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  1. I hope Mighteyena gets a mega. That would be wondrous.
  2. Lightning rod draws in electric moves (they have no choice but to attack sceptile, regardless of his typing), makes them have no effect, and raises spec attack. Very useful with how high his spec attack is. Also useful in double battles.
  3. Tried greenwing and GON. Refused to breed with one another.
  4. Epsilon Emerald? (I just really like the word Epsilon). Absolutely getting Omega Ruby with a treeko (even though treeko is a bit difficult to get through the game with. Fire gym, flying gym, ice elite four >_>). Anywhere taking reservations yet lol? ALSO, really hope the post game has more than XY did. (which is likely, since there was tons to do in the originals).
  5. Greatly enjoying X and Y. Kind of wish the post game was bit better but they're still really fun. Currently trying to fill my pokedex. Does anyone have a male beedrill with drill run or an Arceus they'd be willing to part with? I can offer plenty to trade for them. I'll only be able to trade this weekend though.
  6. Espeon is a wonderful pokemon! Teach that thing dazzling gleam and morning sun and have another pokemon use sunny day before sending it out. Might be a bit tough with greninja's speed, but it can still beat it.
  7. 15 and 16 also added you!! Not a problem Athkore! Sorry about that geodude.
  8. Caught a shiny horsea by chain fishing today Also! Athkore, you friend safari is fairy. All I found was dedenne and slurpuff.
  9. Trainer name: Meredith Friend Code: 4871-4000-8473 pm me if you add me so I can add you back Game version: Y is my main version, but I also have x Pokemon I can offer: Anything you need. Can trade some event only legendaries for Arceus, like mew or jirachi. I also have pokerus if you want it and am willing to breed anything. Pokémon I need: Arceus. Also really really want a male beedrill that knows drill run. It is imperative. My Vivillon pattern is: Polar My Friend Safari type is: Fire Accepting battle challenges?: Sure, why not?
  10. I tried to name my snover Pine and it wouldn't let me :< what's it got against types of trees?
  11. What I did with heliolisk: Get one with dry skin. Teach it surf to take care of its ground weakness, rain dance to heal it every turn and make thunder more accurate, charge (makes thunder stronger the turn before you use it, but can be switched out for another move), and thunder. Give it a damp rock to keep the rain coming. I would train it in sp. att, speed, and sp. deff. I just like to improve on strengths that are already there For your build, definitely +speed and +sp. att.
  12. https://i.imgur.com/lWwHqc1.jpg THIS. Is wonderful.
  13. I'm a bit disappointed by those starter evos :/ I honestly hope they turn out to be fakemon. Maybe I just need to give them time to grow on me. I guess we'll see if this is actually them or not when they're officially released. Mega Charizard x looks awesome though! I also love the spritzee evo! It's so adorable.
  14. I think it's pretty cool. I actually like it more now that I've seen it evolved.
  15. The ice one is so pretty Lol Quilladin is so derpy looking and that makes me want it.
  16. Yes, you are correct, that does make much more sense. Lol I think I was just trying too hard to find evidence for it to be witch themed.
  17. As cool as it looks, Garchomp certainly doesn't need a mega evolution. It's already a pseudo D: Also, something I noticed earlier today. Spanish for witch=bruja. Fennekin evo=Braixen Bruja+vixen=Braixen?
  18. If the gun is put in there subtly, I couldn't see it being a problem. Little barrels on/in it's claws and it actually holding a gun are two completely different things. Chatot would make a good sound type. It would also be cool if a type that was weak to sound looked like a dog :3 P.S. that squid is adorable~! <3
  19. I'd like to join! Join Date: March 24, 2013 Forum Name: Blood-Otherium Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Blood-Otherium PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=04&MID=60551 Proof I read the Rules: of the 7 colors of the rainbow, violet is my favorite.
  20. I'll try! I'll be placing my spitfires at the bottom of my scroll. I have none as of now. http://dragcave.net/user/Blood-Otherium
  21. I received a gift Gift report: Ymagier -> Blood-Otherium: egg Do I need to be removed? Yes Happy Halloween! I received a gift Gift report: Tabitah -> Blood-Otherium: egg Do I need to be removed? Yes Happy Halloween!
  22. Please add me to the lists Forum ID: Blood-Otherium Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Blood-Otherium Proof that I read the rules: Violets Can you get on at all during Nov. 3rd? If so, when? No. I wasn't able to get on at all until now If you cannot, when is the earliest you can check your PM box? Anytime tomorrow Happy Halloween! I currently have fogged eggs because they're sick, just ask and I will happily unfog them for you
  23. Herm...I have 37 items. I cant seem to get into the heavy door or find the secret cave :/ EDIT: Derp, nevermind