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  1. Got upset in trading for a Silver Shimmer. They are my favourite but it seems like I could never get my hand to them. ;_; Even I offered CB Metals for them...just for 4th gens, sigh.
  2. Clicked on a CB Silver egg and got egg-locked message *kicks myself for using vamps*
  3. I got several during the boom. However it's hard for me to get some more now. *sigh* Wish I could have a better connection.
  4. I just caught a CB Gold It's my first one being caught! (Well my first CB Gold was gifted) *happy dance*
  5. Stalking the coast, refreshed and saw a CB blusang...then got an overburdened message *kicks myself*
  6. Received a 2nd gen Silver as a gift Thank you! You know who you are :3 Bred 4 Silvers, one automatically dropped to the AP (a 5th gen stair with Silver x Black lineage), congrats to whoever got it
  7. Please let me know if triple posts are not allowed here lol My dragons must have loved me
  8. Bred shiny eggs and gift them all Received awesome Val gifts from awesome people Thank you very much! Thanks again and again for those who gifted me flowers You guys have made my Valentine's Day <3333
  9. Be My Valentine? :3 A Gift for my Sweetie <3 Oh here's one more!
  10. Oh it's MAKISHIMA SHOGO <33333 I love him Thank you for everyone who sent me a flower!! Am sending flowers to you
  11. Sent a pink flower. Hoping for more iris and snapdragon
  12. May I request for more snapdragon and iris please?
  13. Branch sent and thank you very much!
  14. Sent. May I ask for more iris please? <33
  15. Thank you so much! Sending you one after 2 minutes
  16. Thank you for the friends who sent me a flower! <33 Would love to receive more flowers and I will continue to gift out flowers
  17. My dragons were able to breed a few Tinsels eggies up for Valentine gifting
  18. You went into the bushes and ...... three wild gifts wrapped in beautiful ribbon appear! Happy Valentine's Day! The greatest wish for you! Gift of Love!
  19. http://dragcave.net/progeny/0MVI6 This is a victory!
  20. http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/kwan852963 Wonder if I should add more to this...hum...
  21. For this Christmas I would like...hum...a 2nd gen Pink from Alt Sweetling x Old Pink?