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  1. Generally I'll keep all of my bred dragons for further breeding / freezing unless they are trading material and I need something else at that particular point in time.
  2. Dear Journal, A fortnight ago my owner got out of School. She didn't let me pick out her new eggs for the week but instead she let me pick this weeks. We have a Split Egg, a Nebula Egg, a Vampire Egg (it scares me!!!), and a Glory Egg. I'm good at picking I must say! I also found a mate... I think. It's genderless right now, but it's a smexy beast so I don't care what it is! It's wings just glisten in the sunlight and it's a big turn on! I hope we can have lots of babys!! There's a bully who picks on my little sister at Flying school. I'm thinking about going over there and kickin' the c.rap out of that guy. Poor baby sister! I hope that bully goes to die in a hole or something. Well, that's all for now... sigh... ~Light of the Dawn, SunRise Dragon
  3. One of my dragons is named The Sky and The Sun Kist due to it's lineage. It's lineage is made up of Skywings and Sun Rise dragons. It also makes a nod towards Sun Kist Pop (Kist is supposed to be "Kissed" in the name)
  4. It was a little laggy this morning, but everything is OKEY-DOKEY now
  5. "Everyday isn't a given right. Treat every day like your last."
  6. Webbed. All REAL dragons should really have webbed wings in my opinion, but some may have feathered, hence some dragons in DC. Just depends on what looks better for what dragon. Not everyone is going to like Webbed or Feathered, so that's why I think DC has a variety. Feathers sometimes doesn't look right, etc, and Webbed it seems you can do more.
  7. I take the Oath and, no one seems to read the ToS anymore...
  8. COD MW2 on the Xbox 360. Pretty fun I must say so myself.
  9. Here: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showforum=28
  10. Personally I'd like to know what exactly has been changed My OCD is not really liking this idea of being kept in the dark I like to know everything!! Anyways... it seems to be doing a bit better I guess. I really don't notice any changes except when you first posted, TJ.