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  1. This is wonderful, thank you!
  2. Haven't said thanks in this thread yet, so thank you! My dragon grew up today. This was one of my favorites from the list and I'm very happy to have her on my scroll.
  3. This is already confirmed to happen: The suggestion in this topic is 1 page with a list of all contributors, not a few people mentioned at the bottom of the page like we usually have
  4. We're not saying "Don't have a contributors" page, we're just bringing up that the encyclopedia might not be the best location for it. For location I did suggest the bottom of the page, around where the artist credits are already listed
  5. I had assumed that the encyclopedia was written by the player character themself, instead of being a collaborative effort between other humans. We need to personally observe dragon behaviors in order to unlock/write down notes about them. The unlocking doesn't make as much sense if the encyclopedia becomes something prewritten by a group of people. Would it make sense to have a link to the Contributors page at the bottom of the page, around the same place the artist credits go? Not replacing them, but in addition to
  6. When I start typing a message in the reply box, and then leave the page, my draft is still there when I revisit it later along with a little banner at the bottom of the page telling me my previous content has been restored. That works for drafting but I'm not sure how consistent it is or if it works across devices. edit: nvm this is about responses to threads, not about PMs
  7. Sundew


    I'm not sure which state's bill you're talking about, but from what I've read on Georgia's proposed bill, an exception can be made for the results of rape or incest when a police report has been filed, or for pregnancies that pose significant risk to the mother. I read this here.
  8. 3g Sapphire x Gold Tinsel checker -- thanks anon! I don't have a hope of continuing it but he'll be loved; big fan of both Sapphires and Tinsel checkers Thanks Terrafreaky for Spitfire from UV parents & 6g pb Purple & thank you to herk for this 4g pb Purple!
  9. You can, however, change your forum username, by going to Account Settings --> Display Name. So even though you can't change your scroll name, if you want to go by something else here, you have the option to.
  10. I think misclicks are part of the game, and not a problem that we should be trying to get rid of altogether. I like needing a moment to process a description, I like the risk of picking up something I might not want, and I'm a little concerned that getting rid of those two things would make it even harder for people who don't have great connections, or people who aren't interested in getting 1 of each egg. I don't like the idea of new players needing to compete with people who know the descriptions and are able to see the eggs.
  11. I won't be starting any lineage projects for awhile, but I think they look great with pale colors, especially mild teals. Here are some of my favorites: x silver Lunar Herald x male Lumina x Boreal x Snow x Striped River x female Swallowtail x female green Copper x female Hellfire x female Hellhorse some other combination previews: female black-capped teimar male green copper female ember male ember leoden female lumina female monarch blue nebula purple nebula female red-finned tidal male red-finned todal
  12. I have a RUmRx code too -- mine has a prescription for the stuff
  13. Forum name: Dew Lineages you made: "Glendale" by Cheekface - lineage, song "Sticking it to Myself" by Jonathan Coulton - lineage, song (brief profanity) dialogue snippets from Danganronpa UDG - lineage Add to front page? Sure Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Yes
  14. New ACC Dragons I'm Mr M3Scks look at me ObhBo d'amore fO0szball 5IEyE for an EyE 6researcher Bad2I the Bone Between yuOuAnd Me You're Not ZoNN1y One Door KHNOb Acute AnGLT Early Bird Catches the WIRMn -- 4/29 cJavA Bean MOOSsic to my ears NEWGame Magic Vonch Shell If You Wanna Be My LUvER (gift from Runasutaru on Discord, thank you!) 0dulF van den Bisschop 8Op2cal Illusion KsugIlite -- 5/8 PUB0NIC BLAGUE -- 5/17 Goes Without sAYIn Tighten the no0SX (^ both gifts from Blue Latios on Discord, thank you!) UHrAf to be kidding me S1lLP and Slide Ts0ga Party -- 5/31 Book of HInhMs KuL9mination PBOnVoyage CO5vRT Operation 1boIfriend Study uprOD emO6faze nSRHINK WRAP meknao mistake Hurricane 8iRmA XvUMBRELLA CO4Valent Bond Fit as a FFiDhle -- 8/22 absserd DraGAn Cove 5wap5ies oF0Nzive Boi T0iWY oZAiR You Are -- Sept-Oct Pop Ckwiz oPolar oPposite oHVijtuary HaNCy PaNTs
  15. Yeah, I'd really like to be able to see the banner from my first year of collecting.
  16. New ACC dragon(s) ECU5E ME Eys0cket MouNDiew you have to p1cV0ne Spur of the mEHmt Dead GiveVway
  17. Chrome on laptop, haven't been able to see them either. No broken images for me; artists' mini profiles appear indistinguishable from non-artists'.
  18. the sexy legg is very very nice. I do not have them all yet but I think that's gonna be the peak for me.
  19. I'd like for prizes to become more widely available, but number-wise this doesn't seem like an effective way of doing that. I don't think it should be impossible for someone to collect CB prizes.
  20. It's pretty cool that this is public this year. Looking forward to seeing it all.
  21. The style in which the code is painted on is the same way the QR codes from The Talos Principle are painted (with the buckets of white paint). There is also another Talos Principle treat, with the blinking eye on the computer screen.