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  1. yeah the alphabetical order doesn't help much when you've got 200 to scroll through and no letters actually on the page. same with the images, it's a lot to look through. i would find an image-free index with the names in alphabetical order really helpful, more so than just putting the names under the dragons (tho i am also in favor of doing that). i think having all of the sprites on one page is a bit unwieldy and another, more condensed, text-only navigation for finding a species would be nice.
  2. i forgot about hatcheries haha. Thanks, will do
  3. There are a few lists at the beginning of this thread, including a zombie spreadsheet in the first post. If you need something specific you can also make a request here and see if people have them on their scrolls to show. -- I would love to see people's new Xeno eggs if they have them, have been checking scrolls from the news thread but still missing some for unlocking them in the Market.
  4. Sundew

    Art Fight

    Art Fight 2020 has begun ✨ via Discord, site downtime will be compensated for (in previous years, the event has been extended to make up for downtime).
  5. I just don't have any issue with people trying to meet their scroll goals during a release, even if that scroll goal is large. To me that's a big part of what releases are for - hoarding what you can while they're widely available. If someone wants to get 8 eggs of the same type during a release I think that's okay.
  6. I missed this release by a day, and have had a lot of trouble catching up with it. Old Xenos are hard to catch on a good day, so having missed this release during its flood kinda just makes it feel like I'm never going to get a set of the new ones. Not the end of the world but def a bit disappointing and I'd be really happy to see a full 24 hour flood release before they start mixing in.. 24 hours is a reasonable amount of time imo, I wouldn't mind 36 hours but I know once we start getting up there we start interfering with how people regularly play. After any flood they should mix in gradually (I thought they already did?). I'm not in favor of limiting how many of each breed people can get; I think egg limits are as far as we should go for regular releases. They are permanently available after all, and not a holiday like Christmas or Valentine's
  7. Sundew

    Art Fight

    The Art Fight theme for this year has been revealed! This year, it's Sugar vs Spice. Early registration via Google Forms is available for people who'd like to pick a team ahead of time. (I've signed up for Sugar!) https://artfight.net/news/54.art-fight-2020-theme-reveal
  8. if someone wants to spend 6 hours of their day breeding 200 eggs into the AP i think that's their prerogative
  9. My own solution for this is to sort by breed and name at least 1 dragon after the breed so I can Ctrl + F and jump to it in the sorting and breeding pages. Not useful if I'm trying to find the page number, inconvenient, and incompatible with some naming schemes. As DC continues to get more dragons, some improvement to scroll navigation is gonna be necessary; we have improved already with the drop-down filters and sort options, but this would definitely be a step up - there are many people with 250+ breeds spread out across thousands of dragons, and the current sorting methods just don't work with that.
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    Art Fight

