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  1. Have

    Rosebud_hatchi.gif 2G from CB alt Black (z' code) - lineage

    Heartseeker_egg.gif 3G perfect checker x Silver Shimmer - lineage

    Can breed
    CB Rosebud  x1
    CB Heartseeker x1
    CB Arsani x2
    CB Radiant Angel x2
    CB Hearstealing x2
    CB Mutamore x1
    CB Soulstone x2

    CB F Silver Shimmer x any M CB valentine from the list above


    Heartseeker_egg.gif 2G from silver shimmer
    Heartseeker_egg.gif 3G checker with silver shimmer
    Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png 2G from Heartseeker IOU

    other offers are welcome

    PM to discuss

  2. Cool Event. But there is just a little problem. For those who use the Portal 2 design, some valentines are written white on a very clear background, and that makes them totally unreadable. Maybe you should fix the writing color for all designs. Thanks ^^ !