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  1. Aaaaand, stopped working for me for today (tonight actually) all those poor metallick in the ER
  2. It works perfectly fine for me right now, but it does seem to have a problem with removing grown dragons and moveing hatchlings from the nest to nursery, there was a lot of grown dragons for the small amount of all the eggs/hatchlings, so I guess it looks strange. Also when I didn't remove some hatchlings from the egg part of the ER (checking first if staying there a bit longer won't hurt them of course ) they just sat there for what seemd like forever. I can remove them manually just fine though, I can't work because I need to keep AoND clean. OCD much? Anyway I don't think it's safe to keep your unwatched ER dragons there for now, better remove them when going away from computer untill it will be fixed fully, I do need to work . Good luck.
  3. You can't believe how happy I am that I wasn't the only one who thought "wait, they look like kangaroos" For a moment there I thought I'm totally loosing it.
  4. LOVE them! Absolutely love! Hellfires and Horses were always among my favourite breeds but their baby just tops everything ever made, my only concern is that now it will be evan harder for me to get CB Hellfires, but as I basically couldn't anyway it's not a big deal Much prefere to have this beauty. Thank you spriters and TJ for this amazing dragon!
  5. I'm not sure if the viewer really works, it looks like it's working but my eggs didn't gain much more views than they had when I was going to bed last night (central Europe here) maybe 20 or so top, of course that could be just because people can't add their dragons so they don't keep the viewer open, but it still seems kind of a drastic drop, don't know. Anyway now the site stopped loading completely for me "service unavilable" message.
  6. *Crosses fingers* I hope all will turn out well in the end, wish you luck with the upgrade! I'm having a lot of problems with my host as well, it's an epidemic or what? And don't pay attention to rude people I probably should look for some oooooold links to put the eggs somewhere, I haven't used any other fansite for so long that there must be ton of dust on those links
  7. Oh my! new eggs and I have five eggs with 5 hours to hatching... Where are my reds!!! It's sad that I can't even wait those 5 hours
  8. Thanks for the answer, I was suspecting it was something like that, just the coincident that it decided to play along in the exact moment that I opened the site made me wander if it really was just a coincident Like I said before it doesn't bother me in the slightest bit, I fight with various lags and what not all the time, I'm not easily discouraged by something so little, so don't worry, it was all just curiosity Can't wait for more!
  9. Thank you for all the updates! You know what? Your site is so great that I stopped using any other fansites months ago, AoND is more than enough, if egg doesn't get enough views to hatch at 4 day mark I just add it to ER, an hour later it's done and I know that in case of sudden incerase of traffic like during new release, they are perfectly safe. No real need for more fansites. Yet you constantly add new cool features to make AoND even more useful site. I can't imagined how I was rising my dragons before As for the time limit for unused banners, do we really need that long? I was going to say two weeks at most. Come on if someone didn't put it anywhere why keep it? Also I have a... umm, question I guess, about the banner, I just though it was strange. Not that it bothered me or anything I'm just curious how and why it happened. I have banner in a signature on some forum, I was there last night some time after midnight and banner was violet/pink just like I set it. Today I logged in about 1 pm, so more or less 13 hours after 'using' the banner for the last time and it was green, reverted to default colours. I wasn't much concerned though, browsed the forum (in Chrome), no change. Few hours later I decided to open FF which automatically opens the tab with AoND. I didn't do anything, I didn't even look at any of the sites in FF as It loads for a while during which I browse further in Chrome, and suddenly banner was custom colours again. Is it done that way? That if I don't visit AoND for few hours it reverts to default? or it was just a temporary bug? I read somewhere that it might reverse to dafault if not used for some time but I though it would be a day at lest and I didn't associate 'using' with actually opening AoND. Either way it doesn't bother me I just thought I'd ask since I might never have a chance to see it again as I usually have both browsers and AoND open all the time I'm online
  10. Waaaaaa! *runs around screaming* How cool! Can't wait for biomes! Yay for biomes, finally! Thanks so much!!!
  11. They drop on top of every hour, but are taken withing 4/5 min so you have to hurry
  12. Is it purple/violet I see on the one I did not catch?! Nooooo! I want that egg! Nao! Please someone tell me I see wrong! *breaths deeply* okay maybe I can wait They are all so cute! I can't wait for them to grow up, I bet they'll be pretty. If they'll be half as cute as pygmys, I'm so hoarding them! Edit: My FireFox doesn't recognize 80% of words, it insists on me choosing only ONE language!! So I ditched the spell check
  13. Oh my! Happy Birthday DC! Such a sweet tiny eggies! Love tiny dragons Good that I had a few days hiatus and I'm free I'll pretend it's also a celebration of my 1 year on DC about which I completly forgot, looks like it was 3 days ago
  14. Psycho_R

    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    Is the dragon I disliked the most ending up in te cave? Oh well, maybe I'll start liking it like some othres that I didn't at first Funny, funny thing, I was in the cave several times today and it being empty all the time did not make me think even though I usually check the forum if cave is empty. Anyway I'm happy for the reliese. Running to incubate my eggs.
  15. Nope, definitely not the only one. They ARE adorable!
  16. The lag is absolutely amazing. I opened DC and left for supper. I came back after hour and a half and guess what? DC was still loading! Don't know how you guys but I'm absolutely amazed with this. The eggs and hatchlings are great! Thank you spriters and TJ! I absolutely love them.
  17. Psycho_R

    10 on 10-10-10

    Eh, my first completly missed reliese, I hate RL They look very interesting, at least I won't have to camp here, waiting for them to grow up too long
  18. Yeah, strange markings egg It just makes me curious which one is it, every single time, so I click just for the thrill of finding out. And I really don't need any more Horses and Ochredrakes, sure a Skywing or two wouldn't hurt but there are a lot more pressing "needs" at the moment, so many dragons I still don't have. No, I'm catching stupid strange markings just because it's fun What's more, I usually catch them after I'm hunting for say Red, without seeing one, for half an hour and start to get bored, I lock myself with it and immediately Red drops in the cave, often moving through all three slots, taunting me.
  19. Well I'm trying very hard to hoard pinks on my scroll ever since I joined (well okay maybe a week later) yet I managed to get only TWO of them up untill now, both from the AP with looooong and unpretty linages. Yes I do think this new reliese eggs sharing description with pinks does affect me personally. Yet I love the fact that they share description. I like it a lot that spitfires share decription with stripes even though I dislike spitfires and dream about having a caveborn stripe. More, I'd actually love it if every single egg in the cave shared a description with another. So please don't generalize. Chill out, it's just a game.
  20. Psycho_R

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Sigh, another 6 or so hours before my babies grow up. Yesterday I promissed myself not to look anymore at the adults untill my grow up... It's hard.
  21. Psycho_R

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Just saw the adult dragons, my first reaction: "OH. MY. GOD! So amazing!" Funny I remembered the flaming ones but somehowe now they made so much bigger impression. Must catch more! I almost feel like kicking out my red egg, fourth red on my scroll and I was struggling to get it for so long... Decisions decisions. I'm going to read about them now.
  22. Psycho_R

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    The "lilac" ( their colour must be very dfferent depending on the PC settings ) breeze one is absolute love. Totally my colours and all, it's a pity we can't have them as eggs forever. Hope the adult dragon will be as nice looking as the egg. I don't know how I cougt two eggs with my PC not cooperating at all, it had to be the pure force of my mind and determination Just one more and waiting for three days... Oh wait, I have three reds!
  23. Psycho_R

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    That horrid lag is my PC or site? There's not that many people in the cave to make it open for 30 seconds. Sure it's junk but it was doing that only after there was over 400 catchers. Guess no eggs for me this week
  24. Psycho_R

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Yeah, just don't check one day right after sitting in fron of a PC and you can be sure that THIS will be the day when new eggs drop. Oh well at least I have a three egg slots open.
  25. I wasn't even aware we have our own forum. Thanks. Still probably won't visit more than once Edit: P.S. Yeah, I forgot to splash again. And lost a goldfish because I'm stupid