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  1. Oh great. Screwed myself out of a special egg. I'm done.
  2. Have CB Holly Want 2nd gen Prize from common mate? Currently fogged, so PM
  3. For me it's: - Two CB male and female pairs - Two 2nd gen hybrid pairs (PB where possible) - Two 2nd gen Alt pairs (again PB where possible) - One of unbreedable sprite - One of each frozen hatchie sprite For dragons who's CB sprite is no longer obtainable (ie Holiday's that occurred before I joined) plus Prize's: - One 2nd gen pair That last bit's where I ran into trouble. It's also a large part of why I all but quit playing. Had all three of my 2nd gen Prize IOUs flake on me (been several years now). Realized there was no way I was ever gonna complete my goal. With the new monthly raffles, I might actually have a chance one day.
  4. This new lineage thing kills EGs?
  5. I definitively do not care for the new art style. I prefer them to actually look like pixel-based creations.
  6. I think the new Nilias are hideous.
  7. Hmmm. Maybe I'll actually be here for the drop for once. I've been late to all the others.
  8. /sigh Here I thought these would match up with the real world lunar cycle. Seems a heck of a lot faster.
  9. Interesting. Has anyone gotten a dragon to visit that they don't have on their scrolls?
  10. Worst part is, my very first season here was a Summer. If I'd picked up a 2nd gen then I'd be done by now. Oh well, still better than my other seasonal project. Worked on it for a year then realized it was impossible to finish--next generation bred females to females. Oops.
  11. Why oh WHY couldn't I have picked up a Summer from Fall two (or was it three) summers ago!? At this rate, it'll be next YEAR before I can breed the lineage I want. And I can't seem to find one either. No even by offering a CB Gold. *Pulls hair out* It's even in a song, dang it. "Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall/All you've got to do is call/And I'll be there"
  12. If you count all of them, then you're probably right, but the proportion of lower gens should go up.
  13. The truth is, I don't think there should be any new prizes. Too much griping. I think the best answer may be to just give out more tinsels and shimmers (and yes both). Otherwise, the value on those will only go up as more and more winners quit playing.
  14. I wish there was a half length moat.
  15. Swapped everything around so it's in the other perspective. Still feels like there's something missing to me. dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/rayden54
  16. I did all mine in the wrong perspective. All the decorations and the large keep are all facing the wrong way. Just doesn't look right. http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/rayden54
  17. I think I'd rather it be increased but not lifted completely. Still, I love the opportunity to get frozens. Just wish I had faster internet.
  18. Anyone else wish they'd read the announcement before releasing a holiday? *sigh*
  19. I imagine a lot of this depends on whether you like the ones you got. I don't so I support this.
  20. When you say "I know people who will give out something for free, but I'm not telling you," you may mean "I can't tell you because the rules prohibit it" but what the person reads is "I know something you don't, nanana boo boo." On the internet, with no tone of voice to go along with it, you tend to come across as an ***. ------- How much of trading do you think is based on "how much something's worth" vs "how much you like it?" In other words, how likely are to trade for something you don't like because you think the offspring will be valuable?
  21. As usual, I love the hatchlings. Hate the adults.
  22. Didn't get a Pumpkin from Crimson Flare. Strange, last year swaps were easy. This year, it's like there's almost no trading going on at all.