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  1. WTF, are you in my head? I tamed the exact same beetle for the same reason, and named it Sweetstuff and had the same FFFFFFFFFF moment logging back in... Srsly, we don't need another person with my thought pattern around, one is barely enough for the thread to handle. I totally failed soloing KT, but at least I can LoS the MC like a pro, so back again another day. (And why are the engi crafted goggles blue on female worgen, and green on everything else?)
  2. Aimed Shot is MM only. When you refer to a spell that is only from a certain spec, I assume you're talking about that spec. Yes, they're human, and yes they make mistakes. But it would be awfully nice if they checked to make sure they got their information right, because whoever is writing the notes is awfully out of the loop. Blizzard is a professional company, they don't have an excuse to not check their patch notes for errors.
  3. ...did I ever complain about MM being nerfed? Nope. I didn't even mention MM. It's not the spec I play, currently BM is higher DPS overall on pet-favored fights and SV is better AoE. And the cast time for MM was a buff, as it allowed them to hardcast AiS for more DPS. I'm just wondering why Blizzard is slipping up in their patch notes. It seems as though they're out of date with hunters.
  4. It was Sambas. A very nice kitty, want him for Surv though I wasn't camping him... I was three seconds away from finishing tame cast when Deathwing torched everything. Still a bit disappointed, I'll have to camp him again when I have time... To make me feel better I went and tamed a tallstrider. But then that made me sad too, because she had four hatchlings following her around and I tamed their mother http://img541.imageshack.us/img541/6316/mazznaranche.png Their names in order of the line were Hazznaranche, Razznaranche, Jazznaranche, and little Spazznaranche in the end! So adorable. Speaking of hunters, does anyone else get the feeling that Blizz doesn't pay too much attention to them...? Just going by the following quotes from patch notes: *"Tame Beast now tames pets to match the hunter's level, rather than 5 levels below." (Pets are bumped up to 3 levels below) *"Aimed Shot down to 2.4 from 3.0" (It was 3.5 down to 2.9) *"Master's Call is now dispellable." (It isn't, or at least doesn't have a 'Magic' buff next to it.) And on the topic of aspect dancing... Blizz said it cost a GCD... It does not. >_>
  5. I. Hate. My. Luck. Deathwing, your head is shaping up to look to be a fine decoration over my mantle. You. Deathwing. I am coming for you. Prepare to die.
  6. Necro inc! http://gizmodo.com/#!5759865/the-myste...ur-solar-system
  7. Still shaking. Spawned, and tamed, at 9:38 pm realm time. A good 36 hours since his last spawn. What to name, what to name!
  8. I do not "give up," my dear friend. I simply make a tactical backtrack. This one just seemed to have gone horridly wrong, probably shouldn't have tried to sleep. Had insomnia either way and logged back on about 30 mins after you set your Real ID message. No more sleep for me! ETA: Arcturis spawned at 4:57 in front of me. Again, hunter distracting shotted off of me.
  9. Of course not. But I still feel entitled to silently rage when I hear people get it while leveling through the area, or camping for something like an hour. I feel like they don't know exactly what camping means. I've met several people who lucked out once, and then QQ about not getting something else rare in a couple hours/days. Really gets on my nerves.
  10. I'm not trying to make excuses. I'm well aware that it's only my fault that I missed it. I know that, by leaving to do anything, I'm risking missing a spawn. I'm not complaining I missed him in the slightest. ...just trying to illustrate my bad luck. >_>
  11. Who said I gave up? ;p I just don't have the time to dedicate myself to camping at the moment.
  12. I'm aware he has four spawn points. Did I ever specify where I was camping? I would always try to camp at the lake, anyone going for it would be crazy not to. But it's also the most popular spawn point. Odds are, if someone's camping TLPD, they're going to be there or at the horribad temple path. If someone's already there, and there usually are several people at one spawn location at a time, you move to an empty one. You minimize the competition. "If you're not in the zone, you don't want it bad enough"? So, the time my guildie got the drake because I was offline due to having to go to the hospital was not wanting it bad enough? Having to be in class eight hours a day so you don't fail at life means you don't want it bad enough? Sure, maybe I didn't want it bad enough, because I went to go to Ulduar. But when your guild has two tanks online, it's prime raid time and they can't find a tank pug, I feel morally obligated to help them. If you're in a guild, you should probably help them out when they ask you for it. Helping your guild makes them help you, after all.
  13. So, being unable to camp 24/7 means I'm doin' it wrong? Even though I always camp where he spawned? It got to the point where my old guildies took pity on me, and went around killing rares in NR while I was online. Saw nothing but Vyra spawns. TLPD dead twice, and alive once, but I was on the FP to Ulduar. Bugger probably spawned as soon as I left my camp spot. I know that, by camping only when I can (as in, 8 hours a day when I have nothing needed doing, to staying awake all weekend), it WILL take me longer to get a rare. But that isn't the point -- I just don't think you should kill hunter non-achieve pets, as they WILL be gone soon enough.