    I searched and did not find an existing topic for this, but if I missed one please direct me to it Art Fight is an annual game about making gift art of people's characters. Players are split into 2 teams, and are awarded points for making art of the opposing team's characters. The game starts takes place every year during July. It starts July 1 but you can make an account and participate at any time during the month. This year's teams are set to be revealed on June 20th! Thought it would be nice to have a thread for people to exchange usernames, attack goals, etc. My account is onlyWitness
  11. These adults are all gorgeous, and what a great variety! Thanks everyone
  12. Support. Much more convenient than bouncing for group players, and accessible for solo players. As far as in-game consequences go, correcting an influence would go from 2 Influences + 1 Teleport --> 2 Influences, which I don't think is too great a loss for people concerned with punishing players for mistakes. Onceyou get enough BSA dragons, an extra Influence/Teleport or two really isn't a significant deterrent anyway. At worst it's an inconvenience that imo is not worth preserving.
  13. I mean.. is it challenging, though? they're not hard to find, there is no skill involved, it's literally just a time commitment -- and one with an equivalent event at Halloween that does have a full 7 days. Is trick or treat supposed to be difficult?
  14. Yeah it's not 10 straight hours but it still is a significant amount of time to spend on a collecting game that doesn't really engage you or require you participate in any extra stuff on the site. With Halloween, there IS other stuff to do, there are exclusive eggs in the AP, trades are popping, you get to breed your once-a-years, sometimes we even get another event on top of the ToT stuff, so the treat collecting time there fits in alright with the additional extra time an average user might spend on the site doing all the exclusive stuff. With Easter there isn't really any reason for people to spend extra time on DC... there are no exclusives, no reason to change your playing habits except to collect (not that i want there to be more easter events, i think just this is fine, just that it should be longer). So with Easter those "10 hours" are both more concentrated and have the egg collecting itself take up a higher % of the time you're spending on DC.. maybe during Halloween I'd be on DC more because I'm scouring the AP more, I'm breeding more of my dragons, I'm doin my zombie stuff, I'm overall spending more time on the site, and ToT compliments that. Definitely not the case with Easter. I would like the event to better compliment the amount of time I am spending on DC without extra festivities and imo a week is satisfactory there.
  15. I was working during the 3 days of the event this year and when I get home I don't really have 6 free hours to sit down and refresh for eggs. A week is reasonable, gives a chance for people who work and/or go to school to participate within a more relaxed timeframe, and is consistent with Halloween treat collecting - would really appreciate the extension.
  16. Misclicks are player mistakes, random chance from an unskippable event is not. Player mistakes have a place in games. This is not the end of the world by any means, but I don't really understand the resistance to it, since allowing people to skip wouldn't be a disruption to anyone who wanted to play.
  17. TJ has given his thoughts in this thread already and it didn't look like he was threatening to discontinue it. I don't think it's fair to dismiss people's thoughts based on that possibility. Gotta keep in mind that not everyone's schedule is that flexible. We don't all get the chance to play more than once a day or even every day. A 5 hour wait for some people means giving up hunting for the rest of the day completely. This suggestion isn't making it a big deal, it's just asking for a way to opt out of a small event. It's not a big change. An additional option like "Maybe next year (skip this event)" would work just fine.
  18. I think it makes sense to make this optional - get a choice either to skip the event altogether or to return to it at some point later, and go to the regular biomes first. We've been doing this for a few years, not everyone who has been here or will be here for multiple years will want to keep participating. As a recurring event I don't think it needs to be mandatory.
  19. Between him and her I've got 52 Purple x Aeria Gloris breedings, none of which resulted in Purple eggs. Things are a little easier when the age difference between the two breeds is not quite as drastic, but this is just silly and there's no good reason for the common x common ratio mechanic to stay the way it is.
  20. i'm all for the idea of a single dragon breed with a BSA to change its sex or something, but i don't think a mechanic for all dragons is necessary or a good idea, considering lineages (fuzzbucket's right about people getting upset about sprite changes, and TJ's right that not acknowledging said changes is disrespectful (and defeats the purpose of the mechanic altogether)), and the general tone of DC -- putting an identity-related option on every Actions page doesn't feel like something that fits in. stuff like personality and identity and transition are all well suited to Names and Descriptions (and events, whenever they have stories).
  21. Thank you to whomever dropped this 2g tinselkin in the AP! -- Going through my Halloween catches now -- most of the frozens (and some of the adults) didn't gender correctly because they were low on time. There are too many for me to list them all here, but thank you for: 4g Shadow Walker x Moonstone checker from Aleoleo 4g Pumpkin x Dark Myst checker from Aleoleo 4g Spirit Ward x Shadow Walker checker with SAlts 4g Shadow Walker x Sunrise checker from Waldmensch 4g Ice x Shadow Walker checker from Waldmensch 3g Shadow Walker x Silver checker from Nakeisha 3g Sunset x Marrow checker from Waldmensch 3g Cavern Lurker x Blood Moon checker from Waldmensch and 2g CL x BM from tjenni 3g Marrow x Ice checker 3g Caligene x Khusa checker from MaeTM 3g PB Cavern Lurker from RAAMIsABeast 3g PB Shadow Walker from Nakeisha 3g Caligene x Antarean mirror from ladyphoenix9 3g Pumpkin x Pygmy mirror from Wavelength 3g Pumpkin stairstep from DocWho
  22. The text after Precognition, for an egg that has not been Influenced, reads: "[name] uses the power of time magic to create an illusion of the future, revealing that this egg will be male, though its future may still be influenced." It mentioned that it "may still be influenced" even if the egg's time is too low and it can't be changed. Not really a typo but felt like this would be the best thread to mention it in.
  23. I'd be on board for a 2- or 3-day drop for Halloween. Halloween eggs are a once-a-year thing, CBs can be tough for new players, and I don't feel like a short extension would be making things too easy or quenching the spirit of the event -- as long as there's no limit, people'll have plenty of chances to be greedy.
  24. Have 2g Vampire from bronze shimmer Looking for lowgen vamp from any prize https://dragcave.net/teleport/27ed89a4dbd615efb1814cfc6966ae10
  25. Forum name: Dew New lineage: Star Vs: All-Seeing Eye chant