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    Wild Magic

    Her books are great and if you liked them you will definitely (with an I, not an A) like books by Mercedes Lackey Both of them are great writers.
  2. Ya the sereis was good but it just seemed sorta like another vampire/faires book. They pulled it of better than teh twilight series did though.
  3. Malaika101

    Justin Bieber

    Just wait until his voice breaks (if it does) then he will definitely (with an I, not an A) be out of a job.
  4. Malaika101

    Lady Gaga

    She has so many different songs. With her strange clothes and even stranger music videos its kinda hard to not notice her. But I love her songs they have such a catchy tune. I have telephone stuck in my head now. haha
  5. I watched someone else play plants vs. zombies for likek the longest time. I didn't understand it at all. haha