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  1. Oh! I didn't know that. Hmmm. I guess I need to let a few more shallows grow up and stop freezing them. I guess that's who I'm breeding once the halloween dragons are finished. Thank you so much for explaining that to me. I was getting frusterated that I wasn't getting it and sat for hours hitting refresh over and over again.
  2. It started yesterday right? That's not too bad. I think I picked up a few last night when I was going for the pumpkins in the mass breeding party. (Thank you breeders! <3) That timer that someone posted is really helpful. Thankyou whoever that was. It makes like a bunch easier.
  3. It's that little magicarp that's some people have where the beat the summer heat/ halloween bucket is. I saw that you get it from refreshing the splash action page of a shallow water dragon but it's supposed to be like 200 refreshes but I have done that many times and still dont have it. 43/92 Is this spilled milk?
  4. Congrats ainisarie. How long did it take you?
  5. Congrats~ *should really be working on homework* lol Gosh, is it really that hard to get the magicarp badge? Geeezes... 42/92 with 50 more to go. wooot
  6. Congrats Pinch of StarDust on finishing! Congrats piratemari. I got spoiled I picked up a vamps when I first started pretty much. Mine was pink. I wanted one so bad for sooo long. Hopefully soon I shall be able to influence genders. Yay! *wonders what hers will be*
  7. Haha! theblackdragon I got my treat on your treats page! Lol I almost didn't catch it but it wasn't aligned with your treats. 47/92
  8. Yay! My pink's now old enough for the ER! <3 common hatch baby go! Though... I think I missed my treat this 10 block. lol Oh wellz.
  9. That's neat. I didn't see some of the ones you got so far. @Dawnwing: I think it's just the shading.... But maybe the gif I have is different. I pulled the pumpkin I picked up. @Lady_DragonRider: I almost missed that one when it was down there. Thankfully it was on a short page. lol I was asking because maybe it'll help those who are having a hard time finding theirs. I'm still finding new locations for them to be hiding in.
  10. So has anybody else gotten their treats hiding at the bottom of the page? I've only had one of 40ish down there. Most of them have been near the top in the text.
  11. Eh, could be. I'm thinking it's the eye memory thing picking up the images on the treats and transplanting them on the eggs. lol. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v466/rai...pkinmegabig.jpg There's the url to it big.
  12. I've got the gif in photoshop @ 2000% there's nothing there in the pixels. I'm sorry I didn't realize the other image was blurry. I can export another one so you can see what I'm talking about.
  13. I'm so happy for you. I got my first pumpkin this year too. It is a happy feeling. ^ ^ HAppy Halloween.
  14. That's 500% I don't see anything....
  15. 42/92 The cake is a lie! *giggles* I think whoever made that one is great. My fav so far is the gargoyle one. :3
  16. *thinks you guys are crazy...* Or maybe my computer screen stinks so bad there's no way for me to pick it up. *shakes fists and sighs* Poor resolution....
  17. I'm really sorry. Is there any way you can use a different computer? School, friend, library?
  18. I have been getting mine from my actions page since I'm also trying to get the magicarp badge too.
  19. I was so happy that I was able to pick one of the pumpkins up last night. It took 4-5 hours with non-stop pumpkins being dropped. (BTW THANK YOU BREEDERS! <3 <3) It takes a lot of time. I also got a pink. I've been waiting for one of those for months!
  20. I think it is one of those candy pumpkins. They are yummy.
  21. *hoping that refreshing her splash page will give her not only more treats but also a magicarp badge*