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  1. I have a bath once a week: after work. I'm the only one in the family who uses the bathtub, so I have this HUGE selection of bath salts and assorted assortments ... I turn the hot water on with no cold water- I like my baths SUPER hot
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    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Yess!!! Thank TJ and creators
  3. 1. I'm working my way toward an army of spitfires ^^ and I really love the idea of having an army of them. 2. I want an army of green/pebble dragons >.> I'm a sucker for making armies of things that other people don't commonly want an army of. 3. I want an army of greys. I love the sprites ^^
  4. Personally, I love animals and I despise the thought of them suffering- but I still eat meat. I take the same reasoning that Zeekaice takes: we are designed to eat meat as a vital part of our diet and I won't go against that. In saying that, though, I utterly REFUSE to eat veal. I will not go anywhere near eating it and I strongly advise my friends and relatives to never eat it either :/ Edit: Hey, first post
  5. Journal Entry Two: Sunday, August 22nd, 2010. I write this as I hide behind the waterfall in Tariss' cave. It's only been a few weeks since the hatchlings have grown wings, but they're already in the air and causing utter mayhem. Dark Knight is especially hard to handle. He's supposed to be a guardian dragon- yet he acts like a spitfire or a grey. Where did he inherit this nasty streak from, anyway? His mother is the most peaceful nebula I've ever had the fortune of meeting and his father is likely the most noble guardian in Tariss' entire cave... Speaking of Tariss, she returned with another load of eggs today: but I reckon she listened to my complaints last time and brought them in with a wheelbarrow. Amongst the pile was the smallest egg I've seen in years. I've had to seperate it from the others for fear someone may step on it and so I gave it to Aevantar. I feel she has been experiencing a little bit of snubbing lately, so looking after what I suspect is another of her kind will keep her occupied. Who knows, maybe it'll hatch into a male and... well.. we all know what will happen. Divine, the grey, has taken quite a liking to getting into violent arguments with Borosilicate, the spitfire. It seems a day doesn't go by without me wandering into a cavern and seeing that anything flammable within the room has caught alight or a minature hurricane is making its way toward me- those hatchlings need a stern talking to. Coffee, the ochredrake, certainly hasn't slowed down as he's gotten older. Zinging about the place now that he's gotten bigger and grown wings, I'm afraid for some of the more unbalanced ones among us. He has already tripped up Violet twice and has taken to barking like a dog when we tell him off. He has been whimpering all day since both Inferno and Firestorm threw fireballs at him- but between you and me, I believe he deserved it... Wool likes to hang upside-down from the roof of the main cavern and sleep like that. I don't get it, but at she's not causing any trouble so I'm happy for her to remain like that. Oh dear, Divine has made it rain on Untamed Fire. He's unusually calm and insightful for a hellfire, but he does not look happy right now. I'd better go sort this out. Pondweed, signing out.
  6. ((Hm, I want to try this, it sounds fun! )) Journal Entry One: Thursday, August 19th, 2010. Time seems to have flown by since Tariss dragged that last burlap sack into our cave. I've always told her off for treating the new eggs like that, but she just responds with a shrug. "They're not going to break..." is always the answer. I'm actually a little irked to admit she's right. Dragon eggs are too strong to be broken so easily. Ever since I was a hatchling, one of the first eggs ever brought to this cave, I've never seen one broken by anything other than the baby it's protecting... Oops, I seem to be deviating a little here. Today, the new eggs hatched. The grey is a little bad-tempered- and I've been bitten twice already! Tariss had to pull it off of me earlier this afternoon: but it's a good thing he got the idea quickly. I wouldn't like to see what would happen if he tried that on Inferno. She's a nasty piece of work if I do say so myself, even for a hellfire. The little daydream seems lazy. It hasn't moved from the nesting chamber since breakfast and even a good nip on the tail from the grey didn't persuade it to shift. On the other hand, I can't keep the newest ochredrake still: I swear it hasn't stayed in the same spot for more than three minutes at a time. I pounced on him earlier today but he was too fast for a slow, old waterwalker like me. The newest spitfire can't breathe fire yet, thank god. The last hatchling of that sort Tariss brought in set fire to the nesting straw and got into a fireball-hurling match with Inferno when I wasn't looking! I can't describe my relief when Favrile grew up and matured a little- she was a nightmare! Finally, the guardian hatched a while behind its brothers and sisters. What did I expect, though? Being a third-generation Lotus, he's probably going to be snooty: having a long family name and all that. Oh dear, the spitfire just set Tar Lief's tail on fire... I'd better go help. Pondweed, signing out.
  7. I'm not trying to start an argument here, TikindiDragon. This is my opinion and I stick by it. This is what I believe and 'calling bulls***t' is not a very nice way to respond.
