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  1. Oh is that what that is? Yeah now that you mention it it does look sort of like a football. I have been kinda sceptical to clickling it. Those vuvuzelas looks kinda like a russelur, wich is a trumpet thingy that makes a really loud noise used during the russefeiring. A "russ" is someone who is graduating from highschool, and it is celebrated from the 1st of may to the 17th, wich is the Norwegian national day. A bunch of russ and Wikipedia if you want to know more about the russefeiring.
  2. Critterbot


    I used to play, was a member and quite rich, but then I stopped after discovering WoW.
  3. Yeah I guess so, would have been some coincidence
  4. Just finished Super Mario Galaxy 2, got all 242 stars, (yes that's how many there are) It's like 120 normal power stars then there's the green ones, called "cosmic jewels", 120 of those as well, then you unlock the very last galaxy with the last two stars, wich is extremely tricky. And I found out something funny, if you look at the title on the box, there's some stars or whatever they are next to some of the letters, put those letters in order and you get "UR MR..." I'll let you figure out the last part for yourself, use this. I'm not sure if it's intentional or just a coincidence, but it's funny!
  5. Orochimaru...</3 HAAAAA!!! Jk, can't think of anyone really, but L maybe?
  6. Evan Allmighty was pretty bad, I mean Bruce was bad enough but I like Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman so it wasn't all bad. But Evan was just...omg eww
  7. I't unpossible for me to pick just one, so I will have to pick a few: - Death Note - Neon Genesis Evangelion - Elfen Lied - Lucky Star - K-ON - Hellsing - FMA/FMA Brotherhood - One Piece There's probably some more worth mentioning but I can't think of them atm, if there are any of those that you haven't seen yet I urge you to do so , they are all awesome shows
  8. Here's my retardin, my main. Killed LK just recently yay
  9. Indeed I forgot to mention his books, he is awesome :3
  10. Science > what religion teaches us. Yupp, hardcore aetheist here. Has anyone seen any of Richard Dawkins' documentaries btw? Everyone who's interested in science and all that kind of stuff should take a look at those.
  11. I dunno, his sword I guess? You could say I have a thing for long and hard things HAHAHAHAHA...*ehem* And his long silver hair is sooo dreamy.
  12. Most of my playing time goes to WoW atm, main character armory here. I also play a bit of CoD. Hmm what else, I play a little Star Craft on the side, I will probably be playing SCII as well when it comes out, and also DiabloIII. Yeah Blizzard makes the best games, well, right after Square ofcourse ^^,
  13. One more for the FFVII fans here hehehe, I mean come on you just can't help but love it for all that is is, although the character models were kinda stupid, all those lumps and stuff, the story is SOOOOOoooo good. And it's got one of the coolest video game villans ever. :3 Not long ago I busted out my old PS1 and played through the story, then went to kick some emerald/ruby weapon arse. They're pretty tough so I had to look for some guides but I managed tp pull it off with my own strategies wich left me with a wonderful feeling of accomplisment and the whole experience was very nostalgic. Also, Nobuo Uematsu's music is magic, magic I tell you. Especially in VII and X X follows right after, can't say much about that one though, aaaages since last time I played, but I can say that the leveling and battlesystem was some of the things I liked very much about it.
  14. One of the best games ever, I do hope KH3 comes out soon, if at all.
  15. Pretty addictive...for a while. I managed to get a highscore of liek 55k then I got bored with it. Highest score on a single "wish" about 26k. The song was kinda lame but it looks pretty