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  1. I'll second that. ... Will there by two S2 sprites oh please oh pretty please? (Is a sucker for lots of sprites)
  2. . . . Isn't this what the trading board is for? Yes, I know that not every person get on the forums as well but a good amount do. That and it'd take forever looking for the right egg then finding/breeding the wanted trade and then waiting for the person to get back to you before your offer grows up. No, I don't like this. The forums are good enough.
  3. Aww that is sooo purdy! *makes me want to see if I can make anything like this with my tinselkins*
  4. Sweet, more CB hollies. That means I might get one next year!
  5. That's fine. There's not that many on the list. I'll get to asap.
  6. Thanks thedragn01. I got is safely. I didn't forget about these I promise. I just wanted to try and get some of my other sprites finished in the DR first. I sent Verridith a pm. I'm waiting for a design check. But here's the in progress for Verridith. Completed:
  7. *was wondering what happened to this too* Congrats winner, pick quickly so we can see what you won. :3
  8. No, if you're breeding a nice pair and you don't want it maybe it's JUST what I was looking for? (Had that happen when I was looking for a really random pairing for my Ice dragon). If you don't want anybody to have it, bite it or kill it.
  9. I have faith in your abilities and know that the changes you make are for the better. I ENJOY multiple sprites. It's a second in the life on the dragon peeps. If you saw one sleeping they'd still look CUTE. No matter how scary they are when they are awake. Dimorphism = good. Day/night/switching/whueva is not needed.
  10. Sorry guys, was out of town so I couldn't work on anything. I did get a little time using my phone to check pms and such. Verridith you are added to the list. (That's a shiny nebula. I do like nebs like that. ) thedragn01 Pm me the trade link when you're ready. :3
  11. I didn't realize that there WAS an alt s2. I thought you only saw that at s2.
  12. I would love them. At first I didn't really like vines because it all looked like a green blob on my old screen. It wasn't until I got a new one that I could make out where the dragon was. NEW SPRITES ARE AWESOME! <3 Redo egg descript: GOOD! :3 Redo hatchlings: BETTER! Dimorphism with new female sprite: THE BEST THING EVER! I love having more sprites to love. They make me happy. Even if they are just flipped.
  13. WOW! I am loving the updated sprites! YAY! This just made me love my one and only gold SO MUCH MORE! (Is go glad she's a female too. <3 the sprite!) The horses are much better too! I was wondering why I was having a hard time finding them. <3 The sunsets took me a while to notice the difference but they too look amazing. Thanks everybody! <3
  14. Ok. Here's Baroo. I hope I got the colors right. If anything is wrong let me know. I'll get to it after in January when I'm back in town. ^ ^
  15. THESE DRAGONS ARE SO AMAZING! <3 <3 <3 Beautiful! Gosh I wish I could have more of them. SO PRETTY! :3
  16. I know last year there was a few HMs that got to choose a dragon. I guess that's where the new CB hollies came from? (For some reason I thought people were saying there was another way to get CB hollies)
  17. Sure guys, I should be able to work on these tomorrow or thursday. I'll add both of you to my list. Icon: Do you have a reference pic? And do you mean that it is similar to the deep sea or is one? Because I'm not making DC dragons due to copyright issues. It has to be an original design that you created. Similar is ok but not the same specie only re-colored, etc. It's got to have at least 50% difference from any copyrighted character.
  18. Wait, how is there new CB Hollies? o.0!
  19. So I came down with bronchitis and that had me in bed for 4 days. Blah. So sorry for this taking so long. Anyways, let me know if I'm missing anything. TCA I'll have yours in just a moment then I'll PM you both. Edit: TCA You have two versions depending on the BG you use. It took me forever to figure out how I should do the lightning hair. I hope that you like it.
  20. I don't freeze CB holidays. It's just a waste to me but I will freeze a Yulebuck this year and last year I froze a snowangel. I wish I could have a s2 ribbon dancer but since both of mine are CB and I will not get anymore I didn't freeze them and will not freeze this year's either. (unless I only get one and have to catch one next year.)
  21. I've seen two sets of hollies in the AP this year (more than last year) but no luck yet.
  22. Well, I'm happy I breed all my holidays, tinsels, stripes and BSAs to flood the AP with my holiday cheer. :3 Got the one yulebuck I didn't grad last year. Still no hollies this year, maybe on the day I'll see/catch one. *can't wait for this year's Christmas dragon*
  23. Sorry I've took so long to respond. I had a family matter come up this week and I havent had a chance to look at my computer all week.
  24. I think your description is quiet clear so I should be able to put it together. Do you have hex color code of his colors or do you want me to guess?
  25. Hi! I'm Marsi and I LOVE to make custom "adoptables" / "Mini mes" / "Sprites" / "Avatar" / "Siggy Pics" / "Pixels Bases". I haven't for a long time (used to do so back when I played Neopets) and this year I finally made a new base. They are limited so first come first serve. I am asking for a trade of some sort. Please see below. Note: These are not a game adoptable but a custom art base made be me. I am most comfortable calling them "adoptables" but they are not the same as DC Sprites. Vday Love: < --- This is what I am currently offering. If this goes well I may open up additional commissions and bases. Rules: 1) I only make your custom / original designs. PERIOD. No D+D or other character design. 2) I WILL NOT MAKE IN-CAVE DRAGCAVE SPECIES.* 3) DO NOT STEAL OR CLAIM AS YOUR OWN. That would be art theft. 4) If the list is full I will not add your trade/request to the list. Sorry. 5) Please link back to my website or my profile here if possible. If you use on a site that does not allow outside linking then I ask that you mention somewhere that you received the adoptable from me here. Links: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showuser=60611 longdaystudios.com http://raistardragon.deviantart.com/ Marsi AKA Raistardragon from dragcave http://www.dragonclanlands.com/forum/index.php?topic=49.0 *If you are the original artist for the in-cave specie and are willing to allow others to use the adoptable in avatars/signatures then I will create one for you. You do not have to wait for a list to open. If multiple artists created the sprite then I want a post from all of them saying it's ok for me to create the adoptable. Wait List: 1) krystalsharz 2) TBA 3) TBA 4) TBA 5) TBA Yes the waitlist is small. I am also making these as prizes for a contest at dragonclanlands.com which is a forum I moderate so I cannot take on a huge load at once. HOW TO REQUEST A TRADE/ GET ON WAIT LIST: I am asking for a trade of some sort. Acceptable version of trade are: DC egg(s)/hatchling(s) OR Art - Sketch, drawing, or pixel art OR Paypal (If you really want too...) IOUs are accepted. Depending on your trophy I will accept/request eggs/hatchlings within your ability to acquire them. My Wishlist for trading AUTO: (IOUs OK) (1) Any (imbred ok): Gold / Silver / Gold Tinsel / Cheese / Paper/ CB Stripe (2-3) Mix of CB Nebula / Pink / Red / Vine / Trio / Any Black / Any Silver Tinsel (3-4) Pure Bred Nebulas (Any color/gender) (4+) Common Eggs with a lineage similar to one of THIS/ THIS/ AND-OR THIS/ (Any gen higher than 3) If you have Bronze / No Trophy I will accept ANY 4 CB Hatchlings as payment. I also require a visual form of the design of the dragon character you are requesting an "adoptable" for. I may consider a very in-depth description but it is at my digression. Please fill out this form. Your Name/ Forum ID: [NAME] Your Scroll: [LINK] Trade offer: [Egg/hatchlings] / [Art - link an example] / PM for [Paypal] Character Name: [NAME] Character Design: [LINK] Character's Favorite Color: I request if you can please upload the image to your own server to save my bandwidth and also to protect your adoptable from accidental deletion. Thanks! Snowman (CLOSED UNTIL NEXT YEAR!) Examples: Finished: