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  1. Being 13 is fun. Its the age when you can still be a child but also be tried as an adult. so your young enough to beg for video games, but old enough to date girls 2 years older than you.
  2. 8/10 Warriors isn't exactly all that origional anymore. 10/10 Sophisticated but crazy. Nice combination. 6/10 I think you could do better.
  3. MHtri is a "Clunky fail" Like whatshisname said. Too clunky of a hotkey system, under water battle too difficult, boss monsters take like 1 hour to beat alone, especially the big sponge thing.
  4. Granted, but te mere sight of it's awesomeness crashes your computer every time you open dc. I wish for Immunity to grounding.
  5. Just changed my siggy. N:5/10 Don't really understand it. A:0/10 Picture invalid. S: 10/10
  6. N:4/10 I just don't see the appeal. A: 1/10 Your avatar makes very annoyed S: 10/10 Friggin awesome pokemon .
  7. XDXDXDXDXDXD Dude, I rofled.
  9. (( Woot! What rp is it? )) (( Ps, not that i dont want it or all, but why? ))
  10. ((It appears that these are her first posts in the whole forum. Okay, RUle one, we talk in pastense, so instead of using I, You would use "She" or "Oshi". Let me rephrase your sentence so you can understand it a little better. And you stole Hiro's line. Meany. Oshi was walking around in the woods, and she stumbled upon a small cabin of sorts. Opening the door, she saw a blonde young man turning ripe red. When she heard another boy say "Blushing baby" She could not overcome the temptation. "Oh my God!" She said, " A blushing baby!" She then burst out laughing. Got it? And, You need to know the basic rules of grammar and puncuation. After each sentance, a period is to be placed. Ex "Oshi stumbled across a small cabin." instead of "oshi stumbled across a cabin, etc. etc." If you stll dont understand, pm me.))
  11. (( I know, i laughed my behind off just when i said that too. ))" Heh. Lets go everyone, and we'll take the blushing baby with us." Hiro opened the door. It fell to the ground as soon as he touched it. " Ima need a place to crash."
  12. Hiro gagged. " NOTHING MY ASS!" He coughed. " I think i'm scarred...." He smirked. "I can read minds dude. Be careful with whatcha thinkin."
  13. "Oooookay. Two votes so far. Anyone else? Anyone?" Hiro heldup his had, putting up fingers. " 1,2,...." (( Is sakura still there? I've noticed she wasn't talking at all.)) (( NEW CHARACTER PERSON DUDE GUY MAN HUMAN AWESOME SEXY FACE DUDE NO I AM NOT GAY I AM JUST DESCRIBING HIM. ALSO, I SAY THIS BECAUSE HE IS LIKE A MIRROR IMAGE OF ME. <<<<<<< SEXAAAAY IS I...... aaaaand cut. NAME: Silvan AGE:15 GENDER:Male STYLE: Air OTHER INFO:He is light stepping, makes no sound when moving, and is trained to keep his thoughts calm, and is immune to mind reading due to years of ardurous training. He is deadly with his recurve bow, and has never missed a shot once in his life. He uses broadheaded arrows, and is well known by citizens as "The Ranger". A saying pointed towards him is said, "The Ranger carries the lives of 50 men in his quiver." COnsidering he usually carries 50 arrows in one quiver. FAVORITE WEAPON: Powerful recurve bow with 50 lb draw weights and top notch bowstring. He also uses two knives, a short sword and a heavy, very sharp dagger. APPEARANCE: 5'6, Blonde hair, small but muscular build, green eyes, he almost always wears a cloak made to blend into the undergrowth or shadows. In a forest or at night, he is practically invisible.
  14. "I'm already home. Well.... As home as this place can get." He said, poking a rotted plank as it broke to make a point. " Oo, i just remembered, Karaoke in the town. Anyone up for it?"
  15. "Okay." Hiro held the icepack on his head. Standing up, he kicked the chair into it's origional position. " Cool story, bro."
  16. (LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL) (( I can't pick between them, i'd have to have a combination.)) "................... Hope you don't expect an argument." He said with a joking smirk. He attempted to sit down smoothly, but was a little off target. He fell ass first on the floor , and the chair fell on him.
  17. "Wierd. I can still hear his thoughts. Considering i did all this without looking, you can't exactly label me an idiot." He tuged his broadheaded arrow out of the rotted wood. "Errr..... no. That would be.... akward." (( That...... is freaking awesome. ))
  18. (( Sorry... recap? COmputer broke again. Stupid steve jobs. )) (( EDIT: Nevermind. )) Hiro Scratched his head, and ruffled his white hair. "Hey...... where did my radio go." He looked at sasori. " Homo steal radio?" He lifted his sword and after a moment of consideration, put away the sword and drew a bow with a lead weight at the end. He shot it in the direction of sasori's crotch.
  19. " Hey, um... you guys? I don't feel right about this place. Mandalorians are usually right about this kind of stuff.I don't think any ancient civilization would have left this thing... well... unguarded. Not saying we should leave or anything, but keep your weapons were you can reach them easily." Kalo was worried. He held his blaster tightly. He could feel danger pulsing around this place.
  20. (( Oh. Yeah. I don't know much about roman numerals. ))
  21. Kalo followed close behind, carrying his repeater and standing tall. " What the hell is that light? I didn't think anythign was still working here... Um.. Hey.. Are there any... y'know... Guardians around here?" (( There should be some Mark VV combat droids here that we have to fight. ))