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  1. I think I would like to join in for the next egg. I just have too much spriting to do currently.
  2. Ok, here's what I see. You're putting one style of play over another. Yes, it would SUCK if someone killed the dragons in my Even-Gen dragons. However, I also want to do my own Purebreed tinsel lines and if the lineages came back it would ruin it. What if I want to trade for or offspring of my lines? I don't want it to show the dragons lineages because they would be completely inbred, etc. I am happy with the current system and the chances there is with it.
  3. I've had my holiday dragons not produce in their season. It's kinda sad.
  4. So I finally got gold. Whee! But then what's the next thing I have to look forward too? I personally love having goals. I think having a platinum or diamond trophy would be a fun addition. There are those out there that I know would easily get one if one was released. I would say it would have to be a very large number such as 5K or something like that. No, it would not increase the number of dragons you can raise. It would only be for another badge to quickly show what level of caver you are. When I go to some people's scrolls who had pages and pages of dragons I always wonder just how many dragons do they have? A few more levels of scrolls would be a nice addition. ^ ^ Bop me on the head if this has been brought up before. I didn't see it in the search.
  5. I play nearly every night. I usually am in a group of 3-7 who play. (Not all at the same time, but we're working on a 5 person team). My hubby's working towards ranked games. I'm still 15 levels away. I am best at Sona though I'm working on other characters. I have been saving my IP for the Nine tailed Fox. omg.
  6. Halloweeny names: I was surprised that I got so many Magic names formy SWs. I usually try to keep with the theme the parents have. ^ ^ Shadowwalkers: Multiverse Drifter, Ethereal Planeswalker, Shadow Planeswalker, Ghostly Haunting Marrows: Haunting Marrow, Marrowwind, Toothy Carrion, Hellfire Marrow (son of a hellfire and Ravein Skull from last year) Zombie: Do I live or Do I Die Pumpkins: S'cary, Plumpy Pie, Flaming Pumpkin, Pie Glitterpants (son of plumpy), Purely Pumpkiny Zampires: Aussir HwaRyun Reviver, Killed By Reviver, Fanks A Lot, Death Warmed Over, Peng the Vampire (code p3ng), Bloodstone Black Heart, One AAA (code 1aAa), Ruman Pale, Gravestony, Lori Skull One, Ser'iak Thuwed, Death For Ever
  7. Alex it was in the cave halloween. Sorry. The only thing I wish is that it had more of the gold markings the eggs had.
  8. I like it better this way. :3
  9. They will look great in lineages I'm sure. I wanna pair mine up with Silver Tinsels.
  10. I like the dragon. It's a cool concept.
  11. LOL! I forgot to influence my eggs. lol I hope I do too!
  12. Is it me or has TJ's dragons lost their timer? I thought they would be growing up soon... \NVM! I think he froze one. lol
  13. Yeah but the 5 min drops are smaller. I'm going to try tomorrow to catch some more. Good night all!
  14. Sometime they'll revive as what dragon they were before you killed them.
  15. http://dragcave.net/lineage/NZLn2 WOOT! First year getting a zombie! 1/5 Last year I tried too but got nothing. CB too. I am very happy.
  16. At least I've seen them most drops. XP
  17. I did that last year. lol I still only got one marrow.
  18. Wow, I didn't even see any eggs during the half hour drop. o.0!
  19. They drop even 5 mins but they go so fast. There's larger drops but the largest is on the hour. (maybe half too I forget)
  20. there's small drops ever 5 minutes.
  21. 1/5 for zombie this year! Yay! Last year I had no luck so this is good!
  22. I'm glad. Makes grabbing eggs easier. :3