  8. (The above is truncated for space) While purebred dogs are just likely to have extremely dehabilitating and/or agonizing health issues as mutts: the issue is that people are aware of this happening and yet still selfishly breed these PARTICULAR breeds together just to get more 'pretty' dogs- therefore continuing the genetic trait and bringing more suffering into the world. The condition quoted below (occurring in the purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) could only have come about through intense 'purebred' breeding because apparently dog breeders have some incessant need to create a dog where "The skull is slightly rounded, but without dome or peak..." (k9web.com, viewed on the 24/07/10) which often leads to small skulls. I watched that video, and I started crying from how horrible the sounds which the poor dog was making were. It was in utter agony- it was SCREAMING IN PAIN. Here is the link. This inbreeding (and therefore horrible genetic disease) came about how? Purebred show dogs. Breeders inpregnating mothers to sons, fathers to daughters, mothers to brothers- just to get that 'perfect dog'- regardless of the consequences (whether medical or temperamental) this activity brings about. Here is the link. This further backs up my claim that mutts are the more ideal of dogs. Would anyone want to condone this behaviour by breeders?! Supporting the production of purebred dogs only encourages those who care nothing about the genetic welfare of the wonderful animals we call dogs. -end rant- To be honest, I find myself having to ask: where do you back up your claims? This practice of 'purebred' breeding upsets me greatly and I just don't see how someone could be horrible enough to inflict such pain upon such wonderful creatures.
  9. I think dogs are a blessing to earth. I am obsessed with them, no matter their breed and no matter their lineage. I even have a respect (I use that word quite lightly, though) for the 'mean' dogs, because I can't really blame their behaviour automatically on their own personality. I love all animals, yes, but dogs must be either the most special to me or at least tied with certain other creatures at first place in my opinion. I have four wonderful dogs, three of them adopted from the local animal welfare branch and the forth we are fostering for the same branch. We didn't name any of the dogs, they were already named. >.> First of all: a labrador X australian kelpie female who I literally adore more than anything else in the world. Her name is Athena. Second: a labrador X golden retriever male who is the most polite creature I have ever met (he doesn't eat his food until you tell him specifically to eat ^^) and his name is Willoughby. Third: a chihuahua X terrier of some sort (he doesn't have the buggy eyes) he is the most adorable little dog I've ever seen- he even has a pig-tail (you know, the super-sproingy-curly tail) and he's a real 'people' dog named Burt. Fourth: I have no idea what he is, he's probably got a bit of everything in him. He is the foster dog and his name is Bear. He's slightly irritating some times but I forgive him because he is so affectionate. I have some old photos of Athena and Willoughby Aren't they adorable? Isn't she cute I love them all.
  10. 'Ten bucks says you don't have it in you, to conquer fear and quit believing what they tell you to, you are careeening shamelessly into oblivion, you will live alone with your chemicals and gin...' and later on in the song: '... I am at a loss for words here, I hate to break it to you but being a coward is not a legitimate career.' - The Dutch Courage by The Spill Canvas
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    Unkown Bands

    The Spill Canvas definitely needs attention ^^ About six or seven months ago, I made a thread asking about them on Gaia and I got one reply- someone who said that they had never heard about them. I was shocked. They were even less well-known than I thought O_O
  12. -The Spill Canvas -Sparks the Rescue -The Exies -Escape the Fate Not in any particular order, although The Spill Canvas is my all-time favourite band ^^ Funny how they all have the word 'the' in them...
  13. *points to self* I have no allergies whatsoever ^^ I think it has something to do with the fact that I grew up in a family who didn't think that utter cleanliness was the key to survival... Pardon my bias, but one of my most hated of all things in this world are people who use super-strong disinfectants on their worldly possessions and spray 'nice-smelling' anti-bacterial stuff on everything and have four showers a day. Argh. I just hate... them... so... much! I can understand why surgeons and so on must do this at their workplace (or any workplace insisting on this cleanliness) but why in everday life?! In my opinion, these people work to create super-resistant diseases/bacteria that will decimate our standards of living some time in the near future >.> Sorry about that folks... :/
  14. I simply cannot remember ever wanting to do anything other than being a veterinary surgeon. About a year ago, my parents asked me to choose something that I would want to do if my dream fails (though I assured them that I would never ever give up on it) so I replied pharmacy. I did a week of work experience with a pharmacy and I hated it ^^" so since I had the best time of my life at my veterinary work experience, I'm fully set on my goal. I'm so excited about graduating high school in a year- then I'll be able to attempt university and be on my way to completing my dream Just the thought of being able to work with so many animals makes me happy ^^ and since I'm not squeamish at all at the sight of blood and I don't give a shoe about the supposed 'ickiness' of sticking my hand up a cow's butt and/or having dogs throw up on me- I think I'm the right person for the job To be honest, I love having my heart set on something. It gives me something to look forward to and to give me purpose in life -end long ramble- teehee >.>
  15. I agree. Also: I don't really believe that it's some supernatural power to be able to do that. I believe that the rare times that it does happen is because (especially with the optic nerves) there is a delay between when a nerve or a sensory organ notices something, and when it communicates what it senses to the brain. However small the gap is (I believe it's like 0.3 or 0.003sec), if instincts kick in due to a certain event happening, the body is able to bypass the time gap by reacting without thinking. Therefore, one avoids the catastrophe, and then the brain is allowed to catch up. Ehem. *nerd off* Still, I'm not disclaiming the fact that there are some unusual talents out there that defy logic. I just think that some people search too hard.
  16. I once picked up a Waterhorse from the AP and took a look at its parents. They both ended in 'de Pluto', so I played around with the word and added some letters. I ended up with Ptarolu. Take some letters out and rearrange it and you get 'pluto'. Not too recognisable, but it's the thought that counts
  17. Indeed it was very good, but it had virtually nothing to do with the original book. Still, I applaud their effort .... I hate the Eragon movie. They absolutely screwed up every single little portion of the plot. It was like they grabbed the book, tore bits of pages out of it at random and then used what was left for reference- then changed stuff to however they liked. ... Freaks. How dare they ruin one of the most memorable book series of my life!
  18. ((Hey everyone. I'm sorry to inform you all that I am leaving this RP. I have decided to focus my roleplaying energies on another source. It was fun while it lasted, but sadly all good things must come to an end. Bye bye everybody, and maybe we might meet again in another roleplay, some time in the future. Good luck fighting whomever is trying to kill Time, and maybe sometime you guys will find Pure Pond, haha. Perhaps the Fang Clan will also be taken down. Either way, it was nice meeting you guys. Have fun ^^))
  19. Seth swung the branch, but suddenly the zombie shook Lun off and ran off into the forest. The teen leered after the retreating figure. "Yeah! And you'd better not come back, you pile of stinking flesh that doesn't have the common decency to relinquish consciousness! Run like the wind you poor excuse for an organism! I'll beat your-" he was cut off as Lun stood on his hind legs and gently grabbed the sleeve of his shirt in his teeth, tugging him around to face the tree where Arella cowered. Seth exhaled and dropped the stick, rubbing the gouge in his cheek and wincing at both the pain and the fact that it was still bleeding profusely. Lun glanced up at him in concern, smelling the metallic scent of his blood, and saw that the entirety of the left side of his face was swollen and that the gouge ran from his cheekbone to just above his eye. He was lucky that the limb hadn't damaged the eye itself. Now he was cold, wet, tired and in pain. "Arella?" but none of that mattered because he was doing it to save her life. A wave of dizziness washed over him, but he managed to hide it by blinking rapidly and taking a step forward. Suddenly, Kitsune appeared out of nowhere and barrelled into Arella. Seth jumped back a little as the glomp sent them both to the ground. Lun leapt forward and stopped next to the girls, checking if they were alright. No sooner had this happened, then the same metallic bird came screeching out of nowhere and aimed straight for Kitsune. It all happened so fast that Seth had barely reacted before the bird had its head bashed in by the very same stick that he had discarded moments ago. Shrugging, and utterly too tired to really care what had just happened, Seth approached Arella and knelt next to her, "Are you okay, Arella?" his voice was gentle, but edged with the roughness of exhaustion. ((Uhhh.... wasn't the zombie an adult? dgray-girl mentioned it was such in the post where she introduced it. Plus, it threw a large branch at Seth with enough power to gouge him across the face and knock him to the ground.))
  20. The Daydream's yell caught Seth's attention, just like the dragon hatchling had hoped it would. Previously, he'd been kneeling on the ground in a half-daze, covering the injured side of his face with one hand and working on focusing enough to stand again. The sizeable stick sat several metres away, and Seth struggled to his feet, lumbering awkwardly until he reached it. Meanwhile, Lun was thrown roughly from the zombie's back, tumbling painfully across the ground. He hit his head rather hard on the ground and saw stars briefly before he recovered sufficiently to stand up. His head was throbbing and he was getting really angry. Now any trace of the nervousness he'd felt before had faded away and a sharp bark of a roar escaped his throat. His claws dug into the soft ground as he launched himself forward again, leaping again in an attempt to latch onto the softer face of the monster with his fangs. Seth gripped his makeshift weapon with both hands and hefted it to test its weight. The left side of his face was now swollen so badly that it was getting difficult to see from one eye. Eyes narrowed, he spun to face the zombie, who was locked in combat with Lun. "You're going down." he muttered coldly and ran forward, raising the branch high above his head.
