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    Art Fight

    Most forms of visual art are accepted in Art Fight! In addition to drawings, the site also has categories for 3D modeling, animation, and crafts (clay, sewing, etc.). There's more information about the Art Fight categories on this page: https://artfight.net/info/guide-attacks these categories are also updated yearly to try to make sure they're balanced
  2. Forum name: Sundew New lineage: The Mariner's Revenge Song Notes: front page + sibling requests both fine
  3. Agreeing that I would like to know if a completed concept won't currently make it into the cave, and would be okay with not receiving further info about it in a stock rejection message. I understand there are a lot of subjective reasons to decline, and wouldn't expect to receive details in a rejection notification, but it's good courtesy to let conceptors/artists know if there are no plans to release a completed concept -- to get a better idea of what they might try or avoid in future submissions, to be able to reclaim and reuse the concepts/art that they made, or just to know for sure rather
  4. I would prefer something that changed how the AP was viewed by the player, or organized in general, rather than something that directly discourages players from breeding. This just kinda feels like it would be nothing to me.. people spend hours and hours mass breeding so I feel like the people this would be targeted are not people who would actually be affected by its intended purpose as a deterrent.
  5. This would negatively affect any named dead dragons with offspring e.g. this deadline. I'm also personally someone who has gone on hiatuses for over a year and returned, and am not in favor of any form of automatic wiping names because it can be so discouraging to return and have all of that progress lost
  6. there's a difference between other players impacting gameplay for dragons that are not on my scroll and gameplay for dragons that are. I do not own any dragon in the AP or cave, and my dragons' offspring and market eggs don't exist and therefore are not on anyone's scroll until we press a button that conjures them into existence. I have no ownership or influence over them until I actually have them in my possession, and that makes sense. I DO own the dragons on my scroll and should be able to do with them as I please.
  7. most of the anti-exclusivity obstacles here people are bringing up do have solutions. /view/n/ can have an alternative layout, inbred checking at a glance is already prone to error but can still be done with codes or with more certainty through an external website, imposter names should be double checked under nonexclusivity the same way they should be checked right now. there is no alternative solution to "i want to name my dragon in a specific way." the only solution to that is, "name your dragon something else." i still do not understand why other players' names should have an impact on how
  8. it's been repeated here already but i stand by the idea that players should not have impacts on how other players name their dragons. frankly i don't think it should be anyone else's business what i name my dragons, the same way it's no one else's business whether i perform literally any other action to a dragon on my scroll. yet the actions of other people, who i never interact with on site in any way, prevent me from making a very simple change to any given dragon i own. why should names be so exceptional here?
  9. Yes please, would be useful and makes sense to add to our existing filters
  10. The point of my post was just to illustrate that there is indeed more than one option for killing motivation here, not to argue for individual examples.
  11. I listed a few earlier in this thread: behavioral euthanasia, mercy killing (why assume they're literally always in good health?), assisted suicide, mysterious backstories. The nice thing about making it neutral is that all of this would be up to the player. Additionally, the revival text is neutral and says nothing about motive or reaction, so it's up to interpretation.
  12. I think the reasoning here is kinda circular - murder and malicious intent do not have to be the reasons one is killing a dragon. It doesn't have to be evil; there are many reasons to put animals down in real life that are not malicious, and similarly in fictional games there are such things as deaths that are not violent and terrible. Right now, "the text shouldn't be changed because you need to take responsibility for murdering your dragons" only follows from "the text says you are murdering your dragons." But we can change the text to allow for more lore possibilities that that. 🙂
  13. People have commented a bit on the /view/n/ page, and I think one of the suggestions was proposing a list sorted by who's had the name the longest, with bolded names for dragons you own? I like this, but rather than bolded names, I'd prefer to see a separate list of dragons you own, above a list of all dragons with the name. Like: This should solve the problem of quickly identifying your own dragons using the /view/n/ page. You'd still have to click on your dragon from the page, instead of being directed to it immediately, but I think it's an improved solution from ha
  14. My apologies, I misread the "first point" part of your original post. ^^;
  15. This is needlessly rude; you can disagree without telling people how little respect you have for them. Other people have brought up additional reasons for a text change such as simply opening up more canon possibilities for how and why the death happens. I'm also not sure how neutral text preaches that killing animals is a good thing? The text are proposing is along the lines of the text we see when we smash an egg, which is also canonically a developed dragon. I've also made an argument for Neglected flavor text being neutral. Do you feel that the current egg killing t
  16. Right, the idea of killing a dragon isn't the key problem here; the idea of murdering one is. A neutral description allows the player to kill without putting them into a narrative of betrayal and malicious intent. Assisted suicide, behavioral euthanasia, mercy killing, fulfilling the wishes of a strange dragon who has no greater desire than to live eternally through zombieification.. dark alternatives for someone to roleplay through? Sure, but the point is there are other options here for the backstory besides betrayal, and opening up the text allows people to explore that for themselves witho
  17. The Neglected descriptions are actually all much more neutral than the killing text is, in that they describe the condition of the dragon without directly faulting or involving the player. "This egg is very sickly looking, like it has a disease." is a neutral description, as are the ones that follow it. They describe how the dragon looks, and provide an explanation for it. They don't say, "This hatchling follows you around on unsteady feet, pleading for you to take care of it." Neglected descriptions do not directly fault that player. Killing does, and in doing so creates a specific narrative
  18. I really like the suggested neutral text in the OP. Support for this
  19. Have: Female (precog'd) CB Frill hatchling Want: Male CB Frill hatchling, or CB Frill egg https://dragcave.net/teleport/acd1b3b0a1ba65c82e13151f3827d791
  20. I don't agree with prioritizing creativity across all players, which I think is what this argument is trying to do by enforcing a specific naming system: "I don't like this style of names so I do not think players should be able to name their dragons in this way." I don't think it's important to make that a priority for other people's names and I'm confused by the argument that it is, since DC is generally an independently played game with a player emphasis on "you can do whatever you want with your own dragons." Also like.. I do lyric lineages and exclusivity is a negative there.
  21. I would prefer to keep exclusivity per-scroll like Odeen suggested, but am ok with having unlimited duplicates site-wide. It's unfair and unfortunate for example that only one person is able to really do a lineage of any given song.. anyone who would like to have the same song on their scroll is stuck mangling the names. I do enjoy having some one-word names that feel special for their uniqueness but I don't think keeping that is worth the exclusivity, especially since exclusivity is only something that gets more frustrating. I don't see creativity as a problem here; unique names a
  22. re: suffocation I think we could also just say that the Waterhorse slime is somewhat porous and allows enough air in for the egg to be healthy, and/or does not cover the entire surface of the egg? There are lore workarounds for this one
  23. my name on this forum was previously Dew, and is currently Dew in the database - if that could be updated i would appreciate it! i would also like for my "dialogue snippets from Danganronpa UDG" and "Star Vs: All-Seeing Eye chant" lines to be removed from the database as well since i am trying to focus more on bigger projects. thank you! i have a handful of new completed lines too: Forum name: Sundew New lineage: Thorn - Namoli Brennett Asymptotic - Louie Zong Mandelbrot Set - Jonathan Coulton She's Dead - Jim's Big Ego Notes: breeding requ
  24. great release! the Astaaruses are beautiful and i love how soft and smooth the shading on the Skystriders is ❤️
  25. hi! i love your site! i am posting because i encountered an error when using the Expand and Remove parents feature in combination with Showing/Hiding buttons. i can recreate this by 1. expanding a lineage 2. hiding the buttons 3. unhiding the buttons 4. selecting Remove Parents doing that makes the Expand button duplicate itself in the two browsers i tried it on (google chrome & microsoft edge) tysm for your work on the site!! ;o;