  14. The point is, that the spirit beast aren't going to be up for very long either way, regardless if you kill them or not. Someone is going to be camping them, or come along and kill them thinking they'll get an achievement. To be fair, some days I would camp an hour. Other days I would go up to sixteen. But I did camp every day I was on WoW, for nine months. Ask anyone I know about how unlucky I am with rares, seriously. I know what I'm talking about too.
  15. To each his own, but I personally don't think you should kill non-Frostbitten rares. Frostbitten? Sucks if you want it, but they're part of an achievement. Free game. The ones that aren't a part of the achievement, are all spirit beasts. There is nearly always someone camping them, so they leave quickly enough. Sanity? What sanity? I camped TLPD for 9 months and didn't see the thing. Although I still think you shouldn't kill the non-achievement rares.
  16. Feb 9th, 2011-- As of today, I have been stalking the elusive Arcturis for a full week. Ever the cunning species, I've only seen it twice. One time someone had made the poor decision of killing the exotic creature, for the sake of a superior item, or perhaps mere misinformation--many seem to think the creature grants an "achievement" of some sort. The second was nerve-wracking -- the beast had appeared right in front of me! However, a fellow hunter viewed him as mere hunting game and killed him on the spot, during my tame. The waiting is tedious. The location is frightful. Arcturis, while limited in areas where he is sighted, has the misfortune of making his home right next to the nearest town. Many Alliance come and go (I'm not sure why, but they seem to enjoy hunting the nearby bears). Thankfully Horde are few and far between, only their hunters dare venture this close to Alliance territory. The Horde keep making strange gestures at me. I am at a loss as to what it means. They keep laughing at me. I've learned not to use the public board to ask information. Whenever I make a plead as to when Arcutris was last spotted, the only replies I get are along the lines of "lol I just killed him" or "yeah, tamed him an hour ago." I do not trust this information -- the only ones who reply are fellow hunters, probably after the stunning creature themselves. I have met many Survival hunters of the 73rd season, camping. They refuse to leave. Only Beast Mastery hunters of the 74th or higher season may have the honor of taming the exotic beast. I try to explain this to them, and they laugh. They believe they can do anything without the proper preparation. And they threaten me with the beast's death if they find it and can not tame it. I will cease to continue these logs. My patience wears thin, every minute is antagonizing. But I do not have the time to spare writing. I must further devote myself to the hunt. I wish my fellow hunters luck, should you choose to search for Arcturis or any of his kin. They truly are beautiful specimens. Cheers, -Mighty P.S., while I may not have something as eye-catching as a Spirit Beast, I am able to put other hunters to shame. Many a time have other hunters summoned their pets for show, perhaps to gather admiration at their rarity. All I need to do is summon my faithful Silithid Raidboss to outdo them. The creature is only tameable in the temple of An'Qiraj. A feat which only hunters of the 85th season may obtain, or ones with a guild willing to help.
  17. I don't know what turned you off the server, nor what Layn was intending to say. But personally, I've seriously never met a good dk tank. Then this one joins the guild and he is awesome.
  18. Took me about 50 tries and two hours of taming, but I finally got this thing! Excited, even though it isn't rare (But I've never seen anyone with him before)
  19. I second this notion. Best dk tank I've ever seen.
  20. ^ Reason for naming her that, and reason I should stop being lazy and farm for gold on my main. Gotta get a choppa! Fooxie is at level 18 or something, so you wouldn't have to do much leveling to get her. Just some patience. Awesome! Now get Wrath and Cata and level that lock to 85 and come play with meeeee
  21. It's a fox I wanted Ashtail specifically because she's the only fox with that pretty blue coloring, though. I've been getting told a lot that people either love the hunter's name, or hate it. lol.
  22. Yay! <3 Layn is away for the week, so she can't invite you to the guild yet, though. Nice Happyface, realm first too Waaaay behind, but still awesome. It's not THAT special, but I tamed my first rare on my lowbie hunter today. Super excited. I had waited an hour and a half for Ashtail to spawn, only to be tabbed out and have a lvl 18 sham kill her... So I stood there for a while longer, ans she respawned exactly 90 minutes after. I was getting antsy after two hours... Being a vanity collector, I'm going to go after a bunch of rare spawns for sure. Can't imagine how long it'll take, though.
  23. You should make a character on Medivh and join the party We need warlocks and scribes. >__> (Threshers can go fall down a well)
  24. I do NOT understand why people like Auberdine so much. Was glad to see it go! >_> Now it's Googly's turn to be bugged, so if only she would log off and on, and maybe it'd fix it...
  25. I'm pro, you know it. Actually, on a stand still fight, and assuming all raid buffs, elemental is simming highest dps of all classes. But we don't preform that way because of fight mechanics. So no nerf bat inc soon! Sadly it's on the way for surv hunters... Lucky for Layn, mages will probably be buffed soon, so maybe I won't out-dps her so bad. *spends too much time reading Blue posts and EJ*