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  1. I do remember now that you reminded me, thank you. That makes sense now.
  2. Is there such a thing as a CB Alt Black? I was under the impression you could only obtain them from breeding. Has something changed? I see people asking for them in trades or the offspring of a CB Alt Black, and was just wondering. Thanks.
  3. Love the idea that this runs a full week and I get to grab some that I missed in previous years!
  4. I didn't say anything and got the upside down mint. This is number 2 for me.
  5. The same time 3 others hatched, all had Incubate on them, and 1 hatched pink.They were caught several hours after they released. And yes, I performed no other action on them.
  6. I got a pink one with a BSA of Incubate on it. I'm going to have to agree with someone who said the Cantormaris were too busy and all the stuff around them is distracting. I have to agree with that. These are way down on my list. I do love the hybrids though.
  7. I incubated all of mine, all turned red except one, it turned pink. And all different biomes.
  8. Why aren't these just straight dropping without limits in the biomes? This is stupid the way they are dropping.
  9. I got through that, went right back into all the puzzles for a second time, and I quit. I didn't get to the King Lich battle, I was tossed back into every single puzzle for the 2nd time. I'm done.
  10. Thank you. I appreciate your help.
  11. So, we don't get a badge unless we finish the game? There are people like me that truly try and truly suck at these types of games.
  12. I've turned quite a few, and almost every one was a different breed. I've turned mostly the commons. I haven't done it in a awhile, but may get back to it after all the holidays are over. Good luck to all working at it!
  13. I really liked this event, my favorite of all the event so far. i was bummed, was over level 177 - and still no casualties and the game ended. But I really enjoyed this one.
  14. Yeah, the lag stinks. I don't know why they aren't just flooded into the biomes for the whole day instead of 5 minute drops.
  15. I'm at Round 99 and haven't lost a defender yet, but I'm getting bored trying to get to level 50, I was so close before this match. This is one of the funnest events that I've seen so far for Halloween.
  16. Does anyone know how long each round is?
  17. I guess it doesn't matter all that much. But it's frustrating at times when I only have a limited time to "catch some eggs" and all I see are walls of the same ones with no purpose but to dump them. I'm sure I'm not the only one that can't hang around all the time. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I guess I just don't like to breed just to dump the eggs. Maybe it would help if we had 2 pages in the AP.
  18. People aren't "trying" for a certain thing, these are them just breeding the same things over and over and dumping them. I've picked a few up to examine them.
  19. Since shards are limited each week, and I top out easily in the middle of the week, not doing anything special I don't see what the rush is.
  20. I don't see that theory doing much.
  21. Since everyone wants to just put people down, forget that people can actually make suggestions around here.
  22. Thank you, I'll try that. EDIT: That worked, thank you.
  23. I can't add my scroll now, it keeps coming back as "outdated" and none of them are being added.