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  1. thanks for this little beauty I will try to find it a suitable mate
  2. Finally got my gold trophy after 3 years of playing
  3. update! I have hatched eggs from the AP! Dragon Codes - V7MKb z2eHd 00ndg Scroll Name - rbb115 Gifting them to somebody, or keeping it? - keeping Total Points - 4+3=7
  4. I have hatched eggs from the AP! Dragon Codes - ec83X opCAx Tt4sQ hjA7V Scroll Name - rbb115 Gifting them to somebody, or keeping it? - all 4 were kept Total Points - 0+4=4
  5. I want to join! Scroll Name - rbb115 Forum Name - rbb115 PM Link - http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=60384 Love this idea Snowcone
  6. Another failure after 3 years, can't remember
  7. Reeeeeeeeeally easy TJ you made a lonely girl's day Happy V's day everyone
  8. Need about 180 dragons to get my gold trophy I think there'll be some problem to distinguish platinum one from silver one
  9. Recheck my name and found the vine gentleman still hold it seems his owner doesn't want to fix it
  10. I've tried several time to find AP found dragons a prefect mate when I was a newbie... the hardest one was this bluna girl, I planned to breed her a mate but at that time it's very hard to find a cb skywing After gotten 100+ of horses/ochredrakes (which remain as a shadow in my DC life ) and NO skywing I was desperate and went to a generous person for help. After that I hardly kept lineaged dragon... Now I just collect cb ones and breed my own lineages Besides, I don't like to follow other's lineage name because I have my own naming system. The only 3 dragons carrying on their lineage name are 2 thuweds and a dorkface
  11. oh I love the bird Is it a robin?
  12. thank you and that's awesome!!! (added to my siggy)
  13. Same problem here Happy new year everyone!!!
  14. Thanks for informing me!! I didn't realize it's closed
  15. Epicness!!! After seen your gorgeous work in Infinis's siggy I searched the entire deviantart to find the full-sized version...and finally realized I should try in Original Works, stupid me Happy new year!!! (Edited. Apologize for my carelessness! I was excited to notice that the requests are closed )
  16. Can anyone tell me what is this one?
  17. rbb115

    Egg Drop Soup

    lol, just noticed that if an egg or a hatchie is put behind 200 dragons/creatures, it can't be added to EDS now... that's a way good to solve the problem that EDS can't choose what creature to add or not
  18. I love her nameXD Ribbon Dancer!!! Many thanks to tj and LadyLyzar, you really made my xmas
  19. Sounds fair enough, thank ya TJ
  20. Thank yah And..OMG Tj's Felz coded one has 208,679 ov/132,314 uv I'm sure she had rewritten some records
  21. one of my xmas-10 eggies just hatched
  22. Can't wait to see the adults
  23. happily locked by 2 yules and 2 angels
  24. I'm glad that most of the features I'm looking forward will go first To be frank I only care about renaming, scroll pages and biomes setting....and was worried about teleport
  25. Naming my splits in alphabetical order. Yesterday gave a pair of split ladies two names starting with "X"... then realized THEY SHOULD BE "W"!!!!!!! I’m just an idiot Eager for the renaming system now