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  1. Is it just me or are the marrows rarer this year? I've seen and catch way more pumpkins but have been having a time getting my hubby a marrow. even my own marrow produced only 2 eggs while my pumpkins had 4 each.
  2. I could not find the spirit for the longest time. Wow that was sure fun! Thanks everybody!
  3. YAY! Thanks TJ! I was just looking for when the dragons would be breedable. :3
  4. I'm planning to do the same with some of my messy tinsels as a lineage. However I wouldn't try to trade it unless somebody wanted a tin from that lineage. Or I was looking for other tins that were similar.
  5. Whheee! yay thanks TJ. Looking forward to what changes you have coming. And Halloween! :3
  6. I was home schooled most of my life so there wasn't of bullying in my childhood. I was picked on for 2 years in grade school by a girl 2-3 grades higher than me. It sucked but it happens. I'm a very strong person so I didn't really let it get to me after I got over the incidents. In other social situations that were not school I wasn't picked on either (other than my twin sister LOL!). Most other kids either left me alone or I chased them (if they were boys. It was funny, the boys all stared of a girl and fleeing from her!) Maybe I was more of the bully then but I never was mean to them or make the cry, tease them in front of their faces, etc. It was only a game. I usually am the one that if I see someone alone or sad I go and try to become their friend.
  7. I think the arguments have been laid out wonderfully and make sense to me. I would like to see this implemented. It would make it more challenging to raise this hatchlings because of their sickness/proneness to sickness. Also like the idea it takes longer to nurse these hatchlings. I've raised orphaned/premature animals and they do take longer to mature compared to those who have parents caring for them. I would raise a lot more "cave blockers" if they were already hatchlings because I usually have used all my slots for bred eggs and don't have any extra space.
  8. I used to play for years. Had petpages, adoptables, guild, roleplayed, etc. http://www.neopets.com/userlookup.phtml?user=raichimar < -- my oldest account. Sadly all my accounts got hacked and I could not play anymore. I had like 7 draiks, three lab rays and millions of neopoints. I also had all the old advant items. They never did get back to me about my hacked accounts. I'm a little bitter with them. I had a premium account too. I just didn't like the limit for pets. They should allowed you to earn/buy more pet slots. I totally would have paid money for that. I played for the pets...
  9. I'm happy with some having more sprites and some not. I don't think the old sprites should be changed because there are many breeders who set up their lineages to look a certain way and if you throw in a new sprite many get upset about it. The more changes made to existing dragons the more you upset the faithful long-time players. Instead just leave it for new releases if the artists want to have dimorphic or not. I don't always want to see every release have dimorphic but I do enjoy when they do.
  10. I know! It's taking forever! (I thought TJs usually grow into adults early)
  11. Now this would be a good idea for those with 1000s of dragons. Even with 500+ it's a lot of scrolling searching for mates when breeding. It'd cut down on loading.
  12. Well if you think about it. The egg limits have increased so there's more eggs at a time so that is less views for each egg. Plus everyone is maxing out their scrolls right now when not everyone does that normally. I try to park one or two hatcheries a day. If not at the same time so that I can give as many views as possible. If I have an er egg then I will only load the er but for most of the day I leave them running in the background. So hopefully that'll help!
  13. I am glad it auto abandons. True, I just lost a beautiful silver tinsel because I forgot I was still waiting to accept the eggs I was giving to them. BUT If you bred it then you could breed it again. It might take FOREVER but it's still possible. You have the parents on your scroll. Plus it helps send rares to people who wouldn't get them otherwise. (I was happy that my tinsel went to someone with none.) I do breed for AP drops. I once breed all my reds and pinks to spread the BSA love before I started giving them out here on the forums. Auto drop is a part of the game. If it was too easy it wouldn't be fun.
  14. Yay! I finally have 2 of each. :3 I can't wait to see what they grow up into. They have such pretty s2 sprites.
  15. I love the new egg limits too. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to get any of these babies. I got 2 green and one spotted. Hopefully I can get another spotted once one of my babies hatch. :3
  16. Wouldn't that be nice if frills came back. Or an alt daydream. Ooo.
  17. I traded for a bronze, and got my silver and my first bronze from the Tinsel Gifting thread. Edit: Now I have 2 bronze and two silver tinsels. ^ ^
  18. I picked this up in the AP http://dragcave.net/lineage/LIXNR If somebody wants it shoot me a pm. It's almost prefect even gen so if someone wants to raise it as an adult/for breeding I'd rather give it away. Otherwise I'm going to freeze it.
  19. I keep all of my inbreds. I just picked one up from the AP that I plan to freeze since I don't have a s2 male of that species. Plus they are nice dragons on my scroll I took the time to catch/breed and raise them. And name them too. I didn't really think anything about lineages until a few months ago and I enjoy looking at pretty ones but I won't turn down a nice dragon because of it's parents. That's silly. I just might not breed it. As far as trading, yes it brings down the value so I don't try to trade them off. I may gift one to somebody who only wants the BSA. I just make sure to tell them that they are messy/inbred.
  20. How do we vote? *can't find the starting link*
  21. Only a few more hours! WOOT! <3 I really can't wait to start voting. I wanna see the trees!
  22. I can't wait to start voting. *rubs hands together* I wonder how many trees are going to be submitted? Also, I wonder if I can vote for them all? That'll be a challenge. :3
  23. Tjekan, I am going for a similar effect. I hope people don't passed mine up really fast but see that's there. ^ ^I hope that I get to see his. :3
  24. I hope that people will find my tree amusing and will vote for it. It's the only chance I got. I was going to do something different but similar but I didn't get enough of the right type of ornaments to do that. Oh wells. *wonders what people will think of my tree.* I can't wait to see everyones! :3 And vote vote vote.