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  1. On 8/10/2018 at 8:25 AM, Alrexwolf said:

    I think it's kind of... idk. Terrible? That something like being intentionally misleading (trying to scam people with a different type of egg) isn't bannable, but trying to do what the box says (via group links, etc etc) is...


    I would have suspected dishonesty to lead to a permaban quicker than a group link. There's no nonmalicious reason behind that - there is for so many other things that are going on and getting people in trouble.

    well, i would imagine he'd get in a lot more trouble for incurring the wrath of his employers than he would for treating his largely free to play userbase unfairly, so that's probably why rules enforcing things that could potentially do the former are evidently much harsher judging by how many people have been banned for them.

    didn't someone already say this could easily be fixed by literally just adding a line saying don't do x, y, z, etc etc, debate about how good or fair the rules are and debate about the character limit being way too short aside, i was very surprised that the feature is lacking a clear cut list of rules.

  2. Just now, IvoryRaven15 said:

    I've noticed that I have several dragon breeds that have not been unlocked via encyclopedia...which is strange since I've been here for ALL of them...and have at least one of each of the breeds....do many others run into this issue?

    the encyclopedia is literally just like that lol it was busted when it was made

  3. Just now, Chronomaly said:

    I believe there is still a lot of balance. The rares take a lot of weeks to save up, and plus they are untradeable if bought from the market. I think it will be alright in the end! 


    Also I like your Vlad III in your signature

    yeah upon seeing your calculation about how long it takes to get a gold that's certainly some kind of balanced, tho the prices overall are still confusing.

    thank you i love him so much

  4. 5 minutes ago, angelicdragonpuppy said:

    Some reservations, though. I don’t think the sprite updates look good—the heads on them are huge and they look pretty cartoony overall. They also don’t keep the original look as well as some of the past updates. Birdz is a pretty kick butt artist with some really neat sprites which makes it all the more disappointing. (Also, seasonal and red updates over dorsals and stones? O__o)


    i like the sprite changes overall but in regards to the reds' noggins theyre about the same size proportionally as the old sprite and it keeps with the reds being stouter looking dragons, but i think the new sprites' thinner legs unfortunately does make the head (and neck) size stand out more.

  5. Just now, Lady_DragonRider said:

    This too was my very favorite MLP! Such good memories. 


    1 minute ago, Anaria said:

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! My favorite egg!!! Well...one of my favorites XD I love the Thor/Loki one and the wolf one, the floral ones and the one with the witch hat


    aw thanks! :') i'm glad people remember them

  6. 1 hour ago, hotbottleo'water1 said:

    Is that a starcatcher egg??? My childhood...

    you've solved my egg puzzle


    this is Star Catcher from gen 3 my little pony!


    only got the one egg in this year. couldn't think of anything else.

  7. 1 hour ago, Chronomaly said:

    Oh, the revealed colors for all the easter eggs are too cute! I already collected all 54 and it looks so nice, I'm happy with my first real DC event. I wonder if some of the eggs are in reference to something besides the more obvious ones?

    I really like the white one with the blue wings, but I don't know who sprited it and also don't know if it is in reference to something. It looks like something out of a magical girl anime of some sort, which is too cute!

    i believe you're talking about my egg, thanks! it is a reference to something, but i think it's pretty a niche one. still, i'd like to see if anyone will recognize it.