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  1. What type is a daydream dragon, Eastern? It's my favorite... But I don't really like the wingless Eastern ones too much. =\ So I guess aside from that, probably Wyverns...
  2. zDoom (modification of the original Doom and Doom 2 to allow them to be played on newer computers) - I'm more or less always playing this, with perhaps a few months max in between mini-obsessions with it. Team Fortress 2 - first online multiplayer game I've gotten into, and it's awesome. :3 Minesweeper - another one I go through mini-obsessions with from time to time. I'm thinking I might play KOTOR again starting in a couple weeks, once I get through finals. -wins-
  3. I got one of each~ ^^ I had to wait until now because I had five eggs... And had to fog two so that I wouldn't have five hatched... X3
  4. Iside, you have to wait for a time ending in :05 or :10 (or exactly on the hour) for new ones to show up. There just aren't any there at the moment, so everyone sees that.