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  1. I cant get the dark blue one I keep seeing the Green one! Are they both in the jungle?
  2. I wasnt here for last years so basically we just find these eggs on the sites?
  3. Thanks ^^ I think I'll start taking requests again during March Break or so..Gr.11 is very stressy ><
  4. I understand that you dont want to draw anymore, since so many people are like waiting for a dragon D: but it's because you're totally awesome at drawing!
  5. Lool that was quick ahaha Sorry Tsuko, I dont do waiting lists ^^" When I finish the last request Ill start opening again, one at a time Sorry about that, but thanks for requesting <3
  6. Okay, sorry for late update I was working on this drawing for quite some time now <3 Anyways here it is, and I have to thank Roon too for assisting me greatly by showing me the correct proportions of a dragon Smaller Version: (anyone is free to use) I will work on your request now Shadowflame :3
  7. Aww that is soo cute!!! Thanks so much Roon <3
  8. LOL ahah thats ironic, pink scary dragon with rainbow
  9. Hey Roon <3 I cant wait to see how the Pink Dragon will look, I bet it'll look as awesome as usual :3 Im surprised I never commented on here, but now that Im here.. you draw so amazing, that you make me want to improve ahahaa Keep up the great work!
  10. Haha I will soon, after I finish up this drawing
  11. Opps sorry I typed in the wrong thingy D; I ment Pink :S
  12. Edit: Oh okies, do you think you can change it to a Pink Dragon if possible ? And the Magma Dragon is sooo kawaii Awesome job as usual Roon :3 And I can wait, take as long as you need
  13. Sorry nope, this is my art thread Make one yourself ^^
  14. Aw thanks guys x3 @Tsuko Hmm I may consider doing more requests after I finish the current ones But it'll be prob one at a time
  15. Okies Chocolates, Im done your request finally Sorry it took so long ><" If you also want the big version lemme know Anyways enjoy!
  16. Very cute! Darn I missed a spot though
  17. Okay Will work on it after I finish the first order ^^
  18. @satyr76 Thanks and aww @Chocolates Yay my first request I'll work on it sometime today or tmr
  19. Just wondering, how many spots will be opened? One or two or just one? If two can you do a Sunrise dragon in the style you drew the White Dragon or Sweetling? Edit: Nvm one at a time, didnt see that
  20. Thanks Okays I've added a poll, so to see should I take requests or not
  21. Thanks Okay here's the new resized, edited image
  22. Stats from Egg Drop Soup Males - (62.5% of total) Females - (18.75% of total) Ratio - 3.3333333333333 Clearly I have too many males :/
  23. Okay my latest work I used Photoshop to color and draw for the first time Man that was hectic -.-" lol. Anyways enjoy! Now I just need someone to resize, transparent and add a speech bubble with a heart in it for me
  24. Thanks ehehe ^^ I have Photoshop 6.0