  21. The branch whizzed through the air and struck Seth across the side of the face, snapping his head sharply to the side and knocking him painfully to the ground. Lun squeaked in horror and made to run towards him. "N-no!" Seth cried, struggling to his knees and gesturing wildly towards Haku, "I'll be fine! Just go help Haku!" the branch had scored a deep line across his cheek which was freely flowing with blood and both his neck and his upper back was very painful from the harsh twist he'd given it. His eyes narrowed and he glanced up to see if Arella was alright. A silent sigh of relief escaped his lips as he realised she was still up in the boughs. Meanwhile, Lun bit his lip and nodded, turning to run full-pelt toward the zombie. Being the hatchling Lun was, the monster fully dwarfed him in size and was armed with claws. The repulsive smell wafted toward him, and the Bright-breasted wyvern faltered in mid-step, eyes watering. 'Ugh! That smell is so terrible!' he managed to place his foot down and continue running. Metres from the beast, Lun opened his mouth to reveal several rows of new, white fangs. "You hurt Seth!" he growled, leaping. His little claws were outstretched and his teeth were ready to bite into any flesh he could find.
  22. Seth slowed to a stop, scanning the trees. He thought he'd heard something. Lun's head shot up, and his eyes flicked to their left. He must have heard it, too. "Lun, where is it coming from?" the teen asked of his hatchling. Lun sniffed the air carefully, then jerked his head in the direction of the scent, "It's coming from over there. I think it's her!" Encouraged by this, Seth nodded and began running. Tree branches whipped him in the face but he kept running, leaping over logs and, at one point, slipping over in the mud. Lun galloped next to him every step of the way. What they were confronted with as they finally reached Arella was something that Seth could barely stomach. A zombie dragon? "I.... I thought they didn't exist any more..." Lun began, at a loss. He glanced at his foster parent, realizing that the look on his face spelt trouble. "No. Wait for the others!" But Seth had already taken his first step toward the dragon- he wouldn't wait for it to knock Arella from the tree. "Hey! Rot for brains!" he cried as he picked up speed across the clearing. It would only be a matter of seconds before he would barrel straight into the monster's side with his entire weight.
  23. Seth gazed at Haku with growing fear. It looked almost like the hatchling was too terrified to speak. At any rate, he knew he had to go find Arella, even if he had no leads. He wouldn't forgive himself if anything had happened to her. "Lun." he called briefly, trying to indicate their need for speed with his tone. He barely noticed as the nebula hatchling -only now he realized that he didn't even know his name- and then Time came barrelling past. The black dragon followed quickly, but by then Seth had already exited the cavern at a jog and was heading for the trail. Lun paused only to give the Daydream dragonling a worried look and take a whiff of Arella's scent to track her. Soon he was loping after his foster-parent, nostrils flaring as he sampled the air. He smelled nothing yet. Seth halted suddenly as a large, metal bird screeched overhead, swooping dangerously close to his head. Time, the nebula hatchling and a vaguely vampiric-looking hatchling whom he recognised as being one of the dragons responsible for saving Lun's life were locked in combat with it. The teen glanced down the trail, then looked back at the fight and made his decision. They'd be fine without him: Lun couldn't fly anyway. "Let's go. We have to find Arella: I have a horrible feeling." and indeed he did. Seth wasn't very accustomed to worry, being the normally cheerful young man he was, and that was what made it so much more worse. As he jogged along the track with his hatchling hot on his tail with his nose to the ground, the blonde let out a sigh. How did he get so hopelessly tangled up in all of this?
  24. ((Darn, I'd reply but I have to wait for dgray-girl to reply because it wouldn't make sense if Seth just randomly leaves when Arella is in trouble. But don't worry, I saw your post, and someone will likely be along shortly to interact with you ^^))
  25. ((Don't leave! Just come to the cave- I have a feeling we'll still be there for a while. We can catch you up once your character gets there ^^ Time, Zarazo, Kitsune, Seth, Lun and Arella are in that general area, either inside the cave or close to it.)) Lun was the first to notice the tiny dragonling zooming into the cave. In moments, the pounce which he had playfully directed at the nebula hatchling had transformed into a full-blown run as he leapt over the small dragon in his rush to reach Haku. Skittering momentarily, the wyvern was running down the cavern even before Seth looked up in surprise and began to move toward them. "W-what happened?" Lun could not only hear the worry in Haku's tone, but he swore he could sense it coming off of the Daydream in waves. Seth was seconds behind, and stopped next to his foster-child, panting for air. Water still dripped lazily from his wet hair and his fringe stuck annoyingly to his cheeks. Seth's eyes glinted darkly auburn with concern as he brushed the obscuring hair from his face in an irritated gesture. Lun could also see his fear in the way he stood- with shoulders tensed and hands curled into fists. Lun exhaled sharply through his nose as he struggled to avoid letting his mind jump to the worst conclusions. Well, at least Seth had now forgotten how cold he was.