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  1. Sudew remained led on her side in the sand tiredly, panting every once in a while. She's never been this exhausted in her life!
  2. Sudew must have fell behind, as she arrived this minute to see dragons in the sand. She flew down to them. ''Oh..Hey...Eh..You should've waited...For..Mee..'' she fell to her side in the sand soon after tiredly.
  3. Stops, a smirk gliding across her face. ''Suuure. I was about to give up, anyway. ''
  4. Sudew races through the sky, though falls behind shardas slightly. She regains her place tied to Shardas after a few seconds.
  5. ''Hm, guess so.'' Sudew growled. She immediately sprung off, flying swiftly through the air. Her albino scales glimmered as she raced quite fast. After about six seconds later, she reached Shardas. (( Kinda off track atm, correct whatever I get wrong. I'm thinking that Shar was about fifteen seconds away from her. )) Sudew raced fast Shardas slightly, about an inch infront of her. Start moving, shar!
  6. Sudew nodded happily, ''Can I join the race? I LOVE to race!''
  7. (( Sorry for the mistake.. She decided to join the group in the sky..then. )) ''Sudew. Always have been, always will be!''
  8. Flying through the skies, Sudew found a small figure down on the ground with a few others. She swooped down to find some dragons seeming to have a race. She sprinted after Fenix. ''Hi! What 'cha all doing?? I haven't seen many of you dragons here lately!''
  9. (( As in time controlling I meant being able to freeze time at the most dangerous time, and most of the clan wont be freezed. Changed it now anyways, hope that's not too powerfull.))
  10. ( I hope you dont mind a... Really late.. Entry. I can re-do my job if it's taken.) Name: Sudew Gender: Female Type: Albino Power: Fearing, Health Draining. Job: Caster, Food scavenger. Personality: Bubbly, happy, always flieing around the skys. If not flying, then hunting for some juicy fruit which she seems to love. Appearance: Albino body, strange, small blue furr growing out of her back like a horse mane, white/silver eyes. Age: Adult (If you're letting adults in. Can be a hatchling if needed.)