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  1. I like this cooking thing. It's a really cute idea. Great job all to the artists! The sprites are great! Thanks for coding the game Tj. :3


    I just wish that tinsels would be able to breed again. *so close to my lineage* I doubt I'll find a holly this year, but I'm still trying.

  2. Rats...

    One revive and 4 disentegrates


    one 'bite' killed the embryo...

    I got 1/5 too for the zombies this year. Not bad, though last year was a bit better for me. I had planned it out better last year though. I had 3/10 revived. Still no complaints. I'm glad I got to add another to the list. :3

  3. What about having seasons? Like, true breeding season where different common/uncommon breeds became easier or more concentrated depending on the time of year? Most species have breeding cycles, why can't the dragons? I don't mind blockers, there will ALWAYS be blockers. Just why are the SAME blockers still blocking for extremely long periods of time? If each common dragon was given a 2 month period where they FLOODED the cave while others were rarer or at least less created it would keep the cave moving. During the off months CB commons would be more desirable for those who want CB or for lineages. That would help with the popularity common issue. There's only so many nebulas that someone can pick up during the span of a month or whatnot.


    Why this would work:

    When I first started I thought that pygmies where rare so I ALWAYS grabbed them, even if I didn't want them. That's because I rarely saw them in the cave. Now I know that they are very common I don't collect them as much. I think the same thing will happen if there is cycles of availability. The problem is not that there IS blockers. It's that they are the SAME blockers. Changing it up would keep things more interesting. I would actually have to hunt for the dragon I want other than just rare hunting.

  4. If your Hero of Space has successfully bred your session's Genesis Frog, the next step is to travel to Skaia with the rest of your party to aggrieve the Black King and halt the Reckoning so that you can raise the Frog to maturity, at which point he will release the Vast Croak and allow you to claim the Ultimate Reward.


  5. Oh I'm glad its a three day event. Being gone all day Easter and then working all day during the week I was afraid I might not get any sleep. Lol. Yay!


    I just got a silver colored dragon holding an egg. That sprite is so pretty! I really am loving this years eggs. smile.gif

  6. Gosh, I keep grabbing the '09 dragons but I already have one with a super long lineage. Give me a stair/spiral or even gen. Need to find someone to gift this little one to so I can go hunting again.


    I am happy that I got some rather pretty Rosebuds from the AP and was gifted a beautiful Sweetling. :3