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  1. I don't usually act my age, really. lul. I usually either act a lot more mature than my age or a lot less so, depending on my mood and the situation.
  2. Some Kind of Nature, Rhinestone Eyes, and Plastic Beach by Gorillaz. along with a remix of a Lady Gaga song. And Telephone x3
  3. I had a weird dream last night... well, it kinda splintered into two different dreams. First I was taking care of some guy since his mom was gone and his father was at work. But there was a zombie apocalypse or something going on so we had to be super careful and whatnot. But the guy freaks out and runs off to go to his dad's work, but they had just closed up so I had to calm him down and then help him get through the hordes of zombies. Then it shifted over into a dream about me having some sort of lab or another... but instead of just having my own things to work with, I snuck into the next door place to steal some of their things. There was a big plastic rope that stretched between a power line and a window to get into the place and I would squeeze through the window to get in/out. Apparently it was like a chemicals and sex toy shop (sounds like an accident waiting to happen) because I remember a lot of just...stuff being around. Then they boarded the window up since they noticed someone's been sneaking in, so the next time I went across the rope, I was stuck up there. And considering I'm scared to death of heights, that was a bit of a dilemma.
  4. Ahm playing Assassin's Creed. The first one. c: Loving me some Altair. Also messing with Sims 2 for DS. Already close to finishing it, though.
  5. "Depressed" is also a word, you know, not just a mental illness. ಠ_ಠ de·pressed –adjective 1.sad and gloomy; dejected; downcast. 2.pressed down, or situated lower than the general surface. 3.lowered in force, amount, etc. 4.undergoing economic hardship, esp. poverty and unemployment. 5.being or measured below the standard or norm. 6.Botany, Zoology . flattened down; greater in width than in height. 7.Psychiatry . suffering from depression. And you know... Fine, whatever. Go ahead and campaign against some thread that probably would have died in a week anyway if it wasn't for all the bawww-ing. Because really, look at it. Obviously it's just designed to alter everyone's perception of mental disorders everywhere. Maybe you can even make a commercial a lot like this one for it.
  6. Oh man. I really hate it when people are like that. It's just... Ignorance, really. I'd like to say right here.... If someone is in such denial about what something really is, I highly doubt that it's random forum threads that is making them that way. Seriously. If someone truly, honestly, really doesn't know what OCD is and thinks that way... Well, one post here giving a quick explanation or even a link to an article or something would have worked, now, wouldn't it? Not this little -fest that this seems to be turning in to. (Or even the actual OCD thread I mentioned before.)
  7. Then make a thread for it, obviously our uncultured and uneducated minds all over this board will see this thread and think "oh so that's what OCD is, I was totally thinking something completely different" so we'll need every explanation available followed by various links to every study known to man on it. And be sure to explain every single detail, someone might misunderstand something. I know this forum doesn't only have the brightest people out there, but I'd think that most of these folks would know the difference between a 'compulsive habit' and OCD. Labeling something as another thing isn't gonna make someone as confused as you people may think it does. Putting a sticker that reads 'Door' on a toilet seat isn't going to make me want to go through it. And if people on here really are as stupid as that, then, well, no idea what to say there. I can understand working around/knowing/living with someone who has a disorder and being touchy about it. But seriously. My mom has bipolar disorder, I get touchy whenever some little middle class preteen punk starts blabbing to everyone that they are bipolar like it's a fashion statement, but I still go around saying, like, "god I hate Texas, its weather is so damn bipolar."
  8. Alright then. Who here actually has OCD and feels that someone jokingly calling a certain somewhat compulsive habit or two an 'OCD' is the worst thing ever? Please say something, I'd feel more compelled to not roll my eyes at someone who actually has the disorder instead of third parties who think that it might be offensive.
  9. I absolutely hate it hate it hate it when people say Liberry. I just... I don't want to even be near that person any longer when they say that.
  10. I don't think 'pet peeve' would have fit because... well, usually starts with "I don't like _____" Sure it could be worded differently but eh. -shrug- It's like using the word 'gay' to mean something else besides homosexual. You might not like the way it's being used but it doesn't mean they're meaning it as a derogatory term towards homosexuals. Yes, stupidly used, but gay also only meant 'happy' at one point so... -muttermutter-
  11. You know.... If you know what a person means by it and they don't mean it in any sort of offensive way, I don't think you need to have a huge hissy fit over it. "What kinda OCD do you have lul" is easier to get the point across than "What kind of habits and thoughts do you have within your mind that may even slightly sort of resemble some form of thought that one with OCD may or may not have at some point or another though obviously you don't have it because it's not controlling your life completely and suffer from it"
  12. x: I have a few little... habits now and again. I blame my time as a volunteer in the library for my habit of sorting out my books. I have them organized by manga, then comic books, then the funny stuff, then fiction, then classics and then the purely educational. All the Hellboys are together, all the Triguns, etc etc.... And I also try to keep them all lined up and sorted from smallest to largest while keeping to the genre sorting. As for anything else- I'm a typical perfectionist when it comes to art. One wrong line, one wrong color, something won't erase right, I throw the whole thing out. Regardless. I just... can't stand it. I also try to keep a certain amount of steps within large tiles. Those big ones, I try to keep 2-3 steps in. The small tiles, I just try to step in them. Whenever I'm paying attention to lines anyway. I can get distracted, of course. And my room... though a bit messy, everything has its place. |D and the videogames are also sorted by system, the DVDs are sorted by the boxed sets, what I watch most, and the ones I rarely watch/animated oldies. NIMH, The Toy, Trigun, Animatrix, etc.
  13. Please do. Maybe you'll reach some bands that actually aren't reveling in spotlight. :'D
  14. Brain Age. :c it ticks me off. My 1, 5, 7, 9, and 2 all apparently look exactly the same.
  15. A different type of ewww here. I own wrist cuffs that are... well, honestly, bondage-y. They're shiny pleather with all sorts of buckles and little fastenings all over them. They can be connected together and used as... well, cuffs. But I just wear em around because I like things covering my wrists. And they're neat. I was wearing them in a gas station while mom and I were getting a drink or something and while I was looking at chips, this guy comes up to me. "Excuse me, ma'am. I find your cuffs quite interesting and I'd like to know where you got them. I am quite into BDSM myself and I've been looking for something like those." This guy... Had to be, like, 50. At least. Bald on top, long grey hair, about 5 foot 3, scrawny and has like... a nasty mustache. I was like. "....oAo iboughtitonline" and ran off to find mom. ....I don't wear my cuffs that often anymore, now that I think about it.
  16. I think the only time I ever got sad at the death of a character... was Wolfwood in Trigun. I mean really. He was so awesome and he just got with Milly! Ffff
  17. Vexx


    Red heads. Hurr. Living example of Bishie -points at icon- ....vaguely effeminate and purty. If a little odd. Oh Dougie.
  18. Figured I'd bump this rather than starting a whole new thread- Who here actually tells their parents everything? Who hides a lot of things from their parents? Personally... My family has bad memory issues, so if the first time they react badly about something I just never mention it again and let them forget it. |D Not to mention... Religious, closed-minded, think they know everything. Yeah. Not planning on telling them anything anytime soon...
  19. I beat you with my own story >w< I coughed it onto someone. Worse than coughing it onto the floor.
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    I've been hearing it's anything deemed immoral/illegal. Dx including murder and all the bloody violence I love. ff i unno. I find it silly either way. Considering I'm also hearing the guy that is doing this wrote novels that would fit under that rule and much much worse.
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    In Japan. ._. as in... people will be unable to sell anything that depicts such immoral/illegal things. So... even if they draw it, they won't sell it.
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    Guess I'm the only one then. :c
  23. I gagged tonight just taking a small sip from red wine. |D believe me, as soon as that stuff touched my tongue, I gagged and spat it out. My friend had the same reaction. lulul. Didn't actually drink it. Tastes work well enough.
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    It's not the fact they don't like meat. It's when they tell me I'm wrong for eating meat. Or are hypocritical. Or think they're better than me because they don't eat meat. Etc.
  25. A long time ago- I was still a stupid child... My friend came up and said "Look! I bought this love potion! You take a drink and the guy you love will be attracted to you!" I was like "lol kay whatev" Turned out it was actually perfume.