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  1. My favorite would be the Grave Dragon, but Shadow Walkers are a close second.
  2. I've got 33 treats! *feels proud* Nearly there! On the other hand, in the only other Trick or Treating I did, I got like 10 . . .
  3. The Encyclopedia is really cool! Thanks, TJ!
  4. I think that for all the recent Christmases and all the Valentine's Days, I've been on hiatus . . . *sweatdrop* I have 20 Trick or Treat items now!
  5. I've only gotten 13 Trick or Treat items so far. But I've been doing lots of other stuff that's not on Dragon Cave, so I guess it makes sense.
  6. I'm pretty sure that's all there is; those are all the ones I have.
  7. @Dimar: Thanks! I wasn't sure.
  8. Is the badge supposed to be the thing on your scroll? Or is it something else? (I've been on a half-hiatus since like forever, so I can't remember anything . . .)
  9. That's the only one I have as well, but I got all 24 items (assuming that there are only 24 items) . . . that's weird.
  10. Yeah, it would be fun to do the carnival over. Especially for the story. I was kind of skimming, so I missed like 90% of the story . . . @charlexmonster: There are no paths on the graveyard? I've still got the final path there, I think. Maybe I'm not done . . .
  11. The carnival this year is really cool! I've gotten 24 items. But I'm kind of confused about the goal of the carnival.
  12. Congratulations to the beta testers! I didn't read this until now, so yeah, I obviously didn't get picked. But I get bored a lot, so I have a lot of short hiatuses. And then I get unbored and I go back on, but it still probably wouldn't be a good idea to pick me.
  13. There's a train station in the area I live in, so I ride the train a lot. They makes my ears get all clogged, but they're very comfortable, which makes up for the ear-clogging. I do like watching trains whoosh by, though.
  14. Cloudy now, but I haven't been outside nor checked the weather, so I don't know how it feels.
  15. I had rice soup with some vegetable that I don't know and chicken wings.
  16. Today I had white cake (and milk) for breakfast. Mmm, cake. I love cake.
  17. My worst injury was when I was in first grade. I was riding my bike (it had training wheels) down a pretty steep hill, and on the way down, my bike toppled over, and I scraped my leg and knee against the sidewalk. My knee was bleeding, but I only scraped the skin on my shin, so it didn't actually bleed.
  18. Mine is my sister's Warrior name and her favorite number, since this account was originally hers.
  19. Now it's sunny. I have no idea what the temperature is, but it's probably above 80 degrees F since it's summer and all.
  20. I had . . . uh . . . rice noodles? I'm not sure what they're called; they're Chinese. But it basically translates to rice noodles, so I guess that's what I'll call them. Yeah. So I had rice noodles and some type of vegetable and some type of meat (I don't know what it was 'cuz my mom cooked it). And I also had juice.
  21. Except for Social Studies because I suck at Social Studies (overstatement, I actually get low A's) and math semester exams because I've forgotten all the formulas, I don't study. At all. I haven't really needed to study to get high A's on my tests, so I don't actually know how to study effectively. Usually, I just skim my papers.
  22. This account used to be my sister's, and I haven't changed the avatar, so I have no idea. Maybe 'cuz it looked cool?
  23. I procrastinate for like EVERYTHING. Luckily, it's summer break for me, so no procrastination problems right now. That sounds really cool, but I use a Mac . . .