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  1. Yay! Thanks to a lovely gift I have some beautiful V-day dragons this year! I couldn't believe the other beauties I picked up from the AP. *was so bummed last year I missed the rosebuds.* At least I got pretty ones this year! Chocolate would be nice. An eastern too. I would like that. I'm really curious what the event will be. :3
  2. Ok, these are now open for request! Same rules apply!
  3. I name a lot of my dragons based on their codes. Actually, unless I have a planned name for them I usually go off the code and change numbers to letters or sounds. Especially Cbs. Here's Midjo http://dragcave.net/lineage/miDjO and Nate Hea http://dragcave.net/lineage/N8Hea just to name a couple. I'm really happy about them. I really wish I could get http://dragcave.net/lineage/HAGER named HAGER but it's taken.
  4. Woot, I got my 4th Royal Blue so that will give me two pairs. Didn't have any luck with the GWs but then I only had space for one egg. Silly tinsel didn't feel like hatching yet.
  5. I didn't get any the last hourly. I did manage to get a CD red dorsal and a winter seasonal though. So still not bad.
  6. Me too. Mine gendered female. I need a male now. :3
  7. Yay! I'm really glad you like them! Ok, requests are closed until FEB 7th. When I release these guys: Until then I have a contest I have to finish my submission for.
  8. It's unlocked for the hourly drop.
  9. I think the grey and royals is really nice. Gotta unlock before I can try for more. *pokes the slow moving tinsels*
  10. *drool* OMG I WANT ONE TOO! Sadly I don't have a CB gold to breed a lineage like that.
  11. Sorry for taking so long. Anyways here they are. I kinda took some liberties since with the descriptions. I hope you like them. If I need to make changes please let me know. I still have their files. If they are good let me know so I can delete the files. Also, I'm going to be closing these after this so that I can get ready for my V-day ones. Well, this was fun. :3
  12. Oooh, goody. I absolutely adore extra breed information. It really gives a bigger scape for what they're personality and behaviour is like. I really hope that some day there's a place on site to collect all the extra things that conceptors and artists know about their dragons, so people don't have to scramble for all the bits and pieces tucked around the forum. I agree. If nothing else place it on the wiki pages...
  13. Wow, these are both so beautiful! A new fav for breeding I'm sure! I wish I got a pair of golds but at least I got one to start off with. Great job all of you and thanks soooooo much! <3
  14. Layers. Simple layers, maybe even adjustable transparency for said layers. And, easy switching pallet colors. Like PS but with more than two colors, 4 would be awesome. That's the one thing that bothers me with PS. I have to keep using the eyedropper to pick up colors...
  15. Yeah, plus there will always be those, like myself, that breed new/rarer dragons to AP drop. Though I don't think the gold ones are rarer. If you look at the click sites. They are about even in number.
  16. Wow! I'm so happy for you. :3 Congrats! Yes, I did notice that earlier. *debates what to do with 3rd moonlit* The last release my pair refused each other... Well if nothing else I guess it can be the mate for my gold if I don't grab another gold for a mate.
  17. My moonlit just hatched. It's sybling is next hopefully followed by my gold. Maybe then I can grad some more at the hourly. :3 Well, I got another blue moonlit. Still need one more gold but at least I got another new egg. :3
  18. We wont know until they grow up. It's a part of the surprise.
  19. I missed it too. Too busy looking at the forum. Plus my eggs have to hatch so I can pick up more. Need one more golf so I can have a pair.
  20. They will be rare for awhile yes. But these dragons are going to be around long after today so it'll balance out. It's not like these guys are going to be that rare. I saw the same thing last sunstone/moonstone drop. Now they are very common and I sometime cringe at how many I pick up when I was going for another dragon.
  21. This egg shines in the moonlight. This egg shimmers like gold.
  22. There is a limit.... It's not like you can grab 20 of each. I only had space for 3 more eggs. So that's what I got. The max is 7.
  23. YAY! I got one! Woot, they went soo fast. BTW I forgot to say thank you TJ and the spriters! Thanks for giving us more beautiful dragons!
  24. I hope that this year there's a lot of releases. :3 It /is/ the year of the dragon after all. So glad there's one today. *now just has to grab some eggs* Edit: Wow, I didn't even see any eggs during the 5 min release. 0.o! There was 700 people on.
  25. Aw, man I was going to raise all the eggs I had but I want to get some of these beauties! I didn't expect this. (good things I checked!) I hope the low time eggs I have hatch soon so I can get more of these guys.