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  1. OMG DRAGON TREE TOPPERS! Win! So happy.
  2. I finally foung the frosty swirl. It was at the very edge so I could barely see it lol More candles would be nice. I can't believe I missed the blue one. I thought I was coming on every day.
  3. I hope people like my tree. It's funny. Teheh. *maybe they'll get the joke* I love the ornaments. They are so pretty. What would it take to become one of those that pixels stuff? Do I have to submit samples or something?
  4. So sad the no limits weren't out yet. I had to freeze my alt vine in order to attempt to get a leetle tree. No luck yet. I couldn't bare to freeze my only yulebuck or this years' Christmas dragons.
  5. I think they'll spread more once teleport will be in place. Because who wouldn't want to give their friend an awesome rare dragon? And then they'll bread and do the same thing and after a while they'll start dropping extra eggs. ^ ^ I just cant wait to see them all. I hope people name them. I LOVE looking at names/naming dragons.
  6. OOOoooooOOOOoooo! I am very excited for this! I doubt my tree will win but I love the idea! I would totally love the opportunity at same dragons I was never able to get. IDK if I'd get a holly or a frill.....
  7. Yes, It's been really easy to pick up Holiday eggs from the Cave. <3 Makes me soooooo happy. I can't wait to see how they grow up! It's a great Christmas. I got 3/4 of the Holiday dragons in one year. :3
  8. OMG I didn't expect to get a yulebuck but I just got one. YAY! <3
  9. Crazy! I put mine eggs on a few click sites and they were fine. Even newly catch ones. That's such a bummer! Hopefully you'll still manage to get some this year! I don't know how many breeders there are this year. *I had to freeze one of my snow angels to get the new ones, oh wells, they are adorable s2.*
  10. Oh, I see. Interesting. I wanted to see how many hollies were in the Neglected Daycare. 5 out of 5.5K. I was actually surprised how many are in there.
  11. Stocking dragons? I dont see them in the completed list.
  12. I'm not even going to try for a holly. I need too many of the holiday ones there's no way i'lll get one of those. Good luck to you guys looking for them.
  13. I got two lovely snowangels. Saw a few yulebucks but there are gonegonegone.... I also finally nagged a red dragon. Those have been hard to find. I tried to catch it three different times until I got it. It has a really crazy lin so I think people kept dropping it before I finally got it. (I can only guess because i saw the red egg with the same time left on it a few times, there were a couple with 7days but this one was less. idk)Thankfully it should grow up before christmas so I can get this year's holiday. I'll be extremely surprised if I get a yulebuck. Oh wells, next year. I'm just so happy to have the snow angels. It's one of my fav holiday dragons. *prays that she gets the tri-colored wings* Now that would be a real christmas present. :3 Happy first DC Christmas to me. <3 Good luck to everyone else trying to catch the holidays. They disappear fast.
  14. I'm looking forward to getting some holiday dragons. It's my first Christmas! Yay!
  15. @Maire: Yes they show up, under the lineage. It'll say bitten by dragon. Ooo, just testing out the other new features is great. I am happy I have most of my freezing already done so there's only a few which still needs them. Edit: @Car: It's under the account settings. You can put it as little as 50 dragons per page.
  16. Yay! Just renamed the ones I messed up on. Woot woot! I like the page things. That will SO help when I load people's 500+ scrolls. o.0 <3 Ty!
  17. just coming by to see if the new stuff was released. I'm so excited. So tomorrow it should be, for sure by the time I get home. :3 Too bad I just killed my egg when I bit it. Oops. Oh wells there's always next time.
  18. Lol. I heard ya. It'd be so awesome for Christmas. I don't have any of the Christmas dragons and will be very sad if I don't get one this year. Maybe there will be two lines of eggs for Christmas like there was for Halloween? I spend 10+ hours and only got one Halloween one. When the double rows came out I had to go to work.
  19. Some of those I'm keeping. It's too funny. It's the ones I copy+pasted the wrong name for the wrong dragon that I am going to rename. I love to name my dragons when they hatch so if they grow up being a boy named sue. Oh wells. It's an interesting Character builder. I just like to keep a family names or something so it's a big oops when I spend all the time looking at lineages to name my eggs and when they hatch I have the wrong name copied.
  20. I'm so excited. Renaming will be great and the scroll pages. I can't wait for the trophy based egg increasement but I'd rather have them work then not. Best of luck finding the bugs! *holds out a can of raid* Whatever I can do to help!
  21. Very cool. Lots of stuff to put on their wishlist for Christmas!
  22. I am really excited for all the new features. The Bigger egg count the most. I hate when I get 4-5 eggs the same day and can't do anything for 3 days because I have to wait until they're old enough to name, etc. Plus it'd be nice to get the Christmas ones. They are my fav but I have no hope in getting one of each if I don't have more slots, even if I have a completely open scroll. I'm hoping my the holidays I'll break into my silver so then I should be able to get a few of the holiday ones. :3
  23. Oh. I got one at like 2am my time which is like 4-6am cave time I guess. But that's after trying for hours and then again the next day I tried but I only have like 1 hour and didn't get a second. My computer royally sucks even not on lag days but I get lucky every once in a while.
  24. No, just be on when no one else is. That's how I got my paper dragon. I got lucky. *is so proud of her rare* Or the AP. That's where I get most everything.
  25. I think all holiday drops should be that way. It was too crazy to get anything. I luckily got one but couldn't get one for my boy. Would've been nice to get two. Sadly I had to be at work before the double row started. *sniffles* Might have been able to get another one. Oh wells. It was a great Halloween treat for all. I loved the treats and happy I got two pumpkins. :3 I can't wait to find out what these guys look like and next year to breed. :3