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  1. I got blue, because I just don't like the forum's red style... If we could chose custom coloring, that would be so awesome. That way, everyone could have a unique way of seeing the forum (in a way that wont hurt their eyes if they don't like neither blue nor red).
  2. Lol I love how my friends keep insulting me because I got them hooked with BB Everytime we would go to the movies, some idiot puts "Dance with the Devil" or "Diary of Jane" in the car and everyone starts to sing it I miss those days... (i moved >.<) My friend, Kiwi, would always steal my iPod to take it to her class and listen to BB instead of the teacher's BS
  3. Toki Mishidozi

    Justin Bieber

    The only reason that he's doing "pretty damn well" is because a bunch of 6-12 year-olds (in average, of course. Sorry if you're 13 or older) would preffer a high-pitched boy's voice over a low and deep teen's or man's voice. IMO, of course. Also, I think it's just a phase with these kids. I mean, like, they're not going to remain die-hard fans for the rest of their lives. For example, imagine in the year 2020, those kids will be well over 30 and do you see them still dancing and saying "I wanna marry JB!! *worships shrine*"? Sounds disturbing to me. At some point they'll move on to some different music and JB will die (not in the death sort of way, but in the fame). Like, when I was 13. I was obsessed with Tim Burton (The Nightmare Before Christmas). To me, he was a genius. Then, about half a year after I started with the Tim Burton obsession, it died down. Sure, I still like his work and would pay to see them, but I'm not a die-hard fan that would deffend his every step and kiss the ground he walks on. Like I said before, this is just IMO.
  4. Toki Mishidozi

    Justin Bieber

    There was a girl that dressed up as JB for some parody preformance on TV, and the first thing that I said was "Not much of a difference, really." The second thing I said was "Well, that could be what JB looks like when he finally hits puberty. "
  5. Livin' La Vida Loca- Ricky Martin lol, jk. The Young And The Hopeless- Good Charlotte Hold On- Good Charlotte. For those who have seen my posts in the "parents" thread in General Discussion, you'd know why.
  6. Even if I did that, the government in PR wont do 'bout it. Rican people have been born into a society where adults THINK that beating your kids to a bloody pulp will teach them "morals" (sp?). My mom knows I'm violent, yet she dares to provoke me. Last time I got into a fight with my mom (about a month ago) it started because of the puppy that hasn't been adopted yet. Apparently, I have to clean up after it, when it clearly isn't my dog. She started *ing at me, and I tell her the truth over and over. She hates being proved wrong (especially when I'm giving directions on the road). She ends up slapping me. Now, at that point, I should have called the cops, but I was so fed up with her for the past 16 years, that my only reaction was to just hit her back... the black eye was priceless on her face. To this day, she hasn't dared to argue with me over some stupid BS. In short, it's not that easy to get out of these home environments, when the government that you belong to actually promotes it.
  7. Toki Mishidozi

    Justin Bieber

    The only thing that will happen on Dec. 21st 2012 is that all the planets will be aligned. When you look at it side-ways, they seem to be on different levels, which they are. Though, when you look at them from front to back (or back to front, w/e), they are aligned. Now, that's not going to mess up the gravitational pulls or nothing, because the planets are too fat appart and stuff. Nothing will happen in 2012. Seriously. Remember Y2K? Nothing happened.
  8. Pegate- Ricky Martin No idea why. It just does. Besides, it has a VERY catchy beat and lyrics.
  9. I have a lot of Magis, and I hadn't named most of them. I sat down at 2 AM to name them... I named the ONLY female Albus and the Male under her Aura.
  10. My native language is Puerto Rican Spanish. I'm pointing out where it's from, because every Spanish-speaking country has its own idiosyncrasies (sp?) My second language is English and I want to learn Italian.
  11. John Matthew. Last year at the movies after watching Jennifer's Body. Really crappy movie, but a great guy to spend it with. Man I miss him so much (we only broke up because I was moving to the states) I still can't believe my first kiss was in 11th grade. A little lame... but a kiss is a kiss.
  12. Lol, well, when you speak fast in spanish, most of the B's, P's and R's sound like L's.
  13. Well, my mom and dad got married in college (very stupid, if you ask me...). When my mom got pregnant, dad left us because he "wasn't ready to be a father". So, he just abandoned us. Mom moved back in with her parents and we lived with them until she met my ex-step-father. They never got married and they had my little brother together. The reason why I say "ex-step-father" is because mom kept trying to get him off drugs and stuff like that, and he started to become more violent. He's been arrested multiple times and he's still after my mother. My father saw me when I was born, and the second time was when I was one year old. When I lived in PR, I would go to his house every weekend. He spoiled me as to cover up the fact he didn't want me in the first place. Last year, his wife (yes, the ***hole remarried...) had his son... and he's still with them, raising the boy. I'm half happy that my little brother gets to grow up with his father, but I'm also half mad... that I'll never have that experience. As for my mom... we've been in a lot of verbal and physical fights. About a month ago, I gave her a black eye... to be honest, I don't regret it. I just hate how she tries to control me every now and then all the time. I mean... I'm 16 for crap's sake, I'm a high school senior, I'm going to college next year. She acts and talks to me like I'm a friggin' 5th grader. She thinks she can push me around when she stands at 4'11" and I stand at 5'4". I know she's intimidated because I played football (while she was a cheerleader in her own high school time, and in the "in-crowd"), she just acts like a * to hide it. Ever since she started going out with her boyfriend, she's been neglecting my brother (who's only 13 and can't fend for himself) and me. We try to talk to her, but she comes out with the same dumb excuse: "Well, he's part of my life now". My brother and I always counter her with this one, which silences her: "Well, we're your kids. Aren't we part of your life, too? Or are we just bad memories of your previous failed "loves"?" And to top it all off, they don't give a rat's *** if I get drunk at school, get in fights, and argue with teachers. But when I get a bad grade, hell explodes. ^ All of this is only a percentage of why I want to move out next year. Three cheers for college. Edit: @ Ruthless: Trust me, you're not the only child who gets hit. Mom has BEATEN my brother and I since we're toddlers. That's how you know we're a hispanic family.
  14. "Para bailar la bamba Para bailar la bamba se necesita una poca de gracia" I'm hispanic and even I thought it sounded like "lalalalala Bamba" for a while. As I got older and listened a bit closer, I could just fainly make out the "P" and the "b". Lol
  15. Agreed ^ I used my school's mac computers that only we (seniors) are allowed to use. I hated it. Even the mac's mouse and keyboard were annoying. Now, I push some freshmen out of a PC and use it. *Hugs PC* Plus, when I go to my other school in the afternoon (yeah, two schools. Bleh), I have to bing a laptop for every class. I asked if I could use my Acer Aspire One, but they said no. The school lent (sp?) me a laptop and it's an hp EliteBook. It uses Windows and we're forbidden from downloading anything from the Mac companny, mostly because the majority of the staff doesn't like the way their programs run. Regarding the single-button Mac mouse, that's friggin' annoying. My school has those and it made it hard for me to do some assignment because I couldn't copy-paste the article. I had to type it. All of it.
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    Green Day

    My friend Christian looks a bit like Billie Joe Once, Billie was on TV and he had his hair JUST LIKE Christian. I was gonna' tell him the next day in school, but my friend beat me to him. Lol. Point is, most people agree that he did look like Billie Joe. Until he went to jail. (He had to get a buzz cut)
  17. What Lies Beneath by Breaking Benjamin The beginning of the chorus says "So, I'll fight what lies beneath" and at first I thought it said "So, I'll fight the blasphemy". What's stupid is that I posted those lyrics on FB and no one bothered to correct me. Also, Give Me A Sign by Breaking Benjamin. What I thought it said: "For ever and ever the stars will remain" What it really says: "For ever and ever the scars will remain"
  18. DC egg or custom?: Custom >>If custom--> please describe: Could you please put a wiccan pentagram on it? Like this Text?: Yes, please >>If Yes-->: Shay-Lynn's heart Please and thank you
  19. I've read this, like, 10 times already, and I still 'lol' at it
  20. Toki Mishidozi

    Justin Bieber

    Dude, even Ludwig van Beethoven pwns Beiber. I love heavy metal, screamo, alternative and gothic rock, and I have seen people commenting on their videos and lyrics, saying how Beiber's music is better and stuff. That kind of stuff doesn't bother me, but then they get mad when they start bashing on JB. P.S., don't worry about those death threats. Most of them are probably between the age of 6 and 12. I mean, the worse they can do is mob you with crayons.