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  1. Soooo am I the only one no longer getting resource drops?
  2. Yeah, that's what it seemed to be. I don't have a whole lot of patience for trading if it's not with something good for something specific, so I'll probably just hold onto it. Thanks for the help!
  3. I been outta the game for a little bit, so I have absolutely no idea what interest is like these days. Anyone really interested in Zyumorphs these days? Didn't see much when I was scanning the trade threads. Got a CB Black Zyumorph that I'd be happy to trade away, but not sure if there's much demand for them.
  4. still need the red power ranger? you're welcome jerzeeshadow!
  5. Everyone's got different play styles. While I feel for the people who like the regular releases, who's play style gets disrupted by random releases, I just want to throw in my two cents and that I'm excited to go back to random releases -- as long as they stay decently frequent. Not speaking for anyone else, just my personal preference.
  6. Acorn VS Aero Akuma VS Alabaster Ambrosial VS Amour Propre Anathema Dragon VS Ancient Luminescent Angelfish VS Antarean Aposematic Water VS Apple Mints (both varieties) Aquamarine Dino VS Archipelago Arctic Bat VS Arctic Fox Argent Bat VS Argon Armoured Western VS Artistic Assassino VS Auroral Flareback Austral VS Azure Azure Glacewing VS Backflip Banana Pygmy VS Bane Barb-Tailed VS Battle Bear VS Bichir Biped VS Black Capped Black Dino VS Black Ray Lindwurm Black Shuck VS Black Tri Blackphase VS Blade Blazeback VS Blind Bloom VS Blossom Angels Blue Rose VS Blue Screecher Blue Tongue VS Blue-Streaked Bluver Pygmy VS Bog Lich Boreal VS Briar Brown Dino VS Bubble Bull Wyvern VS Bulwark Butcher VS Cactus Pygmy Caldera VS Calligraphy Caped VS Cascade Dancer Catkin VS Celestial Imitators Cerise-Winged VS Chameleon Channel-Light Dragonet VS Charcoal Charred VS Cherry Chi-Wing VS Chickadee Pygmy Chimeric Amphiptere VS Chocolate Tipped Cielarch VS Cinderwing Amphithere Citrus Wyvern VS Cleaner Pygmy Cliffhopper VS Colibri Comet Amphiptere VS Common Coral VS Coral Reef Corn Wyrm VS Corrosive Spitter Cowardly VS Crawler Pygmy Crescent-Tailed Moonflier VS Crystal Song Cyan VS Daedalean Dancing VS Dark Weaver Darkwing VS Dazzeltail Dragon Deathbringer VS Deep Cave :3 choices bolded
  7. Okay, it seems like I'm at least offering reasonably, and mention that I can always add if need be. Over offering doesn't bother me as much as under offering -- because I hate trading and would rather be done with it quickly than haggle Thanks for the input!
  8. For an IOU of a 2g pumpkin or marrow (strictly hypothetically... of course >> << ) what is a fair offer? I can breed 5g prizes and 2g metals, and catch nearly anything, but it occurred to me I'm not really sure if I'm over or under offering. HYPOTHETICALLY. Yes.
  9. Summoned my third GoN yesterday. BD Also managed to snag 2 each of the new releases on my phone.
  10. Am I the only one who saw those 2 CB golds right next to each other in the jungle? Got one :3
  11. GoNxMagma gets what I'm assuming is the destruction egg. :3 such pretty eggs edit: >> can't seem to use the summon BSA though...
  12. I Have Received A Prize! Forum Name: psyrae Received From: greatguy Prize Cost: Blue Dino -- 30 points Old Point Total: 103 New Point Total: 73
  13. 4g sweetlingxmoonstone checker eeeee thank you breeder!
  14. gonna be gathering my nocturnes at the end of my scroll, though will probably make a googledoc eventually also bump because more people should join :<
  15. DONATION Forgot I had this Forum Name - psyrae Scroll Link - http://dragcave.net/user/psyrae Lineage Link - 5th gen Gold Tinsel Does this dragon have a wait list? - No If yes, how long is the wait list? - N/A
  16. I'll play Forum Name - psyrae Scroll Link - http://dragcave.net/user/psyrae PM Link - http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=60852 question - do frozen hatchlings count the same as adults?
  17. I wasn't around last year, but after looking at the thread, I definitely prefer this year's sorting method, especially with the care Oasis and PointofOrigin took to sort and match people. And the way wishlists were done is great -- having to think about things for different categories to allow a wider variety of wishes and gifts. Yep, this method preferred, not tiering. Especially with how helpful everyone in here is :3
  18. my biggest suggestion would be more forms -- the 'I Need Help' form helped a lot to separate those posts and make them easier to pick out, maybe a 'Egg/Hatchling for Offer' form as well? not for updating the first posts, but just to pick them out when scanning the thread. Also, more helpers and a forum account will help here -- definitely a short acceptance period, where unless other arrangements have been previously made, Santas are expected to reply to -- not just look at the PMs with their list. Even if they're not ready to gift yet, just a 'Yes I received my list and will be participating'. No asking about Santas until after that. Also maybe some way for giftees to be checked off as having received a gift? Not sure of a good way to implement that though.... Also maybe a list of people willing to breed from their scroll on the first posts that Santas can PM when looking to fill requests? Just trying to think of how to keep the thread cleaner and more organized.
  19. I also want to throw out the fact that not using the forum isn't just an inability thing. I played DC on and off for a few years and never even bothered to look at the forum because I had absolutely no interest in the social aspect of the game. I had no idea that news and updates were posted here. I think it wasn't until Teleport came around and I went 'wait, trading is a thing?' that I ever bothered to check it out. edited because fail at words
  20. Incu-hatchable CB Greys. *grabby hands*