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  1. I also have social anxiety. At least, I'm pretty sure. I haven't been formally diagnosed but to be honest I'm so avoidant of interactions in general I'm not sure how that diagnosis could happen. I go to school but I don't feel like I've made any close friends and I honestly prefer to spend the majority of my days by myself.
  2. I got sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore. >_<
  3. Oh darn I thought this topic might be about fishing.. Is there only discussion for fish owners? I used to own a goldfish a few years ago but my cousin got to it...
  4. If you stop taking them seriously (which I've done), then their campaigns have great entertainment value
  5. I'm not sure if this counts as a parody but I love Glee's version .... pretty much any version is hilarious though
  6. This isn't really tea in the traditional sense but I love milk tea and bubble tea It's loaded with sugar yes, but I drink my coffee with like 3 sugars too. I like sweet drinks :3
  7. For some reason, I've been humming/singing Teenage Dream (Katy Perry) for like.. weeks now! *must stop*
  8. He's not really a celeb celeb, as in not that famous, but Darren Criss Totally awesome-ness <3 There's others who I support, but he's my fav ^^
  9. Omg the Yugioh one is Hilarious =D I think I've watched it twice....
  10. I hate egoistic slef-centered people. Gah, they are soooo annoying to be around. >_< It's like, hello? I have problems too, stop unloading yours on me! And BTW, your boyfriend phoning another girl DOES NOT mean he's dumping you (though he should >.<) *cough* Yeah... I've vented :3
  11. This isn't really an allergy but I'm really sensitive to cold water... I get itchy if I'm in contact with it for a while... =/ Besides that, not thing else
  12. Oohh this is very cool. It's nice to come back to a fun event :3
  13. I have only bred a couple and I've abandoned them all since I'm trying to get one of every dragon at the moment... (I don't know if that will actually be possible, but might as well try)
  14. mairbear

    Lady Gaga

    I LOVE Lady Gaga's songs! <3 Fav is Bad Romance but I like most of them They're just so different and so out there.
  15. wait how are you doing multiple characters? o_O anyway, never really truly cosplayed (like in public xP), but I did do this weird anime dress up thing with my friends once... was fun, but costumes just take wayyy too long >.<''
  16. mairbear


    Don't own any, but I DO read LOADS online, or from the library I reeaaally liked Death Note
  17. I've online dabbled in the online version... like once... I don't think I ever got what the hype was all about? =/
  18. I have practically all females! So hard to breed them when there's no males even available >.<
  19. Okay I've decided that I don't like this. I can't find anymore eggs!
  20. Interesting.. so fewer eggies? I can't say if that's good or bad yet... =/
  21. mairbear

    Your Theme Song

    I never really thought of having my own theme song... but I really really have to steal Friend's
  22. mairbear

    Justin Bieber

    Okay, I agree that his voice leaves much to be desired. BUT... he is kinda.. hot? Just a little? :3 and if not hot, definitely cute