spend time just getting the rereleases. Thank you! The dress-up hatchlings and outfits are super cute, too, and I'm happy for a low-key event. I went with the Pumpkin but it was super tough to choose.
  3. Thank you wbmorgan for 4g gold Lunar Herald x Striped River -- a very unexpected but really really nice pairing.
  4. Made it to 6g -- the farthest I plan to go with this pairing.
  5. I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/Link: Hallow's Targaryen Gender: female Parents: Jace and Clary Generation: 5 Scroll name/Link: Dewsong I wish to announce a new Targaryen! Name/Link: (will name once hatched) Gender: influenced male Parents: Jace and Clary Generation: 5 Scroll name/Link: Dewsong
  6. Templates: x red male x red female x green male x green female
  7. This is Arial, size 13. (13's not a choice on the "Size" dropdown, but neither 12 nor 14 were accurate, so that's what I'm assuming it is.) The easier way to do it, though, is -- Click the "Tx" button once you are done writing in a different font style. It should return your text to the default.
  8. That's a Red Zyumorph: http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Zyumorph_Dragon It is a newer release, from Dragon Cave's 11th birthday:
  9. Sundew


    1. You should be able to select multiple dragons by holding down Ctrl and clicking on other dragons, the same as you can do for sorting. 2. Yes, you can select up to 4 groups as "Highlighted groups", which will list them on your scroll page. When creating a group, check the Visibility options -- Highlighted should appear as an option there. 3. No, your default scroll is still the scroll's main page.
  10. "Sir Bacon" was already in use, but I managed to get "Dame Lettuce" and "Sir Tomato".
  11. New ACC dragon(s) w5Guys Burgers and Fries
  12. Renaming the parents is pretty much your best bet.
  13. You are in luck -- Metal did a mockup here. They do look great!
  14. Not half bad with Sapphires.
  15. I'm imagining that now -- if only adults counted, and you forgot to freeze, whoops! End up with 6 dead dragons to keep you at the 2 CBs. 😵
  16. Can confirm, it was not there when the forums were first upgraded. There was a way to view your own username change history during the first upgrade, but the ability to view other people's is definitely new.
  17. Always had a soft spot for inbreds. I wish to fight with the Targaryens! Scroll name/Link: https://dragcave.net/user/Dewsong Preferred lineage (if any): gen 4 or 5, if possible Number of Eggs (1 or 2): 2
  18. https://forums.dragcave.net/staff
  19. Bless you, Pie, Playdoh... It is very kind of you to undertake an update so soon after their release, and I can't think how to express how wonderful this kind of response is. Thank you for the release, and thank you for going the extra mile. We are very lucky. ❤️ Really loving the extra info on the Khusa, they seem like very sweet birdies.
  20. Any chance we could get artist credits listed in the Encyclopedia entries? Seems like it makes sense to be there, and would be a bit more convenient when looking for info on a breed.
  21. I think pinned threads tend to get ignored more easily in my experience. I would prefer to see it featured (putting a green star next to the topic title but not listing it before every other topic).
  22. Just saw this now -- you're right, they do! I really like them with female Witchlights; I think the poses contrast nicely. Really wishing I had some CBs now. I like these new dragons so much, very excited for ours to start growing up... I haven't found a breeding combo I don't like yet, even if there have been some that I didn't like enough to post here.
  23. All good choices! Out of these I like them with female Brutes the best!
  24. Very much looking forward to breeding these, the light colors contrasted with the black wings will be fun to play with in lineages. My favorites were x Monarch but I may try something with Sapphires as well.