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  1. Exactly! Stood up 7.30 am, too. Grabbing seven eggs was really easy. Good for us.
  2. *agree with this* Drop day change one day for halloween is really not fair for all those people who moved heaven and hell to be online tomorrow. For those who say "come on, you will have 10 minutes free on saturday to be online..." NO 10 minutes is really not enough to get maybe one egg. It's not Valentine's day, where the chances for users with slow connections get better the later it is, because of the two egg limit. It's Halloween. Those users can be lucky if they catch an egg by themselfes.
  3. I wasn't online on the release day, but managed to grab four wave eggs and two sunny eggs within the last 35 minutes. Already influenced them.
  4. Yeah, got my two eggs. ^^ TJ only has two eggs (for one adult and one frozen hatchie), so I think the new breed will be genderless and unbreedable.
  5. Ok, grabbing two new valentine eggs was easy. If they wouldn't be limited per scroll, I would have six eggs of them now, only because of my hunting style.
  6. Now I have bred my 3 adult valentine dragons (one from every year) with matching mates as good as possible: Rosebud with CB Pink Sweetling (from Alt Sweetling with CB Nocturne) with CB Nocturne Valentine'09 (3rd gen from a stair with white CB Stripes) with Xmas'11, because I don't have a CB Stripe and thought that this would be the best optical alternative The 3 eggs I hold from them, should be abandoned in 20-25 minutes, because of the breed limits. Just wanted to spread the love.
  7. Finally got my 4th gold shimmering egg. Getting four moonlight eggs was easy. Only one grab-fail which I will abandon tomorrow. Five of my new eggs already hatched. All are influenced, so that I can go to bed now (is midnight here). Good Night!
  8. Yes, I checked them too and grabbed one 2nd gen purebred horse egg, just for helping to clear the AP. Now I'm waiting for three eggs to hatch, so that I can continue hunting...
  9. Finally my last Pygmy hatched and I could grab my 6th new Halloween egg in one of those 5 minute drops (where I get 5 of my eggs, just one from the full hour drop). My first Marrow already grew up a few minutes ago and I'm happily scroll locked.
  10. Yes, there are fast. ^^ I hunt since 45min and got an egg every 10 minutes.
  11. I agree. 5 gendered and frozen hatchies and not one became a zombie.
  12. I was one of those whose egg disappeared. A big THANKS to TJ that he fixed the glitch so nicely.
  13. Now I think I completed this event: I got the house badge and 40 items.
  14. What? There is already one halloween dragon that doesn't breed? That's not true or do you mean the zombies? I think that isn't a halloween dragon. Just something special like the vampires and NDs.
  15. Managed to get three 2nd gen PB Marrow eggs and one 2nd gen PB Pumpkin egg. Still need two 2nd gen PB Pumpkin eggs.
  16. Two of each egg are already influenced and incubated. Right now I got my third dark egg. Now I'm scroll locked.
  17. Just read about the new release 30 minutes ago and grabbed two dark and three green eggs.
  18. Now I have 53 easter eggs. Why are there so many blue eggs with simple shades (from light to dark blue) or reflections on them? I think there could have been more colors, just for example some red (orange, magenta) or green shaded eggs.
  19. I also wonder why it didn't change yet.
  20. I got my magikarp badge! Now I'm happy.
  21. I joined DC in march 2010, I think, and started collecting only eggs who are not green or blue. So I abandoned a frilled egg, which I caught. Just a few weeks later the frilled dragons weren't available anymore. >_<
  22. Yeah, got my second pair of pillow eggs within a few seconds. Now I just have to wait two days, so that I can influence both and with a bit luck I already completed this sort of dragon in my scroll. :3
  23. Managed to get a second "thin shell egg" within a few seconds. Now I have a pair of both new eggies. Stripe breeding wasn't sucessfull, but that's no problem for me. I have enough time. ^^
  24. I